Best Ways To Copyright Your Photos

Best Ways To Copyright Your Photos

Who doesn’t love clinking a lot of pictures and sharing them all together but we all know it’s a bigger task to save them from being copied or used without your concern as other people might start to use them without your permission. The world has become digital and it’s all the more important to copyright your images and protect your whole work. From all the content which is available online, images are the first ones to be misused among them.

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What Is A Copyright?

Copyright Your Photos
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When you click a picture, it doesn’t matter how many skill sets you have or how the picture looks, you have all the rights to save it from being used by any other person. If you are into professional photography, it’s really worth your time, money, and energy to register for the same.

If you file for copyright your photos, you will save you a chance of it being stolen by anyone for their own use. Copyrighting is a tedious task but it can be done purposefully online.

You should copyright your pictures before it gets published publicly although you can copyright them after being published also that would be time-consuming.

It’s important to understand the laws about copyrights in your own country to make it more of clarity for yourself.

First, you need to identify whether you wish to go for the copyright on not as sometimes people are okay with other people using the work created by them or the pictures edited by them. If you feel alright about it, don’t worry.

Second thing if you don’t wish to let that happen, you are going to need a lawyer who can guide you properly about the lawsuits which are needed.

Another thing is to have a website or blog where you publish your work and share value with others having all the rights with your content.

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Watermark On Your Images

How to copyright photo
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Yes you can put a copyright on your images and then you can share them, its not any of the legal processes. Keep it clean and properly placed so anyone who takes credit for that, can’t do the same. Mention your name with the year on it to make it more precise.

If you are a professional photographer, it’s highly recommended to always mention copyright stuff on your work as there would be some people who wish to steal your powerful imagination. Here are some steps to do it in a proper way: –

  • File it online as per the rules and regulations of your country documentation.
  • When you do that, you should keep a safeguard about your identity and data proof as it can be needed afterward.

Always post the images with copyrights and watermarks with a photo editing software. Always be mindful about placing the watermark as it should be in the middle of the picture so that no one can crop it out and not too visible to ruin the elegance of the picture. You can just play with the opacity of the logo or your name and you are good to go.

WATERMARK WS– Good to know that it creates a free account and you can upload 5 images at a time having 500 KB each. You can resize and compress your pictures as well.

PICMARKR– You can upload by Picasa, Facebook ad Flickr. You can add up images and watermarks.

WATERMARK TOOL– You can upload 5 images at a time having 200 KB each in a free account and the paid ones give you an option to upload multiple images of any size, supercool yeah.

  • You should also consider posting a piece of information about copyright.
  • You have to be very smart about how you post your photographs.
  • You can consider disabling the right-click option so any internet worms won’t be able to copy It easily.

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You can consider some ways like:-

MYOWS– This is a very easy verification service to safeguard your images.

SAFE CREATIVE– It’s another copyrighting tool which is mostly used by musicians but its value for other content creator and photographers as well.

MYFREECOPYRIGHT– The best kind of copyright verification tool which helps you to upload the images and then you also get a certificate of registration.

EXIF EDITING – it makes the JPEG format capable of embed information so you can view it easily later on. There is a loophole that’s important for you to know that its automatically being added by the camera with no information of the person who is clicking the picture. One more thing is the working is very tedious in this case and allows only 1 MB 1 image each time which becomes so time-consuming.

Always search for reverse image– Now that you have saved your images from any theft you might have a curiosity to know if still someone is using that or trying to steal it. TinEye is an app that comes as a savior `which can help yours for a reverse search in this case. You just have to upload your image and it lets you see the URL of the image being used and even if the images are edited, cropped, or recolored.

It’s the supercool stuff right.

Stopping misuse– Now that you have found about the misuse, you can go for WHO IS HOSTING THIS tool to understand about the host of the website where you have found your pictures and then you can verify with corrective actions.

We have mentioned above how to copyright your photos using different methods. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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