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China Launched An App As A Strong Response To Coronavirus
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China Launched An App As A Strong Response To Coronavirus

“Close Contact Detector” App To Help People Around

Since the first case had been encountered, Coronavirus has become the most talked-about topic with serious precautions. Started from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, it’s affecting the nearby countries as it spreads in the air. The virus has affected the corporate world as due to this the factories and companies aren’t dealing in and with China in various sectors.

Coronavirus - China launched an app to prevent from corona
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There is a famous saying “Prevention is better than cure” but in this case, nobody had the slightest clue about what was coming to them. Common in species of animals that include camels, cattle, cats, and bats, Coronavirus spreads from these animals to people quite quickly.

The virus has affected the people so much that travelers from and to China had been given warning level 3 where you must avoid non-essential travel.

Only when it cannot be postponed or rescheduled, Travelers had been advised to follow certain guidelines to enter and leave China that can be found here.

Coronavirus Detector App

The Chinese government is already trying everything in their power to help out citizens from this situation, however, its keep spreading and affecting many people around the country. As per the stats, out of 43000+ detected cases, 1000+ have lost their lives to this tragic virus and more than 4000 cases have been recovered which is something.

Now to get over this unfortunate event and fight with it, the Chinese government has collaborated with China Electronics Technology Group Corporations (CETC), National Health Commission, and the General Office of the State Council. The group received immense support from various government entities in China to make a possible app that can at least detect if someone is Coronavirus positive case.

And it’s quite obvious that the Chinese government has advised all the affected people to stay at home and get health care help.

How The Coronavirus Detection App Works?

The outcome is that on Saturday, China launched an app for the people around the country to encounter if they are at the edge of being affected by this virus.

A “close contact detector” concept app will work with the outer support from mobile apps such as WeChat, QQ, or Alipay. All you need to do is scan the QR code through any of these apps and create an inquiry.

Once you register on the app with the phone number, you need to provide your name and ID. These details will be used to check if any of your close contacts have been infected with the Coronavirus. And obviously there is a limitation on the number of inquiries you can make with a single phone number and that is 3.

Since the name of the app is “Close Contact Detector”, we must know what the term means actually. Here Close Contact means family members, work colleagues, medical staff, classmates, roommates, or caregivers. Close Contact detection means the above-mentioned people who are confirmed/suspected victims of Coronavirus with no protection.

“Close Contact” Meaning For Travelers

Since travelers are the ones who need to be more careful while leaving or visiting China, they also must know what close contact means to them. While talking about Flight, anyone sitting in the same row as well as three rows back and front. Apart from these passengers, the flight attendants are also considered as close contact.

If you talk about Trains, anyone sitting in the fully closed air-conditioned compartment is considered as close contact.

So all we can do avoid unnecessary travels to and from China as well as keep using the app so the detection can be encountered already.

If the app works as it claims and we use it to the fullest, at least we can stop it from spreading. All the Chinese government is expecting from people is their full support and strong will to keep themselves together.

The more this news gets spread about the app, the more & more people can be saved.

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