Google Trips – Makes Your Travelling More Comfortable

What more can be a better idea if someone takes care of your travelling plans? That someone may be your friend or a relative. However, in this world of latest technology, Google has provided an app, Google Trip  (for Android and iOS), that acts like your personal travel planner.
It makes your plans easier like boarding & lodging and organize trips that can be shared also. What more do you want if you can figure out beforehand, on reaching your destination about the things you want to do there.
It has now has added bus and train reservations, in addition to flight, car, hotel and restaurant reservations that it had done earlier. The map has been provided wherever required.
Google Trips now permits the users to add airline or train name and its respective flight or coach number to their itinerary irrespective of email confirmation.
The apps can now automatically check the public transport reservations like train and bus tickets that may be sent to given Gmail address. It also makes activity suggestions on the information gathered from Gmail. The app has already merged all your flight, hotel, and car reservations at one place, so the travel plans look more systematic. The tourist can make manual changes in their schedule. Moreover, the app is always accessible whether the net is available or not.
Another new addition to the app is to share trips with other people. It is a very nice idea as each person in this world has something of his own ideas and experiences to share. This makes your trip more enjoyable.
The map provided have added a new feature – parking location, earlier this month. It will help the user to remember the parking location of their four-wheeler. They must tap the blue dot and then also tap the label – Save Your Parking.
Every activity is customized depending on the user’s interests and the time availability. The user can receive reviews about any popular attraction nearby along with their opening & closing timings. Free-form notes are an important addition in this version of Trips.
So guys, do install this app if you are planning a vacation.

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