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How To Anonymously Report Abuse Online: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
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How To Anonymously Report Abuse Online: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok don’t need an introduction. They have the power to connect billions of people worldwide. But they all have a dark side like hate speech, fake reviews, cyberbullying and other offensive behaviours that can have really bad consequences.

According to a study, young individuals (teenagers, children) are more than twice as likely to harm themselves, commit suicide. As social media has left youngsters vulnerable to cyberbullying. Moreover, the risk of self-harm and suicide has increased to 2.3 times and online abuse has damaging and deadly consequences.

In line to this, 73% of adult users noticed online harassment out of which 40% themselves are the target (Pew Research Center). All this is not only lethal, but it also causes anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Therefore, we need to take a step to stop this online harassment.

Most of us don’t do anything as we fear our identity. But now, you can report online harassment anonymously.

Here’s how to report online harassment without revealing your identity on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media platforms.

How to report abusive photos, posts, and messages on Facebook?

With the increase in the number of cyberbullying cases and online harassment, Facebook has taken steps to stop it. To let Facebook, know about abusive photos, posts and messages on Facebook follow the steps below:

Steps to report an offensive photos or post on Facebook

If you come across any inappropriate posts or photo on Facebook that goes against Facebook’s standards follow the steps to report it.

1. Tap on three horizontal dots > select Give feedback on this post option.

Select option - Anonymously Report Abuse

2. Next, give your feedback by selecting the options and hit Send.

Give Feedback - Anonymously Report Abuse

This way you will be able to inform Facebook about the offensive content posted on its platform.

How to report an offensive group on Facebook?

Like reporting a post, reporting an offensive group on Facebook is also possible and simple to do. For this follow the steps below:

1. Choose the group you want to report and tap on More button.

2. Here select Give Feedback or Report Group option.

select from list - Anonymously Report Abuse

3. Select from the list of options and click on Send.

What's going on - Anonymously Report Abuse


How to report a message in Messenger App?

If you’re being harassed by someone in private on Facebook’s Messenger app follow below-mentioned steps to report a message in Messenger App.

  1. Tap on the message sender name at the top of the Facebook Messenger app.
  2. Tap Block > Block on Messenger. From here, you can even block them on Facebook.
  3. Go back and tap on Something’s Wrong.
  4. Next, choose from the list of options > tap Send Feedback.

This will help Facebook team to know that you have reported a user on Facebook Messenger for offensive use.

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Twitter accounts and tweets

If you find an offensive Twitter account or an abusive tweet, you can report both.

Steps to report a tweet

1. Depending on the platform, either click or tap on the down arrow next to the Tweet.

2. From here, click or tap on Report Tweet.
Report tweet - Anonymously Report Abuse

3. Select from the options to help Twitter understand what is wrong with the tweet and click or tap Next.

Select twitter options

4. Next, select the reason why you think the tweet is abusive or harmful and click Next.

Select the reason - Anonymously Report Abuse online

5. From here, you can either Block the account or can Mute it. Once done click on Done.

Block or Mute the option

This way you can easily report an offensive tweet on Twitter to the Twitter administrator.

Steps to report abusive account:

1. Open the profile you want to report for abusive content on Twitter.

2. Depending on the platform, either click or tap on the down arrow next to the Tweet or tap three dots icon.

3. Next click or tap Report @<profile name>.

Tap report
4. Choose from the list of options to report account and click or tap Next.

choose from list of options

5. Now, choose the reason as to why the user is being hateful or offensive and click Next.

choose reason

6. Before you are done reporting you can block or mute the account by using Block or Mute option > Done.

Block or Mute the option

This will help Twitter know about person’s offensive activity like harassment, cyberbullying, hate content, and others.

By clicking here, you can contact Twitter’s help centre, report offensive content. To learn more about online abuse, when to report a tweet or twitter account for online abuse it click here.

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How to report online abuse that takes place through Instagram posts, profiles, comments, and messages?

To abuse people online, offensive people take advantage of several areas on social media like posts, messages, stories, comments, profile, etc. Here we bring for you ways to report online abuse on Instagram. Be it in the form of post, story, message, comment, profile, etc. you can report it all to Instagram.

Reporting a profile, post, or story on Instagram for online abuse

1. Depending on the platform you are using Instagram on, click or tap the horizontal three dots at the top right of your profile, post, story.

2. Here select Report inappropriate option.

Report Inappropriate option in Instagram
3. Next, to report the post select from the list of options and tap or click on the > icon.

Report the post

4. To report, finally, click or tap on Submit.

Click on submit


Using these simple steps, you can report an abusive post, story, profile on Instagram.

Reporting an abusive comment posted on Instagram

1. Tap the message bubble icon, to see all the comments.

2. Next, look for the inappropriate comment and click on three horizontal dots (if using smartphone swipe left and tap the! in the message bubble). Here select Report.

Report for inappropriate comment

3. Next, select the reason as to why you are reporting this comment?

Select reason of report

4. Now, select from the list of options.

select from list of option

5. On the final screen, click or tap on Report to let, Instagram know about an offensive comment.

Tap on report

In addition to this, by clicking here you can send a report to Instagram also.


How to report online abuse on TikTok

TikTok is a video focused social network that attracts young people as they consider it as a platform to show their talent. But it is widely misused. Therefore, here we bring for your steps to report TikTok accounts, chats, comments, and videos

Reporting a Tiktok account or a chat

  1. Head to TikTok profile or chat that you want to report and tap the three dots icon.
  2. Select Report > Posting inappropriate content > choose the reason > Submit.

Reporting an offensive TikTok comment

  1. Tap and hold on the comment you think is offensive and want to report.
  2. From the menu select Report > Posting inappropriate content > choose the reason > Submit.

Note: To report an abusive TikTok video to follow the same steps as you did to report a comment. The only difference here is you need to tap on the arrow on the video page.

Using these steps, you can easily report offensive, abusive content on TikTok.

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Reporting online abusive content on Snapchat received in form of Snaps, stories, and people

Reporting a Snap or Story on Snapchat

  1. Tap the three dots icon > white flag icon.
  2. Choose the reason, form the options list > Submit.

Reporting a Snapchat user

  1. To pull up Snapchat user profile press and hold on the username.
  2. Next, tap three stacked dots > Report.
  3. Choose the reason and report the user to Snapchat for online abusive content.

Using these simple steps, you can report online abuse anonymously. No longer you need to worry about revealing your identity, as these steps will keep it shielded.

Internet indeed is a great place to gain information, connect with people but it has a dark side too. For some, it is not more than a scary place. Therefore, here we bring for your steps to report online abusive content anonymously on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other platforms.

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