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How to Compress Large Audio Files Anywhere & Anytime in Simple Steps?

Audio files are an integral part of our life both professionally and personally. You may be a musician, DJ, a podcaster or might use audio in-office presentations and create ads or you may just want to listen to the classics to experience a soothe feeling. Whatever the case maybe, compressing audio is one skill that everyone must learn. However, sometimes there arise a few issues related to audio files that can be resolved easily. Two of the most common arising issues are:

Storage space. Audio files, like any other files, occupy space and this can result in free space issues.

Compressing the files can help reduce the original file size to a smaller one. The only caution necessary is to use the right software and choose the appropriate settings that ensure there is no quality loss while compressing the audio file.

Format restrictions. Some apps, devices or websites require specific audio file formats. Converting the audio files into a different format can resolve this issue. There are various formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, etc.

Before compressing and converting there is one more factor that needs to be understood. Audio files are generally classified into two types:

Lossy Audio. These file types use lower bitrate which results in losing data and thus are generally of smaller size with lower quality. The file types with lossy audio include MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis. These are used in most of the cases where the output is in a small conference room or through your earphones.

Lossless Audio. These files consist of all the original data that the file was created, they are larger in size and the quality of sound is fabulous. It includes FLAC, ALAC file types. These are used professionally or in cases where high-quality speakers are used with no restriction to storage.

Note: Any Lossless audio can be converted into lossy format but the vice versa is not possible

Additionally, a basic knowledge of Bitrate and sample rate is also important. Bitrate is the volume of data that will be processed in a certain period. The sample rate is the number of samples than can be carried every second. If the bitrate and sample rate are high, then it will lead to better quality but an increased file size. Just by decreasing the bitrate, one can reduce the file size but might have to compromise with the quality.

Music convert compress

There are three ways to compress an audio file:

Compress audio files on your PC by using a software

1. Monkey’s Audio

Monkey’s Audio is a free software that compresses file size without compromising the quality. It also provides an option to decompress your file back to the original form. It manages the audio collection quite efficiently and compresses the larger sized lossless files into lossy files with loss of quality.

Monkey Audio

Download Now

Steps on how to compress audio files using Monkey’s audio:

Step 1: Download the program and install it.

Step 2: Click on Add files or Add folder and select the files.

Step 3: Click on the first option” Compress” to compress the files.

Step 4: Select the compression type and you are all done.

2. Audacity

Audacity is a complete package for all the tasks you want to perform with an audio file. The interface of the program can be a bit scary for someone who has not used this type of software. It has many features and functions, and everything is minutely detailed.


Download Now

The steps to use Audacity are simple if you want to only convert and compress your audio files:

Step 1: Click on the File tab and select Open.

Step 2: Locate the file through Windows Explorer and select it.

Step 3: After the file loads, pay no attention to the waveforms created and click on the File tab again.

Step 4: Choose Export from the File tab. Select the output file type and the compression quality and click ok.

Audacity is a complex software that allows the user to record and edit multiple tracks. It also allows the user to edit the audio file and select some parts of it and merge it.

3. Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake Audio convertor is a popular free software that allows you to convert and compress your audio files. It has a very simple to use interface and supports multiple audio formats. It also facilitates uploading music to cloud storage and supports joining multiple audio files and produce a single file as output. It is a very popular software and is used for reducing mp3 file size.

Freemake Audio Converter

Download Now

Steps on how to compress audio files using Freemake Audio converter:

Step 1: Click on +Audio button on the top-left corner and select the files you wish to compress.

Step 2: Select the final output format from the option below.

Step 3: Select the other options like the quality of compression.

Step 4: Click Convert to start the process.

4. Ashampoo Zip Pro 2

One of the traditional ways to save space is to compress files and keep them secure and organized. The compressed files are encrypted with a password and can be shared as well. One of the best programs I recommend is Ashampoo Zip Pro 2. This software fulfills the above- mentioned qualities and in addition, allows the user to create online drives for sharing purposes. It also supports various compression extensions like ZIP, ZIPX, RAR, ISO, DMG and many more.

