Dismissing Microsoft Edge As A Redecorated Internet Explorer? Think Again!

Dismissing Microsoft Edge As A Redecorated Internet Explorer? Think Again!

Internet Explorer seems to have become the talk of the past. Yet, there are many who refrain from installing Microsoft Edge or even consider it as a browser option since they think that Edge is just a redecorated Internet Explorer. How true is that? We shall try to find out in the blog that follows.

To begin with, the difference between Microsoft Edge and internet explorer is day and night. Be it the features, security, speed or any other factors Edge is several miles ahead from Internet explorer.

Even Experts Say Not To Use Internet Explorer Anymore

Another difference between Microsoft Edge and internet explorer is that while the latter looms around for legacy and compatibility purposes, Microsoft Edge is one of the most installed popular modern web browsers. 

Not because it creeps like a snail but because it’s just a compatibility solution and that’s it. Even the Cybersecurity experts are not supporting any new web standards for it. Also, most developers are migrating away to modern browsers when it comes to testing.

Powerful Reasons Why You Should Choose Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 already comes packed with Microsoft Edge. But should that be the only reason why you should be using Microsoft Edge? No! Certainly not with Microsoft Edge donning the new Chromium architecture, it is miles ahead of what it’s predecessor Internet Explorer could have ever thought of becoming. 

Here are some very potent reasons why you might consider having Microsoft Edge as a standalone browser –  

1. The Presence Of Progressive Web Apps

Ever since Microsoft Edge put on the Chromium outlook, it has become compatible with and supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA). There are several websites that detect Microsoft Edge and then immediately prompt you to install their apps. If you don’t like PWA and wish to uninstall it, open the edge://apps/page and click on the “x” icon next to any application that you wish to uninstall.  

2. You’ll Get The Goodness Of Windows Defender, Microsoft Azure And Your Own Microsoft Account

Windows Defender

Other browsers might have their own browsing security features but you cannot undermine the capabilities of Microsoft’s Windows Defender, can you? Microsoft Edge Chromium uses Defender’s SmartScreen security feature. To add on for single sign-in and authentication the browser will support Azure Active and Microsoft Account.

3. You Can Now Hide Your Address Bar Automatically

Hiding the address bar is a feature that all the other browsers already have. This feature has recently been introduced in Microsoft Edge Chromium. It now allows you to hide your address bar while you are in full screen mode. You will be able to find this feature in all the versions of Microsoft Edge. The auto-hide feature also comes with insider testing channels as well.

4. It Is Much Lighter On Your Computer’s Resources And Takes Care Of Your Privacy

We won’t take names here, but out of the many reasons for migration, here is one reason that could strengthen your decision of making Edge as your standalone browser. It certainly has better privacy settings as compared to many other competitor browsers. And, even after that it doesn’t hog on your computer’s resources. It is undoubtedly one of the lightest browsers you can have.

5. The Extension Store Is Getting Bigger And Better By Each Passing Day

Extension Store Is Getting Bigger

The extension store of Microsoft Edge is expanding every day. It recently launched Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store with almost 100 extensions. The expansion of extensions attributes to Microsoft Edge’s transition to the new Chromium architecture which has made it easy to port extensions.  Talking of numbers, the new Microsoft Edge has more than 1000 extensions.

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6. You Can Mute Individual Tabs Instead Of Muting A Site

Mute Individual Tabs

And, you don’t need a third party extension or some advanced configuration to do that. The muting process is completely in your own hands. Click or tap on the sound icon next to any page and the audio will be muted in just that tab. 

7. It’s Restriction Free

Restriction Free
Source: howto-connect.com

We agree that as compared to other browsers, Edge has fewer extensions but when it comes to restrictions, Edge gives you more freedom. For instance, unlike several other browsers you can have all those extensions which download videos from YouTube.

Choice Is Still Yours

We are not harping on the fact, that you should have Microsoft Edge Chromium as your standalone browser but what we intend to say is that don’t dismiss Microsoft Edge on the image of its predecessor i.e. Internet Explorer. That being said, we’d love to know which browser is your favorite. For more such tech related content, keep reading Tweak Library and don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms.

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