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How To Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error?

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Method 1: Use Android Phone Settings To Turn Off Screen Overlay ErrorAlternate Method: Use Safe Mode To Fix Screen Overlay Detected

App permissions can sometimes create problems for the Android users. We are here talking about the ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ error message  that often appears whenever you dive into a new app or make purchases on any online store. Not only this, suddenly your phone stops you for an arbitrary reason. Fortunately, we have ways to sort it out and getting around it is easier than you can ever imagine. This article includes what is Screen Overlay and how, when and what are the reasons behind this error and how to make changes to screen overlay settings and turn it off.

Screen Overlay Detected Error
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Screen Overlay Detected Error appears with a message, “To change this permission setting, you first have to turn off screen overlay from Settings > Apps”.

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What Is Screen Overlay Detected Error?

The screen overlay detected error appears as a pop-up with a message ‘To change this permission setting, you have to first tune off the screen overlay from Settings > Apps’. Well, this is not anything to worry about and is a quick link setup to your device’s settings and here in this article, we have curated basic instructions on how to fix it.

The error saying, ‘screen overlay detected’ was usually on the Marshmallow 6.0 versions of Android devices during the installation of new apps. The device asks you to grant some permissions such as contact, storage, camera etc. and in case active screen overlay of any app is observed then sudden ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ will appear on your Android device.

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Reasons Behind Screen Overlay Error:

  • Android Marshmallow 6.0
  • ‘Draw over other apps’ or ‘Display to other apps’ permissions.
  • Apps appearing on the top of other app
  • Unwanted apps

How To Fix Screen Overlay Detected On Android?

Method 1: Use Android Phone Settings To Turn Off Screen Overlay Error

If you are looking for a fix to resolve screen overlay detected error, you need to disable the draw over apps function. Do not worry, you can re-enable it later as and when needed. Here’s how to do it:

Android Phone Setting To turn off Screen Overlay Error

  • Open Settings.
  • Locate Apps & Notification
  • Locate Advanced option (in older phone models), then locate Special App Access or look directly for Special App Access (in new phone models).
  • Select Display Over Other Apps / Display To Other Apps.
  • Check out the list of apps and toggle to disable screen overlay if you know which app is causing error. If you do not know which app is causing error, you need to experiment.

Some of the common problematic applications to cause Screen Overlay detected error include Facebook Messenger, ES File Explorer, etc.

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Alternate Method: Use Safe Mode To Fix Screen Overlay Detected

Although the above method is highly recommended to choose to fix screen overlay detected error, if it doesn’t work in your case, you can probably look out for this alternate way. This method requires you to use the Safe Mode Android feature to manage app permissions. For this you need to remember the app you are facing issues with. Follow the steps below:

  • Long press the Power button of your phone.
  • When options prompt, long press the Power Off
  • Afterwards, you’ll see a dialog box asking you ‘Reboot to safe mode’. Click OK and your device will reboot in Safe Mode.
  • Now, when your phone restarts, go to Settings and then to Apps and Notifications.
  • Then, scroll down to the app that is creating problems with screen overlay and click over it.
  • Now, on the particular app’s page, select
  • Enable all the permissions the app was asking and it’s done.
  • Now, again reboot your phone to apply changes.

Wrap Up:

That’s all people! These were a few hacks we feel you might be looking for while hunting how to fix screen overlay detected on Android. We hope this brief guide will help you fix the issue and you can let us know if you find it helpful in the comments section below.

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