Is There A Tool To Fix System Storage Running Out And Performance Issues

Running out of storage? Find duplicates and remove them using a suitable tool like Duplicate File Fixer.

Is There A Tool To Fix System Storage Running Out And Performance Issues

Do you know anyone who says there’s ample space on my PC or smartphone? Well, the count is too less. But don’t worry, if you are running out of storage space on your computer or your Android device, worry a little less! Why? Because we have an extraordinary tool to help you get rid of unwanted items stored on your device.

Storage Space

Boom! Duplicate Files Fixer lets you fix system performance issues due to internal storage space running out. It is an amazing data decluttering tool designed for your Windows PC. Additionally, it is available on Android and macOS as well. Amazing isn’t it? Well, this is not all what it offers, there is much more. Read on further to know more.

Short In Time?

Duplicate Files Fixer removes maximum duplicates and recovers storage space within a few clicks! It accumulates maximum duplicates out of your system storage and lets you remove them in just a click. You can instantly free up storage space on your computer and boost your system performance with this go-to tool. Download it now!


  • Find & Remove Duplicate Files
  • Recover Huge Chunks Of Storage Space
  • Speed Up your Device In Just A Few Clicks


Country of Origin: India

Size: 6.74 MB

Windows Version: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Other Platforms: Mac and Android

Developer: Systweak Software Private Limited

Trial version: 30 days

Price: $39.95

Click Here To Download Duplicate Files Fixer For Windows

Running Out Of Storage Space: What To Do?

When you are running out of space on your Windows system, check out This PC section to see how much storage space you are left with. If you see red signs, it means that you are no longer having enough storage and therefore, you are encountering a slow running Windows PC.

If such is the case, the very first step is to check for what’s taking up more space. It might be the  clutter in Recycle Bin, large applications installed, and an ample amount of duplicates.

‘I have too many duplicate files on my PC, is there any tool to declutter my PC?’

Considering duplicates as a reason behind slow performing computers due to storage lack, we recommend you to immediately declutter your system using a robust tool like Duplicate Files Fixer, that can automatically detect all the duplicate files and folders from your computer and remove them in a go!

Click Here to Download Duplicate Files Fixer 

Boost System Performance With Duplicate Files Finder

When you use an efficient tool to find and delete duplicates on your system, it scans inside out of your computer and you’ll be surprised to know the result. When you scan your PC for duplicates, you get to know about the ample amount of duplicates taking up a lot of your storage space. These duplicates are created knowingly or unknowingly and later on reduces the system performance. Here’s what amazing features make it a must-have tool.

Duplicate File Fixer - Scan Now

Accurate Duplicate Identification: Duplicate Files Fixer identifies identical files inside out including photos, audio, video, and other files in an extremely user-friendly format.

Create Backups Before Deleting: With Duplicate Files Fixer, you need not have to worry about your data backup. The tool itself gives you an option to backup all the files and folders before you delete them.

Supports External Device: Duplicate Files Fixer supports external devices. You can simply insert your removable drive and scan them to detect duplicates and remove them later on.

Tweak Scan Settings: You can set the scan criteria as per your choice for a more comprehensive scan result. Duplicate Files Fixer lets you view your scan history and adjust settings for better results.

How Does Duplicate Files Fixer Work On Windows?

To prevent your computer from running slow because of storage space issues, it is vital to clean junk out of it and duplicates play a quite important role here. So, to detect and delete duplicates out of your system storage, use Duplicate Files Fixer- a pro tool that auto-detects all sorts of duplicates from a system and removes them in a go! Here are listed the stepwise guide on how to use Duplicate Files Fixer to free up your disk space.

Step 1:  Download and install Duplicate Files Fixer on your Windows PC.


Step 2: Once the download is finished, run this software on your PC. Purchase or enter the license key (if you have) to explore all its features.

Step 3: Get started with this duplicate removal tool to fix all duplicates within a click. Select one or more files/folders to start with scanning duplicates. To go ahead, click on Start Scan. It will show you a page that’ll open like the image below. The scan process looks like.

Duplicate File Fixer - Scanning is in progress

Step 4: The scan process will dig deep into the selected folders for any duplicates and show you the list at the end. Preview the duplicates and click on the Auto Mark tab to select duplicates automatically or select them manually and click on ‘Delete Marked’.

DUplicate File Fixer - Delete Marked

Note: As per the latest updates in Duplicate Files Fixer, you get an option to Undo the files deleted by mistake, you can Undo them from the button located at the top of the window immediately. Also, you can either manage duplicates or modify your selection from the options like Automark duplicates to remove the duplicates you want to delete.

Duplicate File Fixer - Undo

Once the process is finished and you are left with no duplicates, the Duplicate Files Fixer will show you a window stating No Duplicates Found. The window looks like this:

Duplicate File Fixer - No Duplicates

That’s it! The almost similar process can be followed while you use Duplicate Files Fixer on macOS or Android. Wondering if Duplicate Files Fixer can detect all file formats? The quick answer to this question is YES! It does find duplicates from all around your PC. It collates data of all sorts from documents to photos to video to audio files. In a nutshell, Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak Software is a perfect example of tools that can  help you declutter your computer and make it free of errors like ‘running out of storage space’ or other reasons that lead to slow system performance.

Note to Consider:

If you are looking for a duplicate files finder and remover tools for macOS or Android, click on these links below.

Download Duplicate Files Fixer on Mac

Download Duplicate Files Fixer & Remover on Android

To know how Duplicate Files Fixer works on these platforms, CLICK HERE.

[RESOLVED] System Running Out Of Space

Since now you have a robust cleaning tool installed on your Windows PC or Mac or Android, you no longer have to worry about system performance or system storage running out issues. You can anytime take help of Duplicate Files Fixer and free up ample amount of space on your device.

Duplicate Files Fixer is the best tool to detect and delete duplicates because it searches and deletes identical copies of files of all sorts easily and quickly. You preview them and delete them all in a go. It has the ability to detect duplicates even after changing file name or format. It scans the inside content and suggests you duplicates accordingly. Amazing, isn’t it?

How do you free up storage space on your computer or troubleshoot system performance, let us know an automated tool or workarounds, if any.

Are you convinced by the information we have forwarded? Let us know your thoughts on this article or any of our other writeups. Feel free to drop in any suggestions or queries, we would love to connect with you and help you in any manner we can regarding these technical aspects.

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