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How to Delete Similar Selfies to Free Up Space in iOS
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How to Delete Similar Selfies to Free Up Space in iOS

Out of all the transformational discoveries the world has seen in the tech era, Selfie will definitely make it to the list. Though the concept is quite old, the obsession for Selfie isn’t something that can be measured. We all remember the selfie Ellen Degeneres clicked at the Oscar ceremony that included celebrities from Meryl Streep to Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt.

Oscar Ceremony

This thing made people think that selfies within a group are more effective when it comes to conveying any message. But we are never satisfied with the clicked photos and in that process, we make a pile of many pictures for the same pose. Since we are talking about selfies here, clicking more than one is something we all do with the hope that at least one of them would be worth the time we spent on getting those many selfies.

Selfie; Multiple Selfies; Same Pose; Unnecessary Storage Cover

Solely based on the self-portrait photos concept, Selfies are taken with the camera held at arm’s length. These can be horizontal as well as vertical and individuals as well as in groups. Please know that whatever photos you click with the self-timer won’t get included under the Selfie category. So a photo will only be considered as a Selfie if one of the subjects from the group is taking the photo keeping the phone camera at arm’ length.

Camera Arm Length Selfie

While trying to get the PERFECT selfie, you will see pictures that look alike (and that’s many) in your device’s photo collection. This is where the unnecessary storage space keeps filling up and soon you can see the duplicates in your iPhone photo gallery. Not that you realize but getting multiple clips for the same pose results in covering more space than it actually needed. All of this makes the whole process of figuring out those duplicate pictures and make them disappear takes a lot of your time. So what is the use of doing something that takes a lot of your time as well as phone storage?

Selfie With President Of US
Image source:

There is no doubt there from a common man to the former president of the United States of America, everyone is a big fan of Selfie. But what is the use of getting so many Selfies if you cannot decide which one is looking better than any of the other ones. Additionally, there can only be two major reasons why there are so many almost-identical-images in your iOS device image collection. Obviously there will be other reasons as well 7 that are also equally important but I think below are the ones that lead to a worse situations:

1. You are deadly confused as to what picture needs to be deleted because there are many and you wish to clear out the storage space.

2. If you don’t go through your photo gallery often, by the time you check it, the whole collection will become duplicated to other files. Eventually he may have to spend more time on this tool than he ever imagined.

3. The thought of deleting or removing equal-to-identical iPhone photos slipped from your mind and you postponed it for another time.

Above reasons make you look for available options in the market so that those near-to-duplicate selfie photos can be removed from the device. The photos can be identically as well and I believe that’s more of a reason to delete those from the system right away.

It’s not a secret anymore that there are hundreds of apps or platforms in the market that can offer you services like capturing duplicate files and delete them from the system. However, you don’t just land on the very first option you get on Google as you look for reliability, brand name, privacy and security, and whatnot. You cannot find these factors in each and every app you get your hands on while looking for similar-Selfie-deletion-tools. That’s where you start searching for tools to help your iOS device get rid of the unnecessary space by keeping privacy on the top of the list.

Delete Duplicate Photos or Similar Selfies to Free Up iOS Device Space

We know that all we need here is a duplicate image finder that can look for the selfie duplicates on your IOS device. Once those duplicate photos have been found, it won’t take much longer to remove them from the iPhone. Because many times finding the duplicate files is much easier than deleting them in one go.

Delete Similar Selfies to Free Up iOS

For example, I find it quite annoying, and time consuming that the user is going through the whole album to look for duplicate iPhone photos (selfies). While doing so, he/she keeps marking them so that those can be removed in one go. However, what if you press something else in the process or there are thousands of pictures to go through or what if simply your eyes start hurting?

There are many What Ifs that need to be answered while looking for duplicate photo finders (selfie) and delta them as well. This is where the search ends with an extremely powerful, effective, and reliable duplicate image finder tool called, Similar Selfie Fixer. Yeah!! There is a powerful tool called Similar Selfie Fixer that will start marking those similar selfies and flush them out of your device within seconds. Doing so will ultimately free up space on your iOS device which is the main goal. Now let’s understand and explore the rich features of this effective, lightweight, and must-have-in-your-device tool as mentioned below:

ultimately free up space on your iOS

A tool that’s fully compatible with iOS and iPadOS, Similar Selfie Fixer is all set to free up space in your Apple Devices. A great product from Systweak Software, Similar Selfie Fixer has been launched in 2019 and is absolutely free for users. The easily-fixing-similar-selfies tool is fully functional on iOS 8.0 or later so before accessing the same, please know that you need the above criterias.

Let’s start with Similar Selfie Fixer on the iOS device in order to delete similar selfies to free up space. After the successful downloading from the App Store, let the installation process gets completed and within no time, you are all set to access Similar Selfie Fixer on your iPhone.

