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Data Security Resolution 2018 – Have You Made One?

Most of us have made some resolutions to achieve desired goals in the year 2018. But how many of us have really made security resolution to stay safe and secure this year? If you haven’t made any, then a gentle reminder that the year 2017 witnessed biggest and the worst security breaches. Which means, the hackers and attackers would have already prepped for this year as well. Some of us may feel that we are not that tech savvy. However, just by abiding by some security resolution we can protect ourselves.

Start Using a Password Manager

Often people are found using similar or common passwords for all their online accounts. Obviously, this is convenient, but this also opens the security door wide open for all the attackers. Security breach of one account will automatically result in the breach of all other accounts.

Start Using a Password Manager

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This leads us to the need for a password manager which can provide you a unique and secure password for all your accounts. If you search around the web you will find various password managers which can help you in getting secure passwords.

Two Factor Authentication, Something Which You Can’t Ignore

A research tells that no matter how strong a password is, it can be cracked. Therefore, the next step after generating safe password with a password manager for your account, protect with two-factor authentication, wherever available. Two-factor authentications as its name suggest provides you dual layer of security. This means if somehow anyone get access to your password then also he cannot log into your account, as he always needs that additional password which you receive on your phone.

Two Factor Authentication Something Which You Can nott Ignore

However, for better security instead of getting that second password via SMS on your phone you can use an authenticator app like Google Authenticator.

Backup Your Computer If Not Already Done

Many times, people wonder about the need to backup up their data using backup services, when they already backed it up on their computer. This is because you never know that the hard drive on which you have stored all your data will get out of order. This finally leads you to severe agony as all your data that comprises of those family pictures which you have saved from years goes in a jiffy.

Backup Your Computer If Not Already Done

Moreover, the ransomware attacks which recorded a steep rise last year locks down the victim’s PC and demands a huge ransom to unlock his data. This means if you are using any backup service then you do not need to pay those attackers a penny to get your data back.

Therefore, a little amount of money spent on a backup service will surely help you in saving a lot in case your PC also gets locked by any such ransomware attack.

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Remove Unnecessary Browser Extensions

This was a long back story when browser extensions were considered as real friend of a browser. In the recent years these browsers extensions do more harm than good by giving a backdoor entry to all types of malware and adware. Therefore, we strictly recommend you go through all the browser extensions which you have added to your browser and delete all which you are not using.

Update/Upgrade your Wireless Router

As we all know that it is our router which helps all our devices like computers, phones, tablets to connect to the Internet. Therefore, it is quite essential for you to think seriously when it comes to its security i.e. protecting your network with a password that uses WPA2 encryption technology.

However, since nowadays WPA2 encryption technology is not considered as the safest encryption technology, therefore, it is better to update your router if not already done. Also, if your router is too old to get any updates than it is advisable to get a new one. This not only provides you more security but also better signal strength.

Revoke Third-Party App Access From all Social Accounts

If you go through all your social accounts like Google, Twitter, Facebook then you will find that knowingly or unknowingly you have granted access to numerous third-party apps. When you dive in deep you will realize that among those apps there are some which you are not using anymore. However, this doesn’t mean that the app which you have stopped using has no more access to your account. Your data is still accessible to these third-party apps, and in case if any of those apps gets compromised then surely your account and its data is also under scanner.

Revoke Third-Party App Access From all Social Accounts

Therefore, without further delay log into your social account and remove all those third-party apps which you are no more using.

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Hope this article will help you in securing your account and its data from attackers not only this year but also in the years to come.

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