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Duplicate Music Fixer – Is This The Best Tool To Clean Duplicate Audio Files?
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Duplicate Music Fixer – Is This The Best Tool To Clean Duplicate Audio Files?

Music is such a soul pumping thing that in the time of distress it can immediately energize you with endless zeal. It’s the reason why we keep our laptops or even desktops stocked with bazillion music files. Now, that has a consequence too! Dreadful duplicates! You see over a period of years, you might have saved multiple versions of the same song. No surprise some of these might have become corrupted, right? What’s the fix – a good duplicate music files finder

Sure, you can take the manual route and bump your head against either similar looking music files or keep hounding for songs and fall on the same songs, maybe with different names. Let’s try a great way of finding duplicate music files

The tool we are talking about is Duplicate Music Fixer which doesn’t just help you find duplicate music files but it also has the efficiency to clean duplicate music files as well. So, is this software really worth it? Can it find, clean and delete duplicate music files, let’s find out.

In the blog that follows we shall delve into the following aspects of Duplicate Music Fixer, the likes of which are mentioned below in an unbiased manner- 

Interface – Looks Do Matter
Features – Does It Really Have The Weapons To Deal With Duplicate Music Files ? 
Speed – How Fast Can It Fix Duplicate Music Files ?

Duplicate Music Fixer: Interface

If you have a good look at Duplicate Music Fixer, you will find that it is not the flashiest of the duplicate music finders. But, it is simple to look at. You certainly don’t get overwhelmed and don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring what each tab or button does. 

At the very outset, on the top, the four headings namely Scan Location, Results, History and Settings are clearly defined. When you click on each of these sections, you immediately know what each of these does. We shall discuss each of these in greater detail in the next section. 

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Duplicate Music Fixer: Features

Let’s have a look at what arsenal of features Duplicate Music Fixer comes with to find and delete duplicate music files

1. Effective And Efficient Scanning:

Effective And Efficient Scanning
You don’t have to manually search each location in your computer for finding duplicate music files. When you click on the Scan location tab you can automatically select the drive or location and this duplicate mp3 finder will automatically search for the duplicates. 

The scanned results are displayed side by side which makes it easy for comparison. You can further remove duplicate music files with ease. Additionally, the tool also groups duplicate music files so that later you can even choose which all music files you wish to keep.

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2. Preview All Formats Of Files Before Deleting Them:

Duplicate Music Fixer eliminates all chances of errors. It doesn’t matter what the format of the music file is. 

Despite sorting and finding duplicate music files, it makes sure that you don’t end up deleting the right music file. For this it has an integrated play button that appears on every music file. If you are unsure of whether or not to delete music file, you can click on the play button and listen to the song.

To further cement its accurate algorithm, Duplicate Music Fixer has a unique selection assistant which allows you to auto mark all duplicate music files.

3. Create Playlists

Besides helping you clean and delete duplicate music files, Duplicate Music Fixer also helps you create album wise playlist as well. This makes your music library more sorted and less decluttered. More importantly, it becomes all the more easy for you to keep a track of all duplicate music files that you have cleaned.

4. History


A scanning history always comes in handy when your PC is accumulating duplicates on a frequent basis. Or, maybe you had deleted a wrong music file that you wish to re-download. Whatever maybe the reason, Duplicate Music Fixer has a dedicated History tab that keeps a record of all the scan results you have performed so far.

5. Customization  Settings

It’s not that you have to adhere to some hard and fast settings. With Duplicate Music Fixer you can make changes such as exclude a certain folder or path from scanning, change the folder where playlists are saved, export damaged lists to a notepad and clear cache regularly.

Customizable Settings


Although the speed of the scanning results depends on the number of files you have chosen but in general terms, it hardly takes a few minutes for the results to find duplicate music files and even fewer seconds to clean and delete duplicate music files.

In The End

If you have used this amazing duplicate music files finder, do let us know how it has helped you in getting rid of duplicate music files. Also do let us know in the comments section below how you would rate Duplicate Music Fixer as a utility tool that cleans duplicate music files? For more such tech related updates and other tech related content, keep reading Tweak Library. Also follow us on social media platforms the links of which are mentioned below.


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