Ashampoo Zip Pro 2

To download this software, click here.

Compress Audio Files using a web tool

Downloading and installing a software may sometimes be considered a hassle especially if the user wanted to convert a couple of files instantly to send to someone. For quick conversion, you can use an audio compressor online which includes uploading a file on a webpage, choose the right options and download the desired output within minutes.

1. Online Audio Converter

  • To convert, click on Open files and choose a file from the folder it is stored in.
  • Choose the format and quality you desire.
  • Click on Convert.

Online Audio Converter

  • You can download the file directly on to your computer or save them on Google Drive/Dropbox. This is one of the fastest ways to compress mp3 online.
    Online Audio Converter downloadDownload Now

2. Audio Compressor

Another simple tool for compressing audio online is the Audio Compressor.
Audio Compressor

Download Now

  • To begin compression, add a file from the explorer window or by drag and drop option.
  • Once the file is selected it gives options for choosing the bitrate and choosing the output format.
  • Click on Compress. This will compress audio files online.
  • You can download the file directly on to your computer or save them Dropbox.

Compress Audio files in Android

1. MP3, MP4 Audio Video Cutter, Converter, Compressor

This app is a complete one stop solution for Audio and Video files. The interface is nicely designed, and it has an incredible conversion speed. The many functions apart from converting large audio files include Audio Cutter, Audio Merger, Video to Audio etc. While converting large files it also gives the user option to convert the .mp3 into other formats such as aac, wav, mp4 etc. While compressing, it also provided the user options like encoding criteria and bitrate.

MP3, MP4 Audio VideoMP3, MP4 Audio Video process

Download Now

2. Audio: MP3 Compressor

MP3 Compressor is a simple software for compressing large audio files to smaller ones and thus saving space. The interface is traditional with one function only. The conversion speed was a bit slow. There are three options provided to convert the audio files:

  1. 64 K/bit. I converted a random audio file of 8.75 MB and got a file of 2.90 MB
  2. 128 K/bit. This provided me an output file of 5.80 MB. Sound quality was better than 64K/bit.
  3. 256K/bit. This provided a larger file of 11.60 MB. Sound quality was same as the original. It can never get better than the original you have used as input.

MP3 Compressor

Download Now

Choosing the bitrate is important otherwise the file will not get compressed but enlarged. Though this app does support other audio function like Audio cutter and merger, but it is a useful app when you have to quickly convert many audio files into shorter ones.

Duplicate Music Fixer

Duplicate Music fixer

I have discussed many ways to compress the audio files that can save the unnecessary space occupied on your storage drives. Another method to freeing space is to remove the duplicates. Every computer which has multiple files is bound to have some duplicates among them. Removing the duplicate audio files by listening every file will take eons to complete. A quicker way is to use an app which would scan the hard drive for all the audio files and pick out the duplicates for you to choose and delete. Thus, completing the everlasting task in a matter of few minutes with 100% accuracy.

Duplicate Music Fixer is one such program which can work wonders for us. It not only allows the user to delete duplicate audio files but also permits the user to organised their music collection and create playlists from your appropriately indexed music library.

For more information on removing duplicate audio files, please read.

To download Duplicate Music Fixer, click on this button below

Compressing Audio files is becoming an important task not just to save space on your computer or mobile, but it also facilitates including more audio files in a limited space like a flash drive of 8GB. This can be easily achieved by downloading an audio size reducer software on your computer or Android device or using a hassle-free online webtool. The choice is yours to make but I would seriously recommend to first get rid of the duplicates and then opting for audio compression as compression may reduce the quality of sound in some cases. Converting the Audio formats into the required ones is totally another ballgame and can also be easily achieved using most of the above-mentioned programs.

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