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How to Find & Delete Hidden Photos with Photos Cleaner
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How to Find & Delete Hidden Photos with Photos Cleaner

Start Recovering The Valuable Storage Space on Android

I don’t think any one of us knows how many or what photos we have on our smartphone unless we use some tool. And many of the photos are hidden by the user also so that not everyone can have access to them. All this eventually adds up & takes more storage on the device than it was supposed to.

Delete Hidden Photos

From birthday parties to hangout sessions & private pictures, we keep them behind a security wall (hidden). & with time, maybe we forget about those or don’t bother much & feel bad about lesser storage space on the device. That’s where we need an expert solution like Photos Cleaner that helps you find the hidden files in one place & take proper action.

What Photos Cleaner is All About?

If you are also looking for managing your photos perfectly & display the hidden as well open photos, go for Photos Cleaner, without a doubt. From internal as well as external media, Photos Cleaner scans for hidden pictures to help recover the storage space.

find Hidden Photos

Keeping thousands of photos on your device makes your photos collection unmanageable, and duplicate photos cause additional chaos. To get rid of such images we use a duplicate cleaning tool, but what about the images that we cannot see?

You read it right, besides the photos you see in your phone’s photo Gallery there are other photos too. These usually are social media images, from the backup you have taken, etc. Finding them manually isn’t easy.

All things are related so as soon as the hidden or unnecessary photos have been taken care of, the storage space will become available for other commands. & eventually the storage space will speed up the device performance.

Please note: Whatever images that you deleted with Photos Cleaner, you won’t be able to recover them as they are permanently deleted.

Find & Delete Hidden Photos with Photos Cleaner

Now that we know how powerful & reliable Photos Cleaner software is, we should move ahead with the scanning for internal & external media. The next step would be to select the photos from the scanning result & take proper decision of deleting or keeping them. Let’s start with finding the pictures & get shocked to know that you have that many old pictures:

1. Let’s start by visiting the Play Store & downloading the Photos Cleaner tool

2. Once the downloading & installation parts have been completed, tap on Scan Photos.

3. The above command will start scanning your device for external & internal media & you will need to grant permission for that.

4. Within a few seconds, the app will display a lot of pictures along with the number of pictures.

5. Since there are many, the app will automatically divide the scanning results into different categories.

6. The result has already been sorted out by file size, however, if you want to sort it by date or name, just click on the Three-dot sign & do that accordingly.

7. Now, start tapping on the ones you want to view as sometimes, you cannot view the picture properly in the grid view.

8. Now, keep choosing the pictures you don’t want to have in your device anymore & click on the Trash icon to say them, Goodbye.

9. There are 3 ways to delete pictures, one by one, select the pictures to delete, or preview & delete if you want to.

10. Now, as we told above, any picture that’s been deleted by Photo Cleaner cannot be retrieved later. So it’s advised to check twice before taking the command of deleting those.

The above process will help you take out the ‘almost trash’ files from your device that you weren’t aware of.

Don’t forget to rate the overall experience with the Photos Cleaner app by coming out to the hope page & tapping on the icon (top right corner).

Wrapping Up

Intentionally or unintentionally, you had those files on your device that ultimately covered quite a good space. Now with the deletion of those files, you will be able to recover that storage space to use it for other commands.

So don’t waste much of your time & download the Photos Cleaner from Google Play Store. Install the same & let it help you reclaim the storage space back for you. & say goodbye to your old unnecessary pictures.

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