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How To Auto Split 4k Video Recording
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How To Auto Split 4k Video Recording

You may need to divide video material into smaller pieces because you need to mix them later to make a new film, whether you’re a YouTuber working on your next YouTube video or a Videographer editing a documentary. For this purpose, we have a great tool that will help you in recording 4k videos, and also gives you an option to auto split the 4K video. Isn’t that interesting? All the features you need in one tool. Yes, TweakShot Screen Recorder is the one-stop solution for you.

Before going forward, let’s know more about this multipurpose video recording tool.

TweakShot Screen Recorder: A Perfect Way To Record 4K videos:

TweakShot Screen Recorder hasn’t been around for long, but its presence is felt because of its extensive feature set, which includes 4K and HD recording at up to 120 frames per second, screen capture, and more. Different recording & screen capture options are available with the screen recording tool. The program, which is compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP, allows you to record webinars, tutorials, streaming videos, games, webcam, and webcam with overlay.

TweakShot Screen Recorder is a simple, high-definition screen recording program for Windows. It allows you to grab the screen as the video is being recorded. It also allows you to save the video recording in a variety of formats, including MP4, FLV, and AVI. You may also modify the watermark, frame, video size, video quality, and other features.

In a nutshell, it’s a dependable screen recorder that has virtually all of the capabilities you’d want in a screen recorder.

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It is priced at $39.95

There are two sorts of trial versions available for this great screen recorder tool: Premium Trial Version and Free Version.

The Premium Trial Version offers users access to the full version of TwekShot Screen Recorder, which allows them to record up to two films with no time limit or watermark.

On the other hand, certain limitations apply to the Free Version:

  • Recording time is limited to ten minutes.
  • On the recording, there is a watermark.

This implies that if you use the Premium Trial Version of TweakShot Screen Recorder, you will have access to all of the PRO version’s features like:-

  • There is no time restriction for screen recording.
  • On the recorded video, there is no watermark.
  • The watermark that may be customized
  • Recording in High Definition
  • Recording with No Glitch


How to Auto Split 4k video Recording by TweakShot Screen Recorder:-

  • Download and install TweakShot Screen Recorder
  • Once downloaded you will see this interface


  • Click on 3 lines on the top right and select Enter Registration key.

tsr install

  • Once registered you will see this message

tsr done

  • Click on three lines and select Settings

tsr recordprocess

  • Click on Record and select 4096×2160 (4k) from the drop-down menu under Size. Then click on Auto split

auto split

  • Under Auto Split you will get the following options:-

Auto Split

-None (Default)

None of the videos will split

-When the recording time reaches (Minutes)

Video will split as per the time set by you

Note:- For demonstration purposes, we will set the limit to 1 minute.

-When the file size reaches (MB)

Video will split as per the size set by you

Split Plan

-Only this time

One time the video will split


Every time video will split

split plan

  • Now go select region or full screen to record video. For demonstration, we have selected a region to record 4k YouTube videos.

select screen

  • Select recording configuration as per your needs and click on start recording.

record done

  • The video will be recorded and then will automatically split after 1 minute

4k video

  • As soon as 1 minute will over the clip be saved under recordings and will continue to save 1-minute split videos until you stop it.

slpit 4k video

  • Use these split videos in making your personal videos by combining or trimming one or more videos.

Isn’t it easy to record and split 4k videos TweakShot Screen Recorder?

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In this blog, we have seen how to record and split 4k videos with the help of TweakShot Screen Recorder. These split 4k videos are used by professionals to make several new videos, animations, etc. TweakShot Screen Recorder is the best tool that will help users to showcase their creativity. Try TweakShot Screen Recorder and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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