Get To Know All About Click Fraud & Its Preventions

Get To Know All About Click Fraud & Its Preventions

With the rapidly growing cyber network, a need to discover more preventive techniques to fight with cyber threats is also increasing.

But, anyhow the actors find some way to enter into system and extract confidential and personal information. Talking about ways, there is one more way to fraud users known as Click Fraud, a major concern for marketers and business owners.

So, if you are running any PPC advertising and campaigns on Google AdWords or any other platform, here is what all you need to know first.

What Is Click Fraud?

It a form of forgery or fraud that occurs online on Internet. This method is also called Play-per-click (PPC) online advertising. PPC marketing is one of the most used online advertising model, also used by organizations like Google, Bing and Facebook.

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The hosts of the websites posting ads earn revenue based on clicks. As much the user clicks on ads published, more the money will be made by domain owner.

Click fraud is basically the practice of increasing traffic stats by online advertisements, where advertisement companies pay a fee for every click. These ads are based on the keywords you search for, mostly searched keyword ads will automatically occur on your screen. PPC ads occurs when an automated script, person or computer program acts as a chatbot on web browser. By this, it creates an illusion that many of the users are using the product or are following link displayed.

For example, suppose you are a business. Now, you go to Google and ask them to display your ad with some keywords, so that users who searches for related keywords, will get to see an ad. Now, many of the rivals create an autobot or automated program, where the ad displayed by you will get many clicks by chatbots, with which keyword prices will go high. This will make you pay more to Google for keywords and also your term keywords will move out after some time. This is how click fraud works.

Preventions For Click Fraud

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Well, there are several preventions for click fraud that should be taken from the user end.

Detecting click fraud manually is a time taking process and also, a single incorrect step could lead to wrong analysis as well. So, to automatically detect click fraud, there are many services offered by several organizations, which can be used to detect frauds and prevent your business from any kind of loss.

Well, Google, for this has given an option for invalid clicks on Google Ads formerly known as Google AdWords. Still, it is not considered as a great prevention. Instead, it is recommended to use Facebook and Twitter ads. Even then if you want to put your business at serious risk, then you may advertise on Google AdWords or any other pay per click advertising platform.

One more preventive step that could be taken is you can set up an IP exclusion. In this, you can enter the respective IP of your competitor, who you think might be using this trick on you to let your business down.

However, it’s better that search engines come with more advanced and secure techniques for advertising. They could also use Blockchain technology for this purpose, making it more transparent and secure. And, obviously we shouldn’t miss on the basic preventive measures, so it’s better not to be totally dependent on service providers.

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