All You Need To Know About Google Maps New Feature for COVID-19

All You Need To Know About Google Maps New Feature for COVID-19

Google has always been the most popular solution provider and this has been evident recently with the release of new applications that would help people especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic spread across the globe. Google has played its part and contributed in form of removing charges on Google Meet, developing Google Sodar for social distancing and now finally we have a Google Maps new feature to fight against the novel Corona virus and keep it from spreading.

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As the world has started to open up, it is eminent that we double the precautions against the Covid-19 infection. The two steps that have been most successful against this Pandemic are Sanitizing your Hands frequently and maintaining Social Distancing. The Google map new update focuses on commuting and transportation. With this latest Google Map update installed in your phone, you can know about the crowd on a train station at a given time as well as the schedule of the intra-city bus that you wanted to take. If the station is crowded then you can try an alternative means of transport as more the crowd, more the chances of spreading the infection.

This Google Maps new feature is available on both Android and iOS and has been rolled out as quickly as all possible areas where the train and bus data was previously being tracked by Google. Some of the important new features included will be of great help to people who have to go out to work or buy out essentials.

Google Maps New Feature for COVID-19

New Feature 1: Provide timely and important alerts.

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When a user will look for directions and services available under public transportation, he/she will get all the Covid-19 restrictions applied in the area of travel and also receive alerts from the local transit agencies. This update is currently rolled out in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. In the South Americas, this update is rolled out in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico and in Asia this update has been released in India and Thailand.

These alerts would inform the user of all the Government mandates required while travelling through a particular area that happens to fall in the way to your destination. And this would also include all the Covid-19 checkpoints and restrictions along the route and even alert you if your travelling time would be impacted by these infections.

New Feature 2: Provide Alerts and Guidelines for Medical and testing visits.

If you have to go to a medical or testing center then this Google map new update will display alerts on eligibility, guidelines and any other factors that might result in denying you entry to that particular facility. These medical alerts will be shortly initiated in other South Asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea. Google states that this data will be received from valid sources like local and state governments and is trying to rope in other international agencies to accumulate data across the globe.

New Feature 3: Avoid Crowds when using public transport.

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As I mentioned earlier Social Distancing is an effective tools that human have against Covid-19 virus, the one place where we cannot avoid crowds is the public means of transportation. But with help from the latest Google Maps update, crowds can finally be avoided and proper Social distancing can be ensured. This data will help you to plan your trip as you can see at live data regarding at given places as well as predictions based on historical data.

The Google Maps new features include predictions of traffic and crowd based on historical data and categorizes them on the basis of date and time. This is only possible due to the millions of contributions from the previous travellers. Google Maps new update allows users to check updates by other people and even provide a self-status of a place the user is in currently. For this, locate directions and then tap to see the Transit details and scroll down to know if the area is crowded or not.

New Feature 4: Other miscellaneous features.

The Google Maps new features also include other functions like Temperature, Accessibility, and Security on board, Women’s section, provisions for Wheelchair users and other facilities. Google is trying to help the travellers all over the world to travel safely and reduce the risk of Covid 19 Pandemic. Of course Google is seeking help from past riders and relying on the historical data it has collected depending if the location and internet services are turned on in a specific device.

Your Thoughts on All You Need To Know About Google Maps New Feature.

With the Google Maps new feature rolled out across the globe, users will have to just type the name of a train station or bus station on the Maps app and they will get complete details on arrival and departure times, crowd information and other restrictions in place. This will keep people at a distance from one, another, and reduce unnecessary travel.

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