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How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick
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How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick

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When looking for streaming devices for your television you’re likely to find a market full of choices. Among the top choices, Amazon Fire Stick is considered the best. It is an amazing, pocket-friendly, popular streaming device that helps convert a regular TV with HDMI compatibility into a Smart TV. Using Fire Stick, a variety of online content and services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. can be streamed.

Besides this, one other reason that makes Amazon Fire TV Stick one of the popular choices is, it runs on Amazon’s Fire OS. A fork of Android that makes it easy to take advantage of the Fire Stick. In simpler words, if you want to add new content, or want to open it outside sources you can do it. The only thing that you need is to jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What is jailbreaking an Amazon Fire Stick?

From a decade the term “jailbreak” is associated with iOS devices, where jailbreaking means unlocking the operating system. This means users will be able to install third-party apps, pirated content, etc. Likewise rooting on Android is the same. Both of these processes require technical know-how.

But when the term jailbreak is used with respect to Amazon Fire TV Stick it means something different. Jailbreaking Fire Stick doesn’t require running codes, installing a third-party app, etc. It is simply a process of installing third-party apps that are unavailable on Amazon Appstore to expand the content library. And, yes! Jailbreaking an Amazon Fire Stick is legal as you install the software onto your device. But this doesn’t mean jailbreaking iOS and Android is legal or streaming illegal content is accepted. Remember it is totally illegal and it has been brought under legal scrutiny.

Disclaimer: We do not promote or encourage streaming copyrighted content. Please watch out your actions. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse consequences that may brood from the use of any services, applications listed in this guide.

Most users prefer using Kodi an open-source platform as jailbreaking software as it works well with Amazon Fire TV remote.

Kodi isn’t a piracy application, but it does allow thousands of add-ons to build instant movie streaming right into the device. With that said, if you add pirated content to Kodi it is considered illegal.

Furthermore, you cannot find Kodi on Amazon Appstore as it is removed from there. However, you can install it from Google Play Store.

Attention: Use a VPN when streaming. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and network admin have a direct window into everything you’re doing online. Hence to keep your activities private, stream safely and unblock geo-restriction we suggest using a VPN.

We recommend using SurfShark. It is a popular VPN with excellent security.

How to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick?

Jailbreaking any device is not a cakewalk but it isn’t something you cannot do, or you need to be a scientist for it. To jailbreak a phone like iPhone or Android you need to install a modified firmware, but no such thing is required for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

To make things simpler, we have broken the process into an easy step by step instructions. Just follow the steps exactly as explained and you’ll have unlocked Fire Stick, jailbroken Fire TV stick, and jailbroken Fire Stick 4k.

Once Amazon Fire Stick is jailbroken you can sideload applications onto the device that we can’t get through via Amazon app store.

Setting up Fire Stick for Jailbreak

Step 1: Select the Settings option present at the far-right corner on the top from the Fire TV Stick home using your remote.

Fire Stick_Setting_Jailbreak Fire Stick

Step 2:  Next, select and click My Fire TV (if you are running older software, you’ll see Device)

Step 3:  Click Developer Options from the next screen

Developer option Fire Stikc_Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick

Step 4:  Now, enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Apps from Unknown Source_Allow to Jailbreak Fire Stick

Step 5:  Click Turn on when prompted

Apps from Unknown Sources_Fire Stick

Step 6: Press the back button on your remote to head to Fire Stick Settings.

Step 7:  Here, select > Preferences

Settings_Preferences_Fire Stick

Step 8:  Click Privacy Settings

Privacy Setting_Amazon Fire Stick

Step 9:  Turn Off the following two options: Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data

device data usage_Fire Stick

Step 10:  Press the back button to go to the Preference option

Step 11:  Click Data Monitoring

Data monitoring_Fire Stick

Step 12:  Disable Data Monitoring

Jail broken fire stick

This is all your Fire Stick is now ready. You have successfully jailbroken your Fire Stick. This means you can now install applications that aren’t available on Amazon Appstore.

Install ES File Explorer on Amazon Fire TV Stick

ES File Explorer is an awesome File Manager and a handy sideloading tool for Amazon Fire TV Stick. This app will help install streaming apps to jailbroken Fire Stick, Fire Stick 4k, Fire TV, etc.

1. Select the Search option using Amazon remote.

2. Here search for ES File Explorer.

3. Click on ES File Explorer icon > Download.

ES File Explorer_amazon Fire TV Stick

4. Click Open to launch the app.

Jailbreak Fire Stick

This is the final step, here we will install Kodi, a media application that will access to a huge world of entertainment. Using it you can watch favorite movies, TV shows, sports, etc.

1. Open ES File Explorer. Click the Downloader icon or click Tools > Download Manager.

2. Click +New button

3. In the new window that opens enter:

4. Click Download Now

5. Wait for ES Explorer to download the .APK.

Note: If you receive a message, informing JavaScript is disabled. Select the OK button.

6. Once the .APK is downloaded click on Open file > Install.

7. Again, click Install in the next window that opens.

8. It will take some time a minute or so. Once installed you will receive App installed notification.

Now you have completed all the steps successfully. Your Amazon Fire Stick is now jailbroken.

To run Kodi click Open, however, if you want to do it later click on Done.

How to use Jailbroken Fire TV Stick?

Now that you have jailbroken Fire Stick it’s time to know how to make maximum use out of it.

Before using jailbroken Fire TV Stick, we recommend using VPN for Fire Stick as your ISP and Government can see whatever you stream.

I personally recommend using Surfshark most secure and fast VPN. This VPN has more than 500 servers located in 50+ countries. Using it you will be able to bypass geo restriction barriers and stream content from across the world.

Steps to Install Surfshark on Fire Stick

Installing Surshark VPN for jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick is as simple as snapping your finder.

1. Head to Surfshark and subscribe.

2. Now open Fire Stick > head to Amazon Appstore.

3. Look for Surfshark VPN.

4. Next, download and install Surfshark VPN for Fire Stick.

Now, that you have Surfshark VPN installed you should know how to use it.

Steps to use Surfshark VPN on Fire Stick

  1. Login to your Surfshark account as we already subscribed.
  2. Connect to a Server.
  3. Now you can start streaming anonymously without worrying about your ISP monitoring your activities.Surfshark_VPN_Amazon Fire tv stick

Wrap Up:

Using these simple steps and this amazing VPN you can bring more home more entertainment. Kill Switch, unlimited bandwidth, masking IP address are just some features. Using these you can use your jailbroken Fire Stick limitlessly. Furthermore, having Surfshark on Amazon Appstore will save you from the hassle of sideloading it on Fire TV Stick. Hope you find the article interesting and informative. If there’s any more information, you need do leave us a comment. Do share it with your family, friends if you find it helpful. Subscribe to Tweaklibrary to receive information about the latest blogs.

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