Essential Features Of An Email Forensic Tool

Essential Features Of An Email Forensic Tool

There are several kinds of corporate crimes whereby emails are used as vehicles to carry the crime. These crimes range from disclosing confidential data to other companies, insider trading, bribing, inappropriately utilizing the companies assets to commit crime or fraud and the list goes on and on. In such cases, an effective and efficient email forensic tool can help expedite the investigation fastly.

Features You Should Expect From An Email Forensic Tool

Efficiency and Speed:

In an event of a breach or a crime, thousands of emails of probably all the employees of a company or a department of a company will have to be screened. Needless to say, here you need an email forensic tool that can process emails and the inherent large attachments quickly. This can only be possible if the email forensic software gives you complete control over the search. To facilitate a speedy investigation, the software should further have exhaustive features like –

  • Regular expression and boolean search
  • Log support
  • Tagging features
  • Bookmarking features
  • Functionality to search for particular phrases or keywords in a large database

Multiple File Formats Should Be Supported:

Several different popular email clients are used by companies across the globe. Examples include Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, and many others. Some of these even use the MBOX format for mailbox files. So, it won’t make any sense if you have to employ different email forensic tools for every email client. You, therefore, need an email investigation tool that can support all popular email file formats.

Should Be Able To Recover Deleted Emails:

Subjects and suspects to be investigated in a crime often try to wipe evidence by deleting emails, sometimes completely from the server. And, it goes without saying, every single email counts in a criminal case. If you conduct forensic email analysis using an efficient email forensic tool, you will be able to recover all deleted emails from all popular mailboxes. You will be able to scrutinize email logs for evidence in a hassle-free manner.

Reports Admissible In The Court Of Law:

Certain investigations require that the complete forensic email analysis be presented before the court of law. In that case, only extracting emails or certain data won’t suffice. An ideal email forensic tool will also facilitate creating appropriate reports and investigation reports that can be presented in an organized fashion. Examples include – reports of evidence summary, search report, and investigation reports.

Link Analysis Mechanism:

How about conducting a forensic email analysis where you are easily able to hunt down the connection between various suspects. Won’t the task of finding the guilty become easier? Many great email investigation software are powered with link analysis mechanisms.

Let’s have a glimpse of some of the best software available –

Stellar Email Forensic Software:

Stellar Email Forensic Software

  • Supports Several Files: The email investigation software can scan all popular email clients and email files such as PST, MBOX OST, DBX, NSF, EML, and many others. The email data can further be exported in a variety of file formats such as MSG, RTF, PDF, HTML, and various others.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Search for exact keywords, phrases, and content that matters with the help of regular simple search, expression search, boolean search, and tons of other filters.
  • Exhaustive Case Management Capabilities:

Exhaustive Case Management Capabilities

You can analyze the complete case by using features such as bookmarking, tagging, data export, and logs maintenance.

  • View All Kinds of Reports: You can generate customizable reports in the form of investigation reports, search reports, domain reports, recipient reports, and many others.
  • Last but not the least, Stellar Email Forensic Software helps save data in court acceptable format

Click Here to Download Stellar Email Forensic Tool

Trial Period – 60 Days

Pricing –  US$ 599 (At the time of writing this blog you can get the software for US$ 499)

Other Great  Email Forensic Software

Systools Mail Pro + – Email Forensics Advik Email Forensic Wizard Aid4Mail Email Forensic Software
Systools Mail Pro +- Email Forensics

  • Exhaustive case management functionalities
  • Link analysis mechanism
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Provides a view of has values such as SHA1, MD5, SHA256, etc.

Download Now

Advik Email Forensic Wizard

  • Email analysis of both webmail and desktop email services
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Chat analysis functionality
  • Multilingual and multi-format support


Download Now

Aid4Mail Email Forensic Software

  • Fast email processing capability
  • Powerful search functionality
  • Highly compliant with regulatory authorities
  • Capable of acquiring email from corrupt mailboxes as well

Download Now

Wrapping Up

An exhaustive forensic analysis of several thousands of emails can help nab the culprits and even save the innocent, thereby saving their careers from going in the dark. If you found the blog to be helpful, do share it with all your friends especially the ones in the IT departments or who hold managerial positions.

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