Cyber Threats to Fear in 2018

Cyber Threats to Fear in 2018

We should never underestimate hackers, as like technology they are also smarter each passing day. The more secure you are making your machines, hackers are evolving more ways to target them by refining their tools.  Here we list some of the

substantial threats to look out for this year.

1. Massive Data Breaches

Last year’s Equifax cyberattack was just a demonstration of the extent cyber attackers can go to access user’s data. They have big and dangerous plan, companies like Equifax and those holding sensitive data are on their hit list in 2018. Popular targets will be brokers, organizations holding user’s information about their browsing habits and other online related activities.

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2. Cloud Backup at Risk

2017 has witnessed some serious ransomware attacks, some of which shook the world. How a small code can create havoc by locking down all the files on the system. To unlock them hackers demand money that is to be paid in cryptocurrency to avoid being traced.

Users who fail to back up their data end up paying ransom. Once it is paid, a digital key is sent to unlock data. Therefore, it is recommended to take backup of the data.

Ransomware attacks have become popular amongst hackers as it is the quickest way to earn. Cyber criminals don’t miss a chance to take advantage of any vulnerability. The vicious threat WannaCry is one such example as a security hole ended up compromising hundreds of thousands of Windows machines.

This year, it looks hackers have much bigger plans. As users are moving towards cloud backup services to secure their data, cyber criminals are also paying attention to it. They won’t miss a chance to access mountain of data.
Big companies like Google, Amazon, and others will surely take measures to intact their digital security, but what about smaller companies? They will be vulnerable and a small breach could lead to a big payday for cyber criminals.

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3. AI Weaponization

Last year was not great in respect to system security there have been data breaches that shook the world. To handle such crucial situations researchers and security firms have derived machine-learning models, neural networks, and other AI technologies. As they will be well versed at anticipating and spotting attacks on their way.

But security researchers alone aren’t thinking in this direction hackers too are using the same technique to strike back. As AI gives hackers more opportunities to get great returns.

To understand let’s take example of spear phishing, an email designed to trick users making them download and install malware or sharing confidential information. Machine-learning models will prove to be beneficial in crafting such phishing attacks.

As they can create more convincing fake emails that helps hackers to get more data without much efforts. Also, AI will help them create dangerous malware better at fooling security programs that try to detect malicious code before they cause any damage.

4. Attacks Focusing on Different Industries

Hackers are widening their scope they are no longer concentrating on IT companies. Electrical grids, transportation systems, and other industries are now on their list. 2018 will be more challenging as threats will be crafted to not only take down parts of countries but to take full control of them.
They will attack the systems in such a manner leaving them vulnerable and defenseless. The latest Nissan Data Breach, Triton Malware attack show where hackers are heading too.

Wrap Up

This is just the beginning, but with all this you can imagine how things will appear in coming years. Hackers are not going to stop at any cost, they will go to all extremes to cause collateral damage. The news about US elections being sabotaged came as a shock to all.

Cyber attackers are targeting the voting system, with midterm elections pending, the threat is becoming more severe. Security firms are taking all necessary actions to cover up all the vulnerabilities but hackers are becoming smart. They have plenty of targets from electronic voting machines, to software used to collect and audit results, the risk is growing grave each year.

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Mining cryptocurrencies is another serious threat as it will lead to stealing of computer processing power. Vast amount of computing power is used to solve mathematical problem essential to mine cryptocurrency. As mining will grow hackers will be tempted to breach computer networks to steal processing power no department will be left whether it be hospital, airport or any all are at risk.

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