How Secure Is 4G LTE To Surf and Explore The Internet?

How Secure Is 4G LTE To Surf and Explore The Internet?

In today’s scenario, there are a plethora of ways with which you can connect to internet. There are 3G, 4G and WiFi hotspots to serve our purpose! But are we safe using these? The security professionals all over the world are putting in efforts to improve the standards but security is not a one machine affair! And there is only one way to make sure to reach the cent percent security and that is by understanding the way these technologies work along with threats associated with the same! We are already aware of the security risks associated with public WiFi and open networks, but are we aware of 4G LTE security? Or even know how it operates!

How We Access Internet From 4G LTE?

To access internet, we need 4G-enabled devices. As an alternative to receive signals from any Internet Service Provider, it gets data from a specific cellular company. This is quite similar to the way we get mobile phone connection for calling. This allows users to surf Internet at places where signal reception is not a huge problem. But what about 4G LTE security?

4G security threats

4G is comparatively safer than WiFi because, the data is being sent is in encrypted form. However, it is comparatively safe, not entirely! So, if you are searching answer for if 4G network can be hacked or are there any 4G security threats, then the answer is yes! 4G LTE is not safe but it is still in phase of Proof-Of-Concept! For those who do not know what this is; this is, Proof-of-Concept is the efforts of white hat hackers that are highly complex who look for the ways to enter a network without permission. A few of their attempts have been successful which have pointed that 4G LTE security can be compromised.

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For now, hackers are not able to enter the cellular network, yet! Sooner or later they will enter it and cause major data breach like no other. The breach is suspected to release the contact details, communication between two parties and the browser history. Overall, it will create a havoc which will have adverse effects. The question which arises here is, whether there is a way to overcome these 4G LTE security threats or not?

How To Overcome Issues Of 4G LTE security?

Extensive research is going on to make sure that the 4G LTE is secure and none of the cellular users are at the verge of getting hacked! But till date, only a few feasible options have been found out. Do you want to know what they are? Read further!

Use your wisdom

Your work has been made easy by Google as it has now started mentioning which website is are and which aren’t! Those who do not know how to identify this, just look at the URL of the website. It will mention “Not Secure” in the very beginning of the address. Try not to visit such websites often.

Take help of firewalls and antimalware

It may not be a full proof method, but it will shield you from unwanted malware and malicious files. Also, don’t just keep these on your devices, use them. Periodically scan your devices or schedule them for later. This way you’ll be at least saved from the known threats!

4G LTE security


One of the safest methods that is by utilizing the power of VPN. It gives you multi-level security and saves you from troubles of later. Not only for devices that use cellular phones, but also for other devices. If you are using a VPN, then no matter which network you are using, 4G security threats will be at bay!

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The experts have said that since 5G is still in testing phase, 4G will stay for long. However, no comments can be made on the improvement of 4G LTE security. Therefore, we can take some precautions and save ourselves. What do you think?

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