Best Tips On Customizing Android Home Screen

Best Tips On Customizing Android Home Screen

Change Your Android Home Screen Layout – Spice It Up With Wallpapers, Remove Unnecessary App Icons, Add Shortcuts and Take Advantage Of Apps To Personalize Android Home Screen If You Will.

Your beloved Android device is way more than its spectacular functions. Take your Android home screen for instance. Isn’t it the first thing that meets your eyes, when you take the device in your hands. Needless to say, it has to look stylish, sorted and something that motivates to use it to its maximum capabilities. 

In a normal case, there is more than one home screen and wallpapers. When the screens are cluttered with folders, widgets, shortcuts, so on and so forth, you know what plight you are dealing with? Just, going to that one particular app or just switching that one notification off would give you jitters.

Worry not! We do understand what you are going through and right in this blog we are going to give you some spectacular Android home screen customization tips that will make life easy for you.

Best Android Home Screen Customization Tips

1. Add And Remove Home Screen Pages

It is a simple process but there are times when we neglect this and keep a plethora of home screens for no reason. What happens next – you might have to swipe through countless blank home-screens to be able to land on the right home screen which has the element that you wish to tap on.

But before you add or delete a home-screen page beware! make sure you have moved the important apps onto another page or folder.

Steps To Add Or Remove Android Home Screen Page

1. Tap and hold a page. The pages will now appear in form of cards as can be seen in the screenshot below 

Add Or Remove Android Home Screen Page

2. Swipe right and left to see if there is a blank page which has no apps. It could also be a page that has apps that you don’t need at all

3. When on the page which is blank or has apps that are no longer needed, locate a trash bin icon and tap on it

page which is blank

4. Similarly to add a page, tap on the ‘+’ sign which appears when you swipe till the end

sign which appearsYou can also change your Home screen settings as per your wishes.

2. Change Home Screen Wallpaper

Your home screen wallpaper should look stylish just as you are. At least it should have something on it which keeps on motivating you. Now, here we have already mentioned some of the best websites from where you can download wallpapers.

Steps To Change Home Screen Wallpaper

1. Tap and hold any page

2. You will be able to see wallpapers option, tap on it

3. Now you can choose a wallpaper from the store of your device. 

choose a wallpaper

To choose a gallery image as a wallpaper, simply go to your gallery, click on the image that you want as your Android home screen wallpaper. Now tap on the three dots on the right and tap on Set as wallpaper

Android home screen wallpaper

3. Add Or Remove App Shortcuts From Your Android Home 

It’s no use cluttering your Android Home Screen with a flurry of unwanted apps. To customize your home screen with the right apps, follow the steps mentioned below.

To Add App Shortcuts To Android Home Screen 

Android Home Screen

1. Open the app drawer

2. Tap on the app that you wish to add to the home screen and hold it

3. Tap on add to home or drag it to the home screen (depending on the model you have)

To Remove App From Android Home Screen

Remove App From Android Home Screen

1. Tap and hold the app that you wish to remove

2. Tap on Remove from home or drag it and place it in the app drawer

4. Add Or Remove Widgets

Add Or Remove Widgets

Part of Android home screen customization also includes having the right widgets which are not just interactive but let you have hands on crucial data as well. Your Android device comes with a bundle of these. If you are wondering how I can add widgets to my home screen, here are the steps you should follow.

1. Tap and hold your home screen

2. Locate the Widgets option and tap on it

3. Now, tap on the widget that you want and drag it to a blank space. Remember, you can only place a widget on a home screen page that has space.

5. Taking The App Route

There are several apps that can help you personalize your home screen layout experience with utmost ease. With these you can perform web searches, check widgets, launch apps and do many more things. Here are some of the notable apps –

  • Contextual App Folder 

Contextual App Folder
How about an app that can update a folder on your home screen based on your actions? That’s the Contextual App Folder for you. For instance, the moment you will hit the gym, your gym related app will pop up.


  • Icon Packs

Tired of seeing the same Gmail or Skype icon day in and day out? How about spicing your app icons with a renewed look? 

  • Custom Search Bar Widget

Custom Search Bar Widget

Custom Search Bar Widget or simply put CSBW comes packed with its own custom icon drawer and search bar and can be customized based on the current home screen theme. The icons that it includes are editable and can help you quickly navigate between apps, switch search engines and do normal functions such as copy and paste.


In The End

We’ve put down everything that can make your Android home screen experience better and if you have anything that can make it even exceptions, we are all ears! Do let us know in the comments section below. For more such tech related content, keep reading Tweak Library. 

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