How To Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening On Windows 10

How To Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening On Windows 10

Razer Synapse is configuration software for the Razer peripherals on the Windows PC. It is quite a popular name for the gaming industry with its mouse and keyboard meant for PC game lovers. But if you are facing issues with Razer Synapse not opening on your computer, this can cause hindrance to your gaming experience.

To fix this problem, we bring you the best hacks to fix the ‘Razer Synapse 2.0 not opening’ issue in this blog. It can be a genuine case of old drivers or the program being dysfunctional. In that case, we suggest you use a dedicated tool to fix the problem more efficiently.

4 Best Fixes For Razer Synapse Not Opening On PC-

Here are the handy methods to fix the problem of Razer Synapse 2.0 not opening on your computer. Check out the methods to make a quick fix for the Razer Synapse issue on your computer.

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Method 1- Close Razer Synapse processes-

If you are unable to open Razer Synapse on your computer, it might be already running as a background process. Therefore, first, you need to run the Task Manager to check if the process is still running in the background.

Step 1: Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Task Manager

Step 2: On the Task Manager window, scroll down to locate the Razer Synapse process > select it and click the End Task button shown in the bottom right corner.

This will clear all the issues with the current process. Next, launch Razer Synapse and see if it runs error-free. If not, move on to the next step to find a solution for Razer Synapse 2.0, not opening.

Method 2- Reinstall Razer Synapse on your computer-

When Razer Synapse is not opening on Windows, try reinstalling the program. Sometimes, it is possible that the program files are corrupted therefore, you need to uninstall them.

To uninstall Razer Synapse without leaving any corresponding file try using a PC Cleaning software – Advanced PC Cleanup. It is one of the most efficient tools that help uninstall apps and their associated To use this excellent PC maintenance and cleanup tool follow the steps below:

Download Advanced PC Cleanup

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Step 1: Install Advanced PC Cleanup on your computer by running the setup file.

Step2: Once you are done with the installation process, run the application.

Advanced PC Cleanup

Step 3: Once it shows you the results, go to the left pane and click on Uninstall Apps.

Advanced PC Cleanup - Uninstall App

Step4: It shows you the list of all of the applications installed on your computer. Locate Razer Synapse from this list.

Uninstall Apps from Advanced PC Cleanup

Step 5: Now click on the Trash icon in front of Razer Synapse to delete it from your computer completely.

Step 6: Next, to clean junk files and optimize the system click System Status from the pane and hit Start Scan Now. Wait for the scan to finish. Once done, you will see a list of errors detected in respective areas.

Scan Summary - Advanced PC Cleanup

Step 7: Click on the Clean Now button to fix errors.

This additional step will help remove all kinds of junk and unwanted items from your computer. Advanced PC Cleanup is one of the best PC cleaning tools as it will scan your computer for any discrepancies caused by unwanted files.

Now that you have uninstalled Razer Synapse 2.0 , to reinstall visit the official website – and download the latest version of Razer. Doing so will help fix the not working problem.

Method 3- Install the Latest Razer Device Drivers-

One of the potential causes for the Razer Synapse 2.0, not opening could be due to faulty or missing drivers. Device Drivers play an important part in communication between the hardware and the system. If it’s incomplete, outdated, or corrupted, the device will refuse to function properly. Therefore, it’s important to check the Razer Synapse drivers to keep your peripherals working properly. Here, we suggest using a driver updater for your Windows PC to update all device drivers automatically.

Smart Driver Care is one of the best driver updaters for your computer. It will solve your problem of Razer Synapse not opening on your computer by installing the latest drivers.

1. Get Smart Driver Care from the download link below-

Click Here to Download Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care - Outdated Driver

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2. Once you have installed Smart Driver Care, click on the Scan Now button.

3. It will give you the list of outdated drivers on your computer. If you are using the Pro version, you can select all outdated drivers and can update them by clicking the Update All button. However, if you are using the trial version, you need to click the Update Driver button next to the outdated driver.

4. Restart your computer to apply the changes.

You will now have the latest version of the Razer Synapse driver installed on your PC.  This will fix your issues of Razer Synapse not opening on Windows 10.

Method 4- Outdated Windows Version

If you are still unable to fix the issue, check if your Windows version is outdated. If so, install the latest version of Windows for your computer. As it is likely that you have downloaded Razer Synapse 2.0 on your computer which is not compatible with the older version of the operating system.


These are the possible fixes for Razer Synapse not opening on Windows 10. We recommend using Advanced PC Cleanup to fix any of the issues related to launching applications. The common causes for the Windows applications could be invalid registry entries. It also cleans up the junk from the computer and improves its performance.

Download Advanced PC Cleanup

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Frequently Asked Questions –


How do I force a Razer Synapse to open?

If Razer Synapse is not opening on your computer, you must try to solve the issues with the above methods. The first instinct is to use the Task Manager to check if the process is still running in the background. Try reinstalling the application and make the problem go away quickly.


Is Razer Synapse a virus?

No, Razer Synapse is not a virus. It is a reliable software for running the Razer peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard. If however, you worry about the presence of any malicious element on your computer, you must use Advanced PC Cleanup to detect and remove them.


Is Razer Synapse spyware?

No, Razer Synapse is not spyware so if you see this application running on your computer, you must have any of the Razer peripherals installed on your computer. Nothing to worry about as it is a required software for running Razer mouse and other devices.

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