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How To Pin a Chat in WhatsApp & Create WhatsApp Shortcut on Home Screen
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How To Pin a Chat in WhatsApp & Create WhatsApp Shortcut on Home Screen

We all have special ones whom we want to keep first on every list. Whether it is favorites in the contact list or first in chats lists. WhatsApp being the most used messaging app doesn’t fall behind in this area. It lets you pin chats so that you never miss a message or alert from your loved ones.

Using WhatsApp’s, pin a chat feature you can prioritize three most important chat contacts or group chats. Once you pin them, you will see them on top of the chat list for easy access. Along with this, there are other amazing features like hide or show WhatsApp status from a specific user that we discussed earlier.

Today in this article we will cover two other categories namely:

How to Pin a Chat in WhatsApp on Android

How to Create WhatsApp Shortcut on Home Screen on Android

Let’s start one by one.

How to Pin a Chat in WhatsApp

Certainly, finding contacts from never-ending WhatsApp contact list is always frustrating. However, by following the steps below you learn how to pin a chat in WhatsApp so that you no longer you need to sift through the entire WhatsApp chat list.

Steps to Pin a Chat in WhatsApp

1. Launch WhatsApp, if you do not have the latest version, please update the app on your Android phone.

2. Next, choose the contact you want to Pin, and long press on it. As you do so, you’ll be able to see, a pin-shaped icon at the top of WhatsApp screen. Tap on it.

3. This will pin the selected contact and you will always see pinned contact on top of the WhatsApp chat list. Each pinned chat will have board pin icon added to it. A maximum of three WhatsApp chats can be pinned.

If you try to pin more WhatsApp chats, you’ll receive a message “You can only pin up to 3 contacts”.

Wasn’t it simple! You can now have your loved ones at the top of WhatsApp contact list.

How to Create WhatsApp Shortcut on Home Screen

WhatsApp has more to offer than just pinning chats. We all have long WhatsApp lists and only a few amongst them are frequent users. So, instead of looking for such users repeatedly in the long list, we can create a WhatsApp shortcut on Home screen for them.

Yes, WhatsApp has a feature to create shortcut for a chat contact on the home screen. By using this shortcut, you can open the conversation window directly.

1. Launch WhatsApp on your Android phone.

2. Long press the chat contact you wish to have as a shortcut on the Home screen. Now tap on the options icon (three vertical dots) on the top right of the window.

3. From the drop-down menu click on Add chat shortcut.

4. Next, tap on Add automatically to have get select contact on Home screen.

5. This way you will have a chat shortcut for the selected contact on Home screen.

Using these simple steps, you can pin a chat in WhatsApp and can create WhatsApp shortcut on Home screen. These two are definitely the best thought WhatsApp features. However, if WhatsApp removes the limit of pinning contacts it will be great.

One more interesting thing about WhatsApp is it can be accessed from any platform like Android, iOS, however, this may pose security issues and users may want to logout from WhatsApp app and WhatsApp Web. Read more to know about it.

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