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Bluetooth: Is It Really As Secure As We Think
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Bluetooth: Is It Really As Secure As We Think

We have been living in a world of cyber threats and jeopardies. Jeopardy because it isn’t safe anymore anywhere. And in this world, data is the only thing that we own. That information, that personal things and properties, which nobody know is all what we have.

However, it isn’t safe anymore. Thousands of mediums and procedures are there to get data from anywhere that too in just few clicks. From thousands, there is one more way and that is our very own “Bluetooth”.

Yes, it can be hacked too to get your personal information or just to tease you or whatever the reason is. Talking about Bluetooth getting hacked, let’s just know the types of Bluetooth attacks that can happen and how they work.

Types Of Bluetooth Attacks

Here are some of the major Bluetooth threats that you aren’t aware of:


It is the method in which hackers can send direct messages to users device by using wireless network. With Bluejacking, it gets easy to access someones Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, laptops, printers and PDAs as well. Hackers can get into the range of frequency of Bluetooth that is roughly 10 metres and can access phones through monitoring frequency. This can be protected by making your phone not discoverable or by turning Bluetooth off.


This method is also used in extraction of data from the users’ device. Be it mobile phone, laptop or printer. This is done through a programming language that allows hackers to detect the frequency of the Bluetooth that is discoverable. Once the device is accessed, hackers can get on their hand onto every data that the device has. This activity can be executed from a distance of 300 feet as well. The only way to protect this way of attack is to disable Bluetooth.


This technique is also used for getting into system. But, difference between this and the other techniques is that it uses software bug as a backdoor to get into the system instead of wireless medium. Fortunately, only few mobile phones are vulnerable to Bluebugging.

Denial of Service (DOS):

In this type of technique, hackers use their Bluetooth device to send requests repeatedly on user’s device for pairing. With these requests, services of phone are downed. This can also be used to trouble the victim and for creating nuisance.

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Bluetooth Attack Preventions

Well, there are few precautions that you could implement to save yourself from these types of attacks.

1. Turn Off Bluetooth

This is best way to stay out of danger. There would be no possibility of tracking frequencies when Bluetooth connection is disabled as the device will not be visible to the rest of the devices. So, there will no other way for hackers to get in through it.

2. Become Undiscoverable

This is another way of staying prevented from Bluetooth hacks. If your mobile phone has active Bluetooth connection but isn’t discoverable, then there are chances that your data might stay safe. So, if your Bluetooth is discoverable, just disable it when not in use.

3. Change Bluetooth PIN Frequently

Yes, if you change your Bluetooth personal identification number (PIN) then it would be very difficult for the active actors to get into the device. So, just to stay on the safe side make sure you change Bluetooth PIN every month.

4. Bluetooth Firewall

Last but not the least, you can always use a mobile Bluetooth firewall application on your device. Bluetooth firewall apps are available on play store. These apps would make your Bluetooth untraceable and more secure.

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