FreshBooks: A Review on The Best Cloud Accounting Software

FreshBooks: A Review on The Best Cloud Accounting Software

Accounting is a crucial part of any business be it small or large. Hence, every business needs an accountant or simple accounting software to manage and track the success of their business. Keeping this in mind many software companies have come up with simple accounting software. As these accounting software allow businesses to store all the finance-related information and get a clear picture of businesses financial health. But finding the best one from these is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hence, to make things easy here we will review one of the best cloud accounting software FreshBooks. This accounting software is an all in one business accounting and invoicing solution. It will help focus on other important things than sitting and doing ledger entries.

So, without further delay let’s know more about FreshBooks and what it has to offer.

What is FreshBooks: A Review

FreshBooks is not only an award-winning bookkeeping and accounting software, but it is one of the best cloud accounting software too. What makes it the best accounting software in the industry is its customer satisfaction. As we move ahead you will find more interesting things about FreshBooks like:

  • FreshBooks understands your needs as to why you want a cloud accounting software.
  • This accounting software will never ask you to exceed the budget.
  • FreshBooks never makes you star-eyed about its features. This accounting software provides services that it promises. This means its simple to use interface makes using FreshBooks easy and the thought of paying a lot will never cross your mind while using FreshBooks – cloud accounting software.

In addition to this FreshBooks is an answer to:

  • API security
  • Data Backup
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Customer support and similar multiple questions

When it comes to a software no one says I can’t wait to buy one more. But with FreshBooks becoming popular among businesses for smooth client invoicing and time tracking processes, things have changed.

Now, not only small businesses, but big organizations too are using cloud accounting software like FreshBooks.

FreshBooks offers a robust set of features that are flexible, SMB-friendly pricing plans, etc. In fact, those who are new to accounting will not face any difficulty using FreshBooks. Thereby giving them the ability to design, modify, color and be professional.

Furthermore, FreshBooks is a reliable accounting suite that makes complex calculations easy. Alongside, you can create professional looking invoices in a few clicks, can even automate tasks like time tracking, expenses, etc to save time. In addition to this, apps like Shopify, PayPal, G Suite etc are too added to FreshBooks to improve its functionality.

Hope, by now, you have got an idea as to why FreshBooks is considered the best cloud accounting software.
In lieu to this FreshBooks even offers iOS and Android version, so that you have access to this accounting software and your records from anywhere, anytime.

Nevertheless, FreshBooks even allows to track time, log expenses etc. All this gathered information is synced across all your devices so that you don’t have to worry about losing them.

What makes FreshBooks the best accounting solution?

When developing this accounting software, FreshBooks created small teams to keep the wheel of innovation, market research going. Not only this, small teams even help to know the slightest possible human error that can ruin things.

The latest version of FreshBooks helps manage businesses and their finances in a much efficient and simpler manner. Its late payment tracking feature is outstanding.

Features of FreshBooks

1. Responsive mobile design

Freshbooks accounting mobile apps help stay connected and manage finances from anywhere. Available for both iOS and Android, this accounting app creates wonders. Using it one can create and send invoices, click receipts photo, manage expenses, interact with clients, sync data, etc.

Moreover, the mobile app keeps a backup for data security, provides streamlined and seamless communication, helps save time and in subscription payments.

How FreshBooks help save time?

By letting you set up a billing schedule.

Automatically charging the card for a subscription.

Invoices sent in your country’s currency.

2.  Simple to use

Customizable features are FreshBooks selling point. Using this accounting software you can attach files, get notified for late payments, track billings, assign rates and expenses for each project. These are a few areas where FreshBooks is an undisputed winner.

4. Invoice-to-payment functionality

This is the most outstanding feature of FreshBooks and it means when a client opens and receive invoice you can see it. Thereby giving you the assurance that the invoice is properly sent and received. In addition to this latest version of this cloud accounting software also helps set invoices due date, charge late fees, etc. It even keeps a record of past and current invoices, unpaid and paid ones hence making it a convenient cloud accounting tool.

Finally, FreshBooks cloud accounting software smoothens online payment, it even offers multi-currency invoicing so that billing can be done in local currency.

5. Track Expenses

Freshbooks makes keeping track of expenses. Receipts can be attached this helps stay organized during tax time as you have an easy to read the summary. Not only this, the feature helps track expenses as to which client it belongs or is an invoice for reimbursement. You can even link a bank account to easily import expenses directly from the bank account. All these features make tracking expenses easy.

6. Real-time tracking

You can bill clients with the accuracy of hours using Chrome extensions like Basecamp, Trello, etc. Not only this, by using cloud accounting software like FreshBooks you can charge on an hourly basis or flat rate based on the agreement with the client. tracked. You can also track individual team member time to calculate the running bill for payment.

7. Excellent reporting

Manually entering data is time-consuming and error-prone. But with a cloud accounting alternate like FreshBooks you can easily generate financial reports by processing already entered data and get profit and loss reports. You can track monthly expenses by creating a report, monitor balance sheets, handle tax issues, generate tax reports and more. Moreover, you can filter accounts, generate tax reports, tax summaries, etc. These reports can be exported to a CSV with just a few clicks.

So with this a small review on FreshBooks best cloud accounting software comes to an end. If you are interested to know more about such software do leave us a comment and follow us.

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