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Best Way To Fix Mouse Wheel Scrolling Wrong Way
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Best Way To Fix Mouse Wheel Scrolling Wrong Way

A couple of weeks ago, I encountered the problem of the mouse wheel scrolling the wrong way and the mouse was not working properly. I fixed it by several methods which I have discussed below in the blog and solved the issue for me. But then, I realised that the methods known to me are not necessarily known by everyone, therefore, I decided to write this blog where I will mention all the possible ways which you can do at home without the need of expertise in technology and can get rid of these flickering mouse issues.

The only way by which I was able to solve this issue was by using Advanced Driver Updater which is a tool to update all the outdated drivers of your computer. By this, the performance of the computer gets optimized and it delivers unexpected results.

Download Advanced Driver Updater Here

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All the methods by which mouse wheel scrolling the wrong way is resolved are mentioned below: –

1. Use Advanced Driver Updater to update drivers: –

Advanced Driver Updater is a tool capable of detecting all the details of the device like the system configuration and outdated drivers which needs to be updated. What makes it a unique tool is its feature of taking the backup of outdated drivers before updating them.

Please follow the steps below to update the outdated drivers by using Advanced Driver Updater: –

1. Please download and install Advanced Driver Updater.

2. Once installed launch the tool

Advanced Driver Updater

3. Click on the Start Scan Now button to look for outdated drivers.

4. Once the scanning is done, click the Update driver next to the mouse driver.

5. After updating the mouse driver and other outdated drivers, restart the PC.

Note: If you use the trial version of Advanced Driver Updater, then you are required to update each driver individually. However, if you are using the paid version of Advanced Driver Updater, then you can update all outdated drivers at once by clicking Update All. Also, it offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

2. Clean the mouse thoroughly

Every day at work and home when we use the computer, then we forget to cover after the work is done. Therefore, the dust particles penetrate the hardware through the gaps and holes and obstruct its working.

To clean the mouse wheel by blowing air into the gap by your mouth and using a pin and gently clean the gaps with it. It will remove the accumulated dust particles and scrolling will be sorted.

3. Use new battery

While using a wireless mouse, we always get so occupied with work that we forget to change the battery when it is drained and it results in the bad experience of using a wireless mouse. Here we suggest you please change the battery so that you do not face any issue because of a dead battery.

4. Changing settings of mouse scrolling

This my own tested and verified method to reduce the number of lines scrolled from the settings can curb this issue. It happens just because when you scroll more lines than the speed is more and we use the mouse scroll many times to stick to a particular line.

We can change the settings by following the steps below: –

Mouse Setting in Windows

  • Now change the cursor speed to 11 and Choose how many lines to scroll each time to 8 for better results.

Mouse Cursor Speed

5. Disable the mouse pointer

This is also one of the reasons which cause accidental scrolling. By disabling the mouse pointer, we can control this issue to some extent.

 Steps to follow: –

  • In settings type, Change the mouse pointer display and select the result

Change the mouse pointer

  • Uncheck Hide pointer while typing then click Apply> Ok

Mouse Properties

6. Troubleshoot Mouse

Windows troubleshooting is another best way to curb this issue. It will identify the problem and will give you the solution.

Steps to be followed: –

  • Type control panel in the search bar and open it.

Control Panel

  • Now open Devices and Printers

Devices and Printer

  • Now click on mouse image and select the troubleshoot option

Troubleshoot Devices and printer

  • After performing the troubleshooting steps the issue will be resolved.

Conclusion: –

I hope you have found this post relevant in which we have seen several ways by which we can resolve the accidental wheel scrolling and undesired results of the scrolling on a webpage. All the methods discussed above will curb this issue but generally, it is observed that outdated drivers are the major reason behind such disturbing issues. We recommend you to try all the methods by yourself at home and if the issue is not resolved then use Advanced Driver Updater and see the magic. Do let us know about your experience of using Advanced Driver Updater.

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