How To Disable Physical Location Setting In Chrome And Firefox

Physical Location is a way to determine the geographic location of an object, such as a mobile phone, or a computer which is connected to the Internet. The physical location of a device can be determined by utilizing a combination of digital information. By using geolocation Websites and web applications can access the actual whereabouts of a device. Web sites generally accept the zip code instead of the actual location.
This information gathered can be used for a variety of reasons like providing some specific news of that area, weather report, local institutions or for advertising purpose. Some people may like that their physical location is shared and some may not. Therefore, the browsers provide an option to control this setting.
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How to Disable Location setting in Google Chrome:

  1. Enter chrome://settings in the address bar and press ENTER key.
  2. Now scroll down and click on Show Advanced Settings…
  3. Now in the Privacy option click on Content settings button.
  4. A new window comes up. Here, scroll down to Location setting which has three options:

Since we wish to disable the physical location, therefore select Do not allow any site to track your physical location and click on Done.

How to Disable Location setting in Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox is another browser which is commonly used. By following the steps below physical location can be disabled in Mozilla.

  1. Enter about: config in the address bar and press ENTER key.
  2. A warning message warns about the warranty and displays a button.
  3. Click the button that says I accept the risk.
  4. A list of configuration preferences is displayed.
  5. In the Search bar search for the option, geo.enabled, and press ENTER key.
  6. If the value is true, then the location browsing is enabled.
  7. To disable the browsing, double-click the option. The value is changed to false.


It is always better to safeguard yourself. Also if the user does not provide the precise access to the location, there is no effect on the functionality of the browser.

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