10 Best Solitaire Apps For Android and IOS

10 Best Solitaire Apps For Android and IOS

Mobile phones have become a permanent part of our lives, and it seems impossible even to imagine living without them. From shopping, connecting with people, and entertainment to passing the time, mobiles have become a go-to solution for all these needs. That’s why people download different games to relax their minds and bring some fun to life.

The gaming world has turned into a whole industry, and every day we get to see a new game becoming people’s favorite. However, despite the fierce competition, some games are so iconic that they have retained their position in people’s hearts. One such game is Solitaire. It became a mainstream game in 1990 when Microsoft introduced it in Windows 3.0. However, even after three decades, around 35 million people still play it. The good thing is you don’t need to stick with a laptop to enjoy the game. Now, you can download different Solitaire apps and enjoy this card game mania on your smartphone.

If you have not tried Solitaire yet, you are losing big-time fun. Check out one of these Solitaire apps for Android and iOS, and let the fun begin.

Solitaire Apps For Android and iOS

List of Contents

  • 1. Solitaire Bliss
  • 2. Tripledot Solitaire
  • 3. Flick Solitaire
  • 4. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  • 5. Solitaired
  • 6. Green Felt
  • 7. Solitaire Network
  • 8. Solitaire Farm
  • 9. Solitaire Fairytale
  • 10. Solitaire Showtime

1. Solitaire Bliss


SolitaireBliss was introduced in 2019, and since then, it has become one of the most popular apps, with a 4.7 rating by 26K people. With 1M+ downloads, its popularity doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. The best thing? It is free to download. Yes, you heard it right. You can play more than 28 variants of Solitaire without spending a single penny. From Klondike, Freecell, Pyramid, Tripeaks, and Scorpion to Spider Solitaire and many more, you can plunge into the Solitaire world with many options.

The app offers many features that make playing Solitaire more fun and exciting. For example, you can customize the game’s background and the deck’s design according to your choice. Not to forget, it has an only-solvable game mode, making moves more daring because you know losing the game is not in your day today.

2. Tripledot Solitaire


Tripledot Studios is best known for creating awesome brain training games, and their version of Solitaire is also one of its kind. You can play this classic game by downloading it for free. This Solitaire game app has an inspiring rating of 4.8 by 190K+ people in Google Play, downloaded 10M+ times, which shows the love of people for Tripledot Solitaire. What makes it so happening among people are its beautiful graphics and amazing animations that are a treat to the eyes and your aesthetics.

Its other cool features include card and table customization, daily challenges to stay competitive, unlimited undo and hints options, classic and vegas scoring modes and elaborated player statistics. With these many features, you can play Solitaire how you want to enjoy your Solitaire world without any interruptions.

3. Flick Solitaire


If you are an art lover and fan of Solitaire, then Flick Solitaire is the perfect Solitaire app made for fans like you. You will not find any Solitaire app like this because Flick is unique. This game has outstanding card and background designs, which artists and art lovers like. The Utopia created by the fantastic design of cards is intensified by the hypnotic sound effects that provide an intuitive experience.

The game has the perfect modern-era touch as you can reimagine the touch experience by card flicking as if you are playing the game in the real world. It comes in different variants from Klondike, Spider, and Elevens Solitaire to Pyramid. Once you start playing Flick Solitaire, it would be hard to escape its charm. So, play at your own risk (wink!).

4. Microsoft Solitaire Collection


Microsoft has made the Microsoft Solitaire Collection app a jackpot for Solitaire lovers as it contains all Solitaire games from the old versions of Windows. With 5M+ downloads, this app has simple gameplay and rules, which gives card lovers the perfect punch of nostalgia. It takes you back to the old era of Solitaire, where everything started. However, with the old look and feel, Microsoft has also introduced new features to compete with the new Solitaire apps designed on modern lines.

It has five game modes, daily challenges with rewards and badges, and several themes to match your mood. The best thing is you can save your player stats, achievements, and levels by signing in with any Microsoft account. Leave the game in the middle and pick it up where you left it. These unique features make Microsoft Solitaire Collection a classic option to play Solitaire despite the emergence of many other apps.

