Easy Steps to Clean Infected Windows PC


What to do when your system is infected with viruses and malware?

Is your Windows PC behaving abnormally? Possibility is, it is infected with virus and malware.
Scanning your computer normally, cannot save your computer from these deadly infections. What is required, is a correct and thorough scan for viruses and other malicious programs.
These infections if not taken care of, eventually lead to the serious system issues like BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), issues with the slow running of the system and other system problems. Therefore, is important to check your system regularly for infections.
Note: In case your PC has been completely locked by virus infections and you cannot even start it, there are ample Bootable Antivirus Programs available for free in the market which you can make use of.
Time Required: Performing a thorough scan requires time which depends upon the number of files on your system and the speed of your system. If the system is slow, then the time taken by the scan will be more.

How to scan your system for infections:

To scan your system for infections, the steps mentioned below will be applicable for Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Vista and XP:

  • By default, Windows comes with the anti-malware/virus program to remove the infections.

    Users must update the program using “Windows Update” and scan the system to remove the infections. If you do not wish to use the default program, you can always download and install Free antivirus applications online.
  • Update the antivirus/antimalware program installed on your system.

Before running a scan make sure that your security program is up to date. Usually, definitions will automatically get updated, however, if they do not update automatically, you can also update the definitions manually.

  • It is always recommended to deep scan your PC. Do not run the simple scan or the quick scan as it will leave some major areas from the scanning. Also, run the scan for the removable device connected.

Note: Also, make sure that not two antivirus programs simultaneously running on your system as it will make the system slow or it may not even work.

What if the system is still infected after scanning the entire system?

Even after thoroughly scanning the system, problem persists you can always run the entire system scan in Safe Mode.

Make sure that antivirus/ antimalware program is fully updated, if not update it. And after updating the program start your system in Safe Mode and run the entire system scan.

Scanning Windows PC regularly for infections and malware with a latest updated version of the anti-virus/malware application can save your PC from breaking down completely.

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