Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps To Optimize Your Network Strength

Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps To Optimize Your Network Strength

Wireless Networks are so much popular in today’s time especially when everything outside is shut and you are staying home. During these hard times of pandemic, when we are trying and giving our best to manage our work responsibilities from home, wireless networks or Wi-Fi connectivity matters the most.

An interrupted Wi-Fi network creates hassles for both user and administrative departments. This is where the need for Wi-Fi optimization arises. Wi-Fi Analyzer is the best of many Wi-Fi analyzer apps for Android that aims at offering the users a platform to optimize their wireless networks for maximum performance.

Here are listed some of the top Wi-Fi Analyzer apps for Android. Check them out to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity and make the most out of your internet connection.

7 Best Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps For Android 2020

The list of great Wi-Fi analyzers is pretty long for Android users. If you need to quickly opt for one, you can check out any of these top 3 Wi-Fi analyzers for your Android devices, giving you the best of internet connectivity analysis and speed tests.

Our Top 3 Recommended Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps:

S.No Top 3 Wi-Fi Analyzer Apps For Android Download Link What Makes It Best?
1. Wi-Fi Analyzer Get It Here Tracks your Wi-Fi signal strength giving you real-time calculations and suggest best channels for connected APs.
2. Wi-Fi Analyzer (Open Source) Get It Here You can add filters to see the list of access points with moderate and high signal strengths only. It is completely a free app with no ads.
3. analiti – Speed Test Wi-Fi Analyzer Get It Here Best for the users who want detailed information about the Wi-Fi network they are using including Wi-Fi signal strength, speed tests etc.

1. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer App

Get It Here

Speed up your internet with this amazing app called Wi-Fi Analyzer. This is one of the best Wi-Fi analyzer apps and here’s how easy it is. The app shows you all the nearby Wi-Fi networks and their access points on a graph. You can easily see the signal strength of each access point in real-time. It saves you from the interference from your neighbors who ruin your connection. Do not worry, you can change channels on your wireless router to fix this and restrict people harm to your wireless network connection. It further tells you which channels are less crowded, suggesting you the best channels for your connected APs.


  • Real-time signal strength of yours and nearby wireless networks.
  • Suggests you the best channels for connected/nearby APs.
  • Gives your internet connection a speed and stability.

2. Wi-Fi Analyzer (Open Source)

Wi-Fi Analyzer Open Source

Get It Here

Wi-Fi Analyzer Open Source app is yet another in the list. It shows you first of all the list of Access Points along with different colors indicating the Wi-Fi signal strength of the networks nearby. At the top of this section, you can see the network’s name, channel they are running on, speed and further details. On the top-right, choose the Filter icon to open a number of options. You can deselect the weak signal icons and keep only the ones with strong Wi-Fi signal strength. The list of access points will be filtered accordingly.


  • Multiple options to check and optimize Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Free to use app with no ads and no access to your personal information.
  • Light/dark theme available.

3. Analiti – Speed Test Wi-Fi Analyzer

analiti - Speed Test Wi-Fi Analyzer

Get It Here

Analiti is another powerful Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android that gives you a professional-grade set of network testing and analysis tools. The app can be used for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and 4G/LTE+5G/NR. You can use the app to conduct Speed Test, VPN Verifier, Wi-Fi Analyzer, LAN Scanner, iPerf3, and more services. Moreover, this Wi-Fi scanner app gives you information about who’s using your network, detailed performance statistics both overall and based on specific location. Analiti- Speed Test Wi-Fi Analyzer is a must-have Wi-Fi Analyzer for people who require remote monitoring that can alert them of any new device connecting to the network.


  • Get detailed information on LAN connected devices, Wi-Fi environment, wireless coverage analysis, speed tests and more.
  • Analyze Wi-Fi coverage in a home, business, or a venue.
  • Remote uptime monitoring anytime especially disconnections or speed deterioration.

4. Wi-Fi Monitor- Analyzer of Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi Monitor- Analyzer of Wi-Fi Networks

Get It Here

Wi-Fi Monitor is an ultimate analyzer and scanner of Wi-Fi networks around you. You can track the parameters like Wi-Fi signal strength, frequency, connection speed etc. Also, this Wi-Fi Analyzer app for Android helps you in setting up a Wi-Fi router. The app consists of various tabs such as connection, networks, channels, strength, speed, scanning, etc. The connection tab, for instance, lets you track more information about the connected Wi-Fi hotspot such as name & identifier (SSID & BSSID) etc. While the network tab allows you to analyze all available Wi-Fi networks based on their equipment manufacturer, Wi-Fi signal strength, Access Points etc. grouped together.


  • Wi-Fi Monitor displays the hotspot signals depending on the frequency of signals.
  • Track the real mount of transmitted and received data on the connected network.
  • You can save all collected data to a log file and export it later.

5. IP Tools- Wi-Fi Analyzer

IP Tools- Wi-Fi Analyzer

Get It Here

Now comes the next Wi-Fi scanner app, IP Tools, a pretty good Wi-Fi analyzer for your network connectivity needs. It is amongst the amazing network tools to manage your network information. You can configure the router, search for network setups, quickly detect problems with computer networks and aim at optimizing Wi-Fi signal strength and network performance. This Wi-Fi analyzer app for Android is known for its efficient performance and can also be used by IT professionals and network admins. Having a simple interface, this app gives you full information about your network, its name, MAC address, within a quick span of time. With this tool, you can access the most popular network utilities.


  • IP Tools gives you a full picture of your network connection.
  • Router Setup Page, Traceroute, Wi-Fi Analyzer, Ping, etc. are it’s additional features.
  • IP Tools Wi-Fi analyzer makes analysis and optimization fast and secure.

6. NetSpot Wi-Fi Analyzer

NetSpot Wi-Fi Analyzer

Get It Here

NetSpot is a Wi-Fi scanner app with a cool interface full of colors. You can use this perfect tool to create an awesome wireless network, no matter if you are working at your home or office. You can expect quick and optimal results out of this tool. The security feature of this app makes it a finest choice for the users, it means that it informs users about the security level of a particular network. NetSpot being a good Wi-Fi scanner lets you scan all wireless networks around you, track data changes in real-time, compare Wi-Fi signal strength and much more.


  • NetSpot Wi-Fi scanner app gives you live data update.
  • NetSpot supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz channel bands.
  • Troubleshoot and enhance your network’s overall performance, Wi-Fi signal strength, etc.

7. Wi-Fi Router Master – Wi-Fi Analyzer & Speed Test

Wi-Fi Router Master - Wi-Fi Analyzer & Speed Test

Get It Here

Wi-Fi Router Master is another good option that works well as a free Wi-Fi manager and analyzer tool. With this analyzer tool, you can test the speed of your wireless networks, and act as a Wi-Fi protector and blocker to enhance the security of your wireless networks. Just like other awesome Wi-Fi scanner apps for Android, you can know how many and which devices are connected to your router along with details like IP, MAC address, and vendor listing. It further lets you access more tools like- Wi-Fi list, Ping to test internet speed, and Whois provides information about any website and the owner.


  • Advanced speed test and Wi-Fi analyzer features.
  • Wi-Fi Router Master is a great host that helps you check the quality and Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Access your admin page and easily make changes to your router settings.

Final Thoughts

Having a perfect Wi-Fi analyzer app for Android, makes it easy for you to check and test Wi-Fi signal strength and offers essential features for network optimization as well. So, go through these great Wi-Fi scanner apps and their amazing features and find out the best one to optimize your wireless network.

Let us know in the comments section below if we have missed any of your favorite Wi-Fi analyzers for Android.

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