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How to Boost your Android Phone

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Update your Android:Remove Apps that aren’t required:Clear Cache:Delete your downloads:Backup/upload your Photos:

No one can deny this fact that over the time none of the Android devices can be exempted from diminishing. No doubt a brand new phone will be at its best, performing tasks at a fairly high speed and not getting hang. On the contrary, if you see your phone 1 year down the lane, your phone will be nothing more than a sluggish poorly performing device which hangs as soon as you load it with numerous applications or any big sized data.
Does that mean you should change your expensive phone just after every year or two? Definitely not, following some simple tweaks can give your phone a new life.

Update your Android:

Still haven’t updated your phone to the latest firmware? Do it today. Google keeps on releasing updates to the Android Operating Systems for an improved performance, advanced security and other features. It is always suggested to have an updated firmware for a better performing device.

Remove Apps that aren’t required:

Another major reason for a crawling phone is being filled up with innumerable apps that are actually not even used over the time.  Chances are that you either have forgotten that they exist on your phone or you may not have them deleted thinking they may be of use in future. Just as a PC gets slow with applications so does an android phone if its bloated with applications. Consider deleting applications that are not used, to retrieve a few gigs.

Clear Cache:

Cache though an important part as it makes processing fast, can be harmful too as it is stored directly in the internal memory. The longer is the use of phone the larger is the size of cache which accumulates in the internal memory.  Deleting the cache results in freeing up huge amount of memory which in turn was unnecessarily occupied by cache making the phone to slow down.

Delete your downloads:

Over the time downloads can coagulate your phone memory. Downloads can be in the form music files, photos, videos etc. and without a doubt make an android device slow over the time. Finding and deleting such downloads can retrieve a huge amount of space.

Backup/upload your Photos:

Photos occupy a large chunk of internal memory. And just like every second person you might not feel like deleting any of the pictures taken even if you are not viewing them anytime soon. Uploading such pictures to your device can be a great rescue from clogging your phone’s memory.
The above quoted simple and basic steps let your phone breathe a new life and perform smoothly.

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