Brave vs Chrome – Which One is The Fastest Web Browser?

Brave vs Chrome – Which One is The Fastest Web Browser?

Lately, when we were reviewing the best web browsers for Windows OR Mac, we were sure enough that the Firefox web browser was strictly doing amazing in front of Google Chrome browser. It was fast enough to compete with the Chrome browser though was lacking behind with its extensions and plugins. Later we switched back to Google Chrome browser with its responsiveness and inherent compatibility with our browsing habits. However, the hunt for the best web browser was still ON and we discovered another upcoming web browser which performed dramatically better in front of Google Chrome web browser. Here we are going to discover key differences of Brave vs Chrome.

In our research, the Brave browser has turned out to be the best web browser that can even compete with Google Chrome browser. If you chose the Google Chrome browser for 1. Extensions, 2. Speed, 3. Syncing Across Devices or 4. Compatibility, Brave browser checks them all and is far better than Google Chrome. When we talk about the fastest browser, we might look for opponents in front of the Brave browser. Brave vs Chrome is a tough battle we are going to witness here.


Brave Home Menu

Why Switch from Google Chrome Browser?

Well, if you really want to know the logic behind looking for alternatives, the reason is plain and simple. I don’t want to give away any more information to Google. As an Android phone user, we are already giving away a lot of private information to Google like our location (Even when the location service is turned Off), YouTube watching habits, Mobile Gaming, and App usage, Twitter, Business information, Files and pictures stored in Google Drive, etc. Google continuously checks for your location services and keeps a history of your daily activities on web browsers. Brave vs Chrome is one of the trending competition going on in web browsers.

What Made Me Switch Today?

After many years of compromising my information and privacy, now when a stable and safe browser is discovered on the same Chromium Open-Source which is even compatible with all Chrome extensions, we decided to switch to this new legacy. Chromium-based Brave web browser is reliable, high at performance, compatible and the fastest browser among other Chromium-based web browsers like Opera, Vivaldi or Microsoft’s Edge for a chance.

Brave Browser Features

Basic Comparison


  • Unlike Chrome, Brave by default block ads and trackers.
  • Ad-blocking allows websites to load 3X faster on Brave than Chrome.
  • Brave keeps a track of the time it saves for you and displays it when you open the browser.


  • Brave blocks Ads by default whereas Chrome requires a 3rd-party Adblocking extension.
  • Brave blocks 3rd-party tracking cookies while on the other hand, Google Chrome allows Google, Facebook, and other third-party websites to track your browsing history.
  • Brave limits the amount of data collection by Facebook, Google, and other Ad-networks.
  • Brave stores your entire browsing data locally on your computer. You can delete it at any point in time.
  • Brave supports Tor browsing, which makes it the first all-purpose browser to do so.



  • Brave encrypts your website connection automatically while Chrome uses HTTPS extension to do so.
  • Brave supports all Chrome extensions. It also includes popular password managers like TweakPass, LastPass and 1Password.

Drawbacks of Brave

  • At times, the Brave browser blocks part of some websites that you wanted to load. To overcome this drawback, we need to click on the lion icon, and toggle the shield to ‘Down’.

Brave growth chart

Final Verdict

Based on the research and the above comparison on Brave vs Chrome, it is recommended to go for the Brave browser. Brave’s speed and performance is more than enough to switch from the Chrome web browser to the Brave browser. The added security and privacy feature is cherry on the cake. These advanced features resulted in skyrocket popularity from 1 Million to 4.6 Million users within 2018 and counting. Brave is almost exactly the same as Chrome however what makes it different is its speed, performance and privacy policy.

To keep all your password safe in a vault, we would recommend TweakPass Password Manager. It has advanced features like Autofill Web Forms, Multiple Form Filling Identities, Actionable Password Strength Report, Detailed Dashboard and capabilities to Import from Browsers. This user-friendly extension is available at the lowest price.

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