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Smart Mac Care – Fastest Way to Find and Delete Largest File And Folders on Mac
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Smart Mac Care – Fastest Way to Find and Delete Largest File And Folders on Mac

Let’s Start Optimizing Mac With One Stop Solution

Irrespective of the configuration, we all face the issue of enough space on our devices & it’s really annoying. Moreover, when you can’t identify the actual reason behind the space issue, you try almost every possible way to solve the problem. From your precious iPhone or advanced MacBook to Android smartphones, nothing goes untouched from this common issue.

Smart Mac Care

& now that when we have founded just the perfect solution for this problem, I don’t think we need to look around for more. From identifying those big files & folders that are talking up unnecessary or more space than required to optimizing your Mac, let’s go ahead with the process as below:

Identify Largest Files & Folders With Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is undoubtedly the perfect mac cleaning & optimization suite that’s been designed to keep the unwanted or unnecessary files away from your system. Smart Mac Care is an all-in-one tool to keep your Mac healthy and secure by removing malware infections, unwanted junk files and privacy traces.

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There are many layers Smart Mac Care uses to find those big & unnecessary files to take proper action. So let’s show you a picture of how this amazingly helpful tool supports you when you are trying to find those big size files & folders to flush out:

Disk Usage from Smart Mac Care is the exact feature we will be using here to encounter those big size files & folders. All you need to do is tap on the Tools icon you can see among the top headers on Smart Mac Care app.

Smart Mac Care - Disk Usage

Once you do that, Disk Usage will automatically start scanning the whole system for largest files & folders & put them in front of you in the proper orderly fashion. Here you will be making decisions on checking out the files (Photos/Music/Movies/Documents/Archives) & then you need to decide which ones you want to flush out from the system. Simple as that!!

Since they have been categorized according to the file format, it’s easier to explore the particular format & check which ones to keep & vice versa. Sounds promising.

& apart from deleting the largest files from the Mac, Smart Mac Care helps you to keep your system safe, managed, & to the optimum use. So let’s start with exploring the features that can clean up your Mac like never before:

1. Security & Optimization (Home)

After downloading & successful installation of Smart Mac Care on your Mac, launch the tool & get ready to experience things like never before. Let’s start with the basic step of scanning the system for different categories including malware, junk, & web protection.

Security & Optimization

For example, the above screenshot can tell us about the scanning it performs for the security & optimization of your system. From malware scanning & web protection to keep the probable bad behaving contents away from your Mac to looking for unnecessary files to flush away, Smart Mac Care starts optimizing the system.

All you need to do is, launch the tool & start the process by scanning for these potentially unwanted items.

2. Search Feature

After scanning the whole system, you get a brief detailed description about the web protection as well as optimization. While using the Search option, you will have the liberty of rescanning the system altogether or look at the last scanned results as well. You will have access to the info if your system is at the risk of catching malware attack or not.

Search Feature

So, the initial step of scanning reaches a point where you get the complete analysis about the risk factor if it is high, low, or medium. Also, if there is any action you need to take right away to solve the problem of malware attack.

3. Web Protection

Though we have already explored the functionality of Web protection as a sub-feature, there is a whole page that’s been dedicated to web protection. You just need to click on the Web icon on the Smart Mac Care (top middle part). Once you click on the feature, the tool will show you the web protection status if it’s been secured or not.

Web Protection

For example, the above screenshot will tell you that you need to enable/install the extensions on the respective browsers to build security shields. Once those have been installed, the web protection will get enabled right away.

4. Settings

Undoubtedly the most important & talked about feature from Smart Mac Care that’s the solution for almost every problem you might come across. There is a reason why we call Smart Mac Care a one stop solution & that is because of its latest module of the advanced features. Yeah!!

These advanced features can be found once you click on Settings (top middle section) & look at the extreme left side (features displayed as icons from top to bottom).

space issue

The above selected part on the extreme left are the features that have the capability to bring your mac to the optimization stage in no time. From controlling the login/startup items to delete the duplicate files/folders, your Mac will be as clean as it was when you unboxed it. These features include Uninstaller, Login items, Disk Usage, Duplicate finder, Failed downloads, Flash cache, & Memory optimizer.

5. Disk Usage

Since we are talking about finding the bulky or large files & folder on our Mac, Disk Usage is the feature we will be discussing here. Disk Usage lets you identify & remove those files & folders that are unnecessarily taking up too much space so that you won’t face the disk space issue ever again.

install apps or store files

Like in the above example, though the scanning is still going on, my Mac has more than 9 GB of unnecessary data that’s taking up space. This space means too much when you don’t have space to install apps or store files because you didn’t look for the unwanted or junk files. Smart Mac Care helps you here by identifying these larger files & folders to take proper action to keep, remove, or alter them.

& this is how you never have to face the space issue on your Mac ever again after using the Disk Usage feature from Smart Mac Care.

Wrapping Up

Looking out for the unnecessary files that are bulky as well isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Having said that, we all look for tools that can give us more than we have spent on us & that’s where Smart Mac care kicks in. Not only providing you the web protection but also keeping a track of bulky files & letting you take proper action on that to keep enough space on your Mac is easier with this tool. Plus, it lets you explore different parts of your Mac that where you unintentionally stored so much junk or unwanted files.

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