Similar Selfie Fixer

1. Similar Selfie Fixer HomePage

Post the installation process, you will launch the app by tapping on Open and you will have the below home screen in front of you. Anyone and everyone who have been using an iPhone for quite a while know that not major but a good amount of space on your iPhone is covered by photos collection. Thanks to the camera quality we get to use in Apple devices that lets us capture every moment so beautifully.

Similar Selfie Fixer homepage

And this goes unsaid that many of those photos under the collection are duplicates that are very hectic to go through and mark every one of those manually. That’s why the Similar Selfie Fixer will be helping us here targeting those self portrait duplicates so that it can free up space in iOS devices.

and to do so, from the above homescreen, you need to choose among Normal, Aggressive, and Custom search options.

All three options come with different base criterias to look for similar selfies so choose wisely as Normal lets you find the similar selfies that have enough similarities. Whereas Aggressive option search for nothing but the similar selfies (doesn’t focus on any other aspect). Custom search is the one that lets you customize the settings or the criteria to look for the similar selfies on your device.

So once you tap on Custom Search, you will find different scan settings including bitmap size, matching level, time interval, and GPS. All these options will be the deciding factors to look for the similar selfies on your iPhone under Custom Search. After you have set the limits for all these options, tap on Search Similar Selfies and let Similar Selfie Fixer do its job.

2. Scanning for Similar Selfies

Once you have chosen the appropriate scanning mode (Normal, Aggressive, or Custom), start the scanning process for similar selfies. According to the scanning type, Similar Selfie Fixer will give you the results where you will see those selfies that meet the criteria.

Scanning For Similar Selfies

For example, in the above screenshot, I could only find equal-to-none duplicate selfies in my iPhone, lucky me!! So it’s quite easy for me to get these selfies tracked and get rid of the extra ones. However, finding these selfies in the photos collection would be a hell of a task. That’s what was simplified by Similar Selfie Fixer for me and I got those selfie images in front of me. Now that I have got the results I was looking for, let’s start taking proper action and deleting the similar selfies to free up space on iOS devices.

3. Plan of Action After Scanning

The Plan of Action by the user would be to remove duplicate photos because eventually selfies like this will pile up and before you know it, the device will be full of similar photos. So it’s advisable to get rid of these iPhone duplicate photos as soon as the tool captures them so the space can be used for something else. All you need to do is, keep a hold onto the result (similar selfie) that you wish to delete.

Plan of Action After Scanning in Similar Selfie Fixer

Post the similar selfie (about to be deleted) selection, you will find different options in front of you and you need to choose the most appropriate one. If you have second thoughts on results, tap on Rescan and let the tool become the duplicate image finder again to look for similar selfies. Otherwise, tap on Auto Mark and the tool will automatically mark the one that is less effective, considering all the facts.

Finally, Unmark All will unmark every one of those similar selfies that have been marked either by you or the duplicate photo finder tool.

Selecting any of the options will decide if you want to keep the iPhone duplicate photo in your device or flush it out to free up space. Since we are talking about finding and deleting similar selfies to clear up space, I think it’s best that we Auto Mark the duplicate selfies and delta from the device. Simple as that!!

Please note that my device had the least possible duplicate similar selfies because I use Similar Selfie Fixer once in every week. Doing so keeps the duplicate self-portrait photos away from the device and unnecessary space as well. So it’s high time that you also just run the Similar Selfie Fixer on your iOS device and look for those duplicate photos to free up space.

4. Social Connectivity and Feedback

If you think this duplicate image finder is working out best for you (the way you expected), it’s great that you let people know about it. What can be more appropriate than sharing it across social media platforms, don’t you agree??

From Facebook to Twitter and Emails, you can connect your profiles with the Similar Selfie Tool and let people know about the tool that’s finding similar photos and freeing up space for you.

Social Connectivity and Feedback on Similar Selfie Fixer

Additionally, you can submit your feedback as well if there are areas with the scope of improvement. Feedback makes the developer know what the user is actually thinking about the application as well as if there is any feature that needs to be added or vice versa. So, feedback is most welcome!!

and don’t forget to rate the Similar Selfie Fixer (tap on Rate Me) on your App Store after exploring it thoroughly because that’s how you encourage the company to work more in the same direction.

Wrapping Up

Finding similar or duplicate photos in the photos collection can be a hell of a task and extremely time consuming as well. This is where you need a tool that works as a duplicate image finder and look for the duplicate photos. Here we would be looking for the similar selfies that are taking up unnecessary space and delete them ASAP.

Similar Selfie Fixer from Systweak Software works as a savior here as it finds and deletes those similar selfies in seconds. So don’t delay it and download Similar Selfie Fixer from App Store on your iPhone right away.

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