How To Avoid Toll Roads In Google Maps On Android

How To Avoid Toll Roads In Google Maps On Android

If you are planning a trip and you do not want to spend money on Tolls, then Google Maps is the good option to save the money.  
Have you ever thought about this? Yes, it is possible using Google Maps, however, this option is very easy to overlook.
In this article, you will see where you can find the option to avoid the toll roads in the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone.

Avoid Tolls Using Google Maps on Android Phone:

  • Open Google Maps app on your Android Phone.
  • Search for your Destination by entering in the search bar.

  • Next, click on the Directions button located at the bottom right corner.

  • On the next screen, tap on Choose starting point.

  • Now, choose your starting point.

Note: You can enter your Starting Point, Choose on Map or tap on Your Location option to specify that the starting point is your current location.

  • After choosing the starting point, tap on the 3-dots menu icon located.

  • From the drop-down menu, tap on Route Options.

  • On the Options pop-up, choose to Avoid Tolls option and tap on Done.

  • Now, go back on the Navigation screen, you can see that Avoid Tolls Option has been enabled for your Route.

Once this done, you can start heading towards your destination and Google Maps will make sure that you avoid the roads in a new calculation of the route where you need not require to pay Tolls.
So, explore your destination, avoid any toll road in your route with Google Maps is active and you can save money.
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