5. Solitaired


Solitaired has a treasure of Solitaire games with 500+ versions, including old and advanced versions of the game that take you deep into the Solitaire world. You might find such exciting versions here that can make you fall for Solitaire all over again; from Cribbage, Solitaire Turn 3, Klondike (Turn 3), Klondike Solitaire (Turn 1), and Spider to Golf, you have endless options to choose from. Released in 2020, this app is free to download and has no subscription charges. So, you can have an ultimate Solitaire session without spending a single penny.

Being the fastest loading version, Solitaire has many features that are enough to make it people’s favorite. From unlimited undo options, various difficulty levels, save game option, and engaging animations to challenge other players with the game of the day, there is so much in one app for you.

6. Green Felt


Developed in 2005, Green Felt has entertained Solitaire fans for almost two decades, and it is still trendy, with daily traffic of around 20 thousand plus. It is not surprising as this game offers many rare versions of Solitaire that hardly any other apps provide, including Forty Thieves, Deal With It, Spider (Two Suit), Canfield, Maze, Flower Garden, and a lot more. So, if you want to test your Solitaire playing abilities, Green Felt has kept everything ready for you.

Besides oh-so-amazing game versions, it has many features to make the game more engaging. You can pause the game, see high scores, undo, redo, and play the game of the day to flex your competitiveness. Don’t know how to play the selected game version? No problem! You can click on ‘see rules’ and seek all the guidance you need.

7. Solitaire Network

Solitaire Network

Who can stop loving a game where you can play 82 versions? So, no wonder Solitaire Network is loved by many Solitaire players looking for a go-to solution to quench their love for Solitaire games. Have you heard about Single Rail, Thieves of Egypt, Josephine, Rank and File, Squadron, and Three Pirates? No? You will find them only at Solitaire Network because they are the original creators of this version. So, whenever you want to give your mind some twist, this place is the right option for you.

Not to forget all the exciting features of Solitaire Network that make the gameplay more indulging.

8. Solitaire Farm


With 4.6 ratings by 13K people, Solitaire Farm is a unique take on the Solitaire game. But its 500K downloads show that people have liked the unique and funky touch. With the latest version released in 2020, this game is gaining too much attention as it is unlike other Solitaire games you have ever played. It is a blend of Solitaire and Farm games, making it an interesting game for people of all ages.

The goal behind this game is to build a farm while playing Solitaire. Earn money by playing Solitaire and unlock buildings, animals, farmers, and helpers who will later help you find hidden products in the field. Gather as many hearts as possible to unlock more decks that would help you earn more money. Clearing a Solitaire stage takes you to another world with different buildings and setups. So, once you start playing this game, leaving it is harder due to its interesting gameplay.

9. Solitaire Fairytale


Solitaire Fairytale is another amazing Solitaire game with many interesting reviews on Google Play. People love it! It has over 100K downloads despite it being a new game. With beautiful collections, amazing graphics, soothing artwork, delightful music, rewards, collection maps, and much more, Solitaire Fairytale has everything to be called a Solitaire like no other.

If you are a lover of fairytales and magical worlds, then playing this game would be an enchanting experience. You can enjoy this magical world for a long time because this game has more than 2500+ stages. So, you would need ages to finish this game. Till then, keep on enjoying your enchanting world.

10. Solitaire Showtime


With 4.7 ratings by 164K reviews, Solitaire Showtime has something magical that gives players a blast of joy while playing. It mixes Tripeaks Solitaire and Solitaire Golf games, making it real showtime for Solitaire lovers. Released in 2019, this game came with a cute cat and bunny who keep the showtime running.

You can play 100s of Solitaire games with the liberty to choose unique card layouts to keep the fun moving. Another perk? You can play in teams with friends and win big and better prizes!


Solitaire is a fantastic brain training activity with multiple cognitive development benefits that keep the brain sharp and alive. Despite being an old card game, it remains one of the most happening gaming options among people. Now you can play it in both online and offline versions without fearing an internet outage. Just download any app and keep playing as much as you want.

Hope this list of the best Solitaire apps will help you choose one based on your liking and preferences. Wish you a good Solitaire time!

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