Common Password Security Myths Debunked

Common Password Security Myths Debunked

In this day and age, when your digital data that’s locked behind several accounts and is more valuable than any currency, something that can protect it is a password. Needless to say, it is a big deal and it is to be taken seriously and most of us are extremely careful when it comes to choosing passwords. That being said, you might be harboring several password security myths when saving passwords for your email clients, social media accounts, application log-ins, and so on.

Common Myths About Password Security:

Myth No. 1: A Password With Special Characters And Numbers Is Strong Enough To Protect My Account

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Fact: Just because your password has special characters and numbers doesn’t mean that your password security is intact. Attackers these days have all the tools of the trade to crack common numerical combinations and symbols in a matter of milliseconds. For instance, advanced brute-force software can easily detect numerical combinations. We are not saying that adding numbers and special characters is a bad practice or something that you shouldn’t do. But, there is more to strengthening your passwords than just spicing them up with characters and numbers.

Myth No. 2: Reusing Strong Passwords On Multiple Accounts Is A Wise Move

Myth Reuse Strong Password

Fact: No matter how strong or complex a password is, a clever hacker armed with the right technique and the right tool could decipher your password. And, god forbid, if you have the same password for all your accounts, there is no way your data can be saved. For instance, a hacker can crack your password by way of social engineering, phishing, planting malware, brute force attack and the list goes on.[1]You should have different passwords for

Different accounts so that even if the password for one of your accounts is compromised, your other accounts will be safe.

Myth No. 3: Lengthy Passwords Are The Way To Go

Fact: The “myth” that long passwords are great isn’t entirely wrong. An attacker will have a tough time cracking a password that’s long, but, it depends upon how complex the password is and how often (repeatedly) is the password being used. Also, if a hacker is smart enough to break into someone’s database and further steals password hashes, then it doesn’t matter if a password is 20 or a hundred characters long. However, unless and until a hacker can break into a database, this is how long it may take to crack passwords of various lengths and complexities.

Myth Lengthy Password

Myth No. 4: Password Checker on XYZ Website Says That It’s Strong

Fact: You go on a website, type my_password@1234, get a very strong remark from the website’s password checker, and feel elated that no one will now be able to crack your password. Wait! In the name of password security, if you are planning to head-on with your password, let us tell you that a hacker can check every possible word in the dictionary and that too in a matter of seconds.

Myth No. 5: Changing Passwords Regularly Can Help

Myth Changing Password Regular
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Fact: Theoretically, it might be a good practice to change passwords now and then. But, think for a second – is it possible to think of strong, complex, and long passwords for a variety of accounts? No. What surety do you have that even if you change passwords often, a hacker won’t crack it? Also, it is seen that when changing passwords regularly is made a norm, people tend to pay less focus on password quality.

Myth No. 6: A Strong, Invincible Password Is A Myth

Fact: After having read the above points, you must be wondering, if you can ever have passwords that can’t be conquered, right? Or, passwords that are easy to remember yet strong and complex enough?

What if we tell you, everything’s possible. You can strengthen your password security using a Password Manager. You can choose from some of the best password managers that can help you with setting strong passwords across all your devices. TweakPass, LastPass for instance are some of the best password managers around. Let’s quickly have a glance at how they can help you with strengthening your password security –




  • Strong random password generator for all your accounts
  • Multi-factor authentication facility
  • Single-sign-on functionality
  • 1 GB storage to store encrypted files like passports, tax returns, membership cards, etc
  • Enable autofill for applications (On Windows Machines)

See LastPass Into Action Here




  • Access all your passwords anytime and anywhere
  • Generate random, secure and unique passwords every time
  • Secure your notes and passwords in a secured vault
  • Multi-device functionality
  • SSL security
  • Audit all saved passwords

Click Here to Download TweakPass

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Wrapping Up

Time to debunk several password security myths and embark on a journey where you have a strong line of defense against attackers. If you liked what you read, do give us a loud shout-out in the comment section below. And, if you love reading tech-related content, Tweak Library is your ultimate spot.

[1] Reference Link

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