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Here’s How You Can Disable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10
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Here’s How You Can Disable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

Games have simultaneously been transforming from the time we have known entertainment. From those amazing outdoor games to the indoor gaming that soon converted into video/mobile & computer gaming, things have changed. With change comes adaptability and the same concept has been followed by Microsoft Windows operating system as well.

Disable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

With every new operating system edition, Microsoft brings something new & exciting that surprises us. For example, with Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft added the Xbox Game Bar as a new addition. Obviously there are a few limitations but the features it holds are a treat for all the game geeks. And this goes without saying that if your system has Xbox Game Bar constantly running on the system, it wouldn’t be ideal for system battery performance.

Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 PC

Xbox Game Bar is an extremely amazing tool one can use if he/she is into high-quality gaming. Although, it’s not specifically been designed for gaming, because it can be used for as simple as screen recording. Yeah!! In case you are trying to record a whole process through the steps, Xbox Game bar can be much of a help to you.

Disable Xbox Game Bar

Other features that can make this feature a rich one are high-quality screenshots, streaming your games online, & whatnot. All you need to do is, launch the Xbox Game bar and start exploring it until you feel tired or have explored everything on the bar.

Now as we mentioned above, since the Game bar is enabled on the system while you are playing games as well, it will drain your battery drastically. So it’s extremely important that you disable the Xbox Game bar while not accessing the same. So below is the way that can give you the answer to “how to disable Xbox game bar on Windows 10 PC”:

Here’s How to Disable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 PC

The disabling configuration of Xbox Game bar and Game DVR can be done from the Settings page easily. Having said that, if you do not want to have the Xbox Game bar on your system at all, there is a way to do that as well. So according to what you wish to do with your Xbox Game bar, follow the below steps as mentioned:

1. Navigate yourself to the Settings page by tapping on Windows key & typing in Settings.

2. Post launching the Settings page, tap onto the Gaming section among all the displayed options.

Xbox Game Bar

3. Under the Gaming section, you need to select the Captures tab (left side of the screen) among different options.

Xbox Game Bar in windows 10

4. Here you need to take an action of toggling off the switch for “Record in the background while I’m playing a game”. (there are chances that it’s already disabled, however, please recheck if it isn’t). Doing so will automatically turn off the video recording which is running in the background consistently.

5. Post disabling the above option, you need to navigate yourself to the Xbox Game Bar tab (just above the Captures tab).

Xbox Game Bar disable

6. Here, you need to toggle off one more switch that will eventually help your system work faster than before. The switch that needs to be turned off is, “Enable Xbox Game Bar for things like recording game clips…”. As you can see in the above screenshot, the feature is enabled so we need to turn it off.

Game bar

If you wish to make the changes to get the feature enabled again, simply do so by toggling on the switch from the same page.

What If You Wish to Completely Remove Xbox Game Bar?

There are situations where you do not want something like an Xbox Game Bar on your system at all. There can be as many reasons as one could list but a specific one that can convince many users is the battery draining issue. Yeah!! If the Xbox Game Bar is continuously active on the system, you will experience the draining battery issue on your own. Plus, if you are not at all interested in using the bar, then it’s perfectly fine to remove it from the system. All you need to do is,

1. Navigate yourself to the Start menu (Windows menu), & Right Click on the menu (instead of using the Windows key command).

2. Here, under many many options, you are supposed to tap on Windows PowerShell (Admin). (Please make sure that you are logged in with the Administrator account so you this function can be operated).

Windows PowerShell

3. Post tapping on Windows PowerShell (Admin), you need to copy the below text command and paste it on the screen. Hit ENTER.

Admin screen

4. Doing so will start a process on the Windows PowerShell Admin screen and within a while, XBox Game Bar will be removed from the system.

There can be times when you want XBox Game bar back on your system so in those cases, getting it back is as easy as installing from the Microsoft Store.

Wrapping Up

Windows 10 Game Bar or XBox Game Bar is a collection of surprising things you never expected in an inbuilt tool. However, due to a few limitations, users would want to disable Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 PC and that’s perfectly fine. This is why we are explaining here the ways to disable Game DVR & XBox Game Bar on your PC. Hopefully, disabling these Game Bars can improve the battery performance for users who blame the Xbox Game Bar for battery draining issues.

So let’s start exploring the Xbox Game Bar and Game DVR before disabling them & if you still want to, go ahead with the above steps.

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