Brain Game App Review – Time To Gain Some Mental Muscle

Train Your Brain To Win!

Brain Game App Review – Time To Gain Some Mental Muscle

Most of us sweat it out insanely in the gym to get those attractive muscles, curves, and six or eight -pack abs. But, have you ever given this a thought – you need to train your brain muscles too? To this, you might say “Don’t we have enough things to think about, things that are such every last ounce of our brain?” Sure. we have and I’m not denying that. However, what if you can somehow change your mental makeup, gain a better perspective on things? Or, what if you suddenly gain the magnificent ability to remember things fast. In short, what if you can make your brain function like a superhero?

No! No! We are not promoting any magic spell or medical surgery to make that happen. Instead, we are going to discuss a great way with the help of which you will be able to enhance your mental ability in the most fun manner.

Brain Game App is the name of that wonder. It is a great brain training app that can help you improve your memory and give it a good workout.

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Why Choose Brain Game App?

You might be wondering why I should opt for a Brain Game App or at least give it a try when there are tons of others. First, we are not demeaning any of those. On a personal front, the app has a no-nonsense, pretty decent, and simplistic interface. The tasks look easy (at least on the face of it), as such you are motivated to complete a challenge. You would not even realize but you will have gained some mental muscle.

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Areas of The Brain You Are Sure To Improve

With this free brain training app, you are sure to improve several areas of your brain. Here are the areas that you will see a growth in –

  • Memory
  • Looking at things from all angles
  • Think on your feet
  • Patience
  • Decision making
  • Information processing Speed
  • Better perception
  • Visual reception
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Reasoning
  • Mental math/ mental calculation

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Features of Brain Game App – Challenging Yet Fun Tasks

To begin with, Brain Game App neatly sorts all the various brain games under popular, affinity, direction, memorize and twist categories as shown in the screenshot below. Remember when playing these games, you are also racing against time. In fact, in a given task, you can better yourself every single time.  For example, if you have been able to complete the Schulte Table in 20 seconds now, try and complete it in 15 seconds or less the next time. The same goes for all games.

brain app

Brain training

Now, let’s delve deeper and see in brief how each of these tasks can help you train your brain.

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  • Remind Digits

Remind Digits

This task tests your attention span. You are shown some digits for a matter of 5 seconds after which they disappear and then you have to remember the sequence and furnish the same.

  • Schulte Table

Schulte Table

Here you are supposed to arrange the numbers in a given time frame. On the face of it, it might look simple but, if you see closely you will find that the numbers are arranged haphazardly. Here you get to train your brain for better peripheral vision, improve attention span and even improve visual perception.

  • Follow Text

Follow Text

Here your focus should be on the name of the color that is given in the text and then you have to tap the color. Remember you don’t have to focus on the color but the name of the color that appears in the text. This is where the challenge surfaces, our mind gets confused as to whether to look at the color or the text.

  • Follow Color

Follow Color

As opposed to the “Follow Text” tasks, here you have to focus on the color of the text and not the text itself.

  • Divisible By

Divisible By

As is quite evident by the name of the task, here you are given a set of numbers and then you have to tap on all the numbers divisible by the number mentioned in the task. For example, you might have to tap on all the numbers divisible by 9. There are several ways to do this – either you are well versed with the divisibility rules or you are extremely swift in dividing numbers.

  • Second Largest

Second Largest

Here you have to look at all the numbers given in the tasks and then choose the second largest number in the set. Remember, you don’t have all the time in the world and you have to do this as fast as you can.  

  • What’s My Share

What’s My Share

We often split bills with our friends or family members. But, when it comes to finding an individual’s share, what do you do? Do you immediately pop open the calculator app on your smartphone? Probably yes! Well, it’s time to sharpen the “splitting” skills and leave the calculator app closed. Trust us, after a while, you’d be able to inadvertently tell the share, or for that matter split the bill correctly, leaving your friends and family flabbergasted in the process.

  • Sorted Sequence

Sorted Sequence

It’s not your regular “arrange the numbers in ascending order” task, here you have to take heed of multiple tasks. You’ll have to pay special attention to what’s been asked to arrange in ascending order, what shape is being referred to that you have to arrange in ascending order.

  • Follow Direction

Follow Direction

Here an icon will be displayed and then, you will have to tap on a similar icon from the given set of icons.

  • Find Copy

Find Copy

From a given set of icons, you will have to identify all the duplicates and that too as quickly as possible.

  • Fill Shape

Fill Shape

This task tests your patience and here’s how – you will first have to wait for the shape to fill the outline and then once the shape has filled the outline, you’ll have to tap on it. It looks simple on the face of it but oftentimes, we are inclined to tap on the shape before it fills the outline.

  • Find Missing

Find Missing

To answer correctly, you will have to memorize the colors, numbers, and shapes within a few seconds, because in this task you can be asked anything. For instance, you can be asked to tap on the particular icon that has the number 7.

Detailed Analytics:

Game apps

To keep tabs on the areas you have practiced, how you performed in those areas, the app helps you see detailed reports. This way you can analyze your progress every single day.

There is Always A Scope For Improvement

While we loved the app, there are certain areas where we think the app can improve. For instance, several brain training apps let you compete with friends in real-time which are missing in this app. Secondly, the difficulty level of the tasks can further be increased after a person crosses a certain level.

Wrapping Up:

We’d recommend that you spend a few minutes with this app and the task that it has to see positive results. How has the Brain Game App fared up for you as a brain training app? Were you able to report a change in the way you remember things, think, or make decisions? Do share your story with us in the comment section below. For more such content, keep reading Tweak Library.

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