How SNAPSEED Is An Ultimate Photo Editing App For Your Mobile?

How SNAPSEED Is An Ultimate Photo Editing App For Your Mobile?

We all know how much we adore amazing pictures! Posting it on our Instagram or Facebook pages, gaining likes and earning followers has actually become a reality on social media. Not just likes but promoting the products for business expansion also requires tons of engagement. But do you think every amazing picture needs you to be a high-end photographer? Obviously not! But using this mind-blowing photo editor app called Snapseed can solve a lot many affairs.

Photo editing app

How? Those perspectives and angles taken by you might not be right or those unwanted photobombers create a bad impression. In such cases, Snapseed can do it all very easily. Sounds great right? This benefit is just one, Snapseed app on your phone can actually increase your chances of gaining more followers thousand folds. Let’s just know more.

Features of Photo Editing App For Your Mobile

1. ‘Healing’ Tool Sway Away The Photobombs

This tool is the coolest pick to edit any photo in Snapseed. If you want to remove an unwanted guy from work or just a stray dog who came running into the frame, Healing tool will help you.

How? See the picture below. Removing a wing from the plane can be done in matter of seconds here. All you need to do is tap on the object you wish to remove and blend it with the nearby areas. Yes, it could be a little tricky in intensely detailed drawings but trying it in the rest of the pictures is just wonderful.

Best photo editing app

Interesting, isn’t it?

2. You Can Edit Particular Objects!

In many other apps, you are usually able to edit the whole picture and not a specific location. But your other friends on social media are doing it smartly. No worries, Snapseed app can let you do that using Brush tool. You can also add saturation levels if colors are dull or strong, based on your liking. Along with this, add temperature too to edit the quality as a whole. Let’s explore an example!

Edit particular objects - Photo editing apps

Here, brush tool has been applied in different manners within one image. The right half of the heritage building above has been brushed with negative temperature saturation while the other half in positive. Moreover, the lady in the picture has been glorified using the Exposure feature.

Another picture could be noticed below to draw an example.

exposer feature

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3. Create Picture Contrasts

This photo editor app has another great additive for providing depth to a particular picture. As you open the options bar and tap on Tune Image, you will be able to find ‘Contrast’. Now either move a finger towards the right to add contrast or to the left to make it look a little washed out.

The example below explains the contrasting feature of Snapseed photo editing. You can see the original image, negative contrasting image as well as positive contrasts.

Create picture contrast4. Perspective Matters

Snapseed lets you play with a variety of perspectives. You can change the image style, broaden the views and move the object in a new manner. As you change the perspective, the image itself fills the blank spaces that moving has created. See how and spot the difference between the images below.

Perspective change

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5. Image Expansion Is Real

If you think your image needs a better frame or it needs to be expanded so the object looks cooler, try the tool ‘Expand’, another cool feature of the Snapseed app. As you choose the option from Tools, you will be asked from where and how much you can expand. The filling will be done smartly by the app itself. Take a look at the example below.

Image expansion is real

The picture at the right has been in the process of expansion after the areas were defined. Great to see that, right?

Snapseed Doesn’t Let You Say Bye!

The features mentioned above are quite distinct from many other photo editing apps. Apart from them, you can change the brightness, ambiance, add shadows or highlights in the capture. Moreover, so many in-built styles like glamour touch, drama additions and blurring the objects is a matter seconds. These features don’t let you slip away, making Snapseed the go-to-choice when it comes to photo editing apps on your phone.

Now gain more popularity, personally and businesswise, and never let a dull image tarnish your reputation again.

Download it today on Android or iPhone.

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