Best Free QR Code Generator- 2023

Best Free QR Code Generator- 2023

Nowadays, QR codes have gained popularity as they have become an essential part of marketing, sharing information and adding value to the products. QR code is not just black and white squares arranged in a fashion, it is a convenient way to access information about the item to which is attached.

The QR code generator generates codes that carry information related to a specific product, which can be seen using barcode scanners devices and apps. There are a lot of Great QR code generators available for your iPhone and Android, choosing the best one can be a challenge.

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In this post, we have listed some of the best Free QR code generator apps. But, before proceeding further let’s understand what is QR code.

What are QR Codes?

The QR Codes have been introduced in Japan by the automotive industry. A term QR stands for “Quick Response”, which is a machine-readable optical label of square-shaped consisting of black-and-white symbols. People can scan and learn about the particular item in which QR Code is linked. These square optical labels can include contact Data, Geo-Location, URL, and coupons.

QR Scan Code
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Where QR codes can be used?

QR codes are the easiest way to store all sorts of data and are made up of alphanumeric characters and these codes can possess up to 4000 characters.

The QR Codes can be used as follows:-

1. Online accounts authentication– Registered users can scan the displayed QR code on the website with their smartphone and automatically log in to the web page.

2. Links to applications- Mobile users can connect through QR codes on Google Play store or Apple’s App Store.

3. Payments – QR codes can save our bank account or credit card information.

4. Contact Information- including email addresses, phone numbers, and website URLs or specific web pages.

5. Other various uses – Tombstones with QR codes are located in Japan, which owns the information of the deceased or for transcripts and degrees, mainly known as such as funerary.

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Places To Detect QR Codes

QR codes are easy to find everywhere such as on business cards, billboards, online ads, TV advertisements, enterprises inventory tags like hardware part numbers, serial numbers, record dates, packaging of smartphones & gadgets and the list goes on from a piece of paper to a bit of cloth.

How To Generate A QR Code?

The Internet is flooded with many websites that can help you to create a QR Code and they offer something more interesting than the others.

So, Which best QR code generator for 2019 should we choose to generate dynamic results?  To answer this question, let’s check out the list.

Best Free QR Code Generator

1. ForQRCode

This is a free QR code maker for your personal or business QR coding with a plethora of file formats such as PNG, SVG, EPS. For QR Code also enables supports link, Google maps location, email, text, call, SMS, WI-FI and v-card. You can also add a bookmark and location coordinates with Google Maps search.


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2. QRzebra

This great QR code generator is free to create codes with custom designs and templates. QRzebra will not ask for a signup. The best feature is that you can make a QR code with a logo. You can adjust the URL behind the QR code according to your will, which can save your time. The other star option of using QRzebra is that the QR codes generated are for a lifetime.


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3. Unitag-

The Unitag is a free  QR code generator online creates a unique and versatile QR Code designs, colors, logo with an attractive background. There is a left panel located for customization, wherein you get code modules, shadow, redundancy along with QR code eyes option.   


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4. QR code generator –

QR code generator comes in both free and paid versions. This app helps to generate different types of codes including a vCard, email QR code, and text QR code. You can share your account with family and friends to gain their respective opinion about creation of QR codes. Moreover, you get customer care support is there in case you get stuck in the procedure of creating QR Codes.

QR code generator

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5. QRStuff-

This is another free QR code maker that enables instant print on a t-shirt, cell phone. The QR Stuff allows 2D barcode which includes contact information, a URL, a Facebook link, or Google Maps location. For the ease of users, QR Stuff comes with basic steps to create QR codes. Free users can also take benefit of 23 QR code data types.

QR Stuff

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6. Free-QR-code

With the help of Free QR code generator, you can easily create readable high-resolution QR Codes with easy steps. There are plenty of action types to make QR codes such as Website, Text, Product, Coupons and more.



7.QR Code Monkey-

The QR Code Monkey designs QR Codes with attractive logo-images. You can easily create codes for facebook, youtube, Bitcoin, WiFi and more. This QR code maker also enables you to download in PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS print quality.

QR Code Monkey

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8. Tec-it

The Tec-it helps you to build QR codes in PNG form. You can choose various options to create QR-codes like tweets, emails, electronic business cards, events. This amazing online QR code maker also holds some other features such as Online Label Printing, Shipping Labels, and many more.


Final Word-

Are you excited to generate your very first QR code? We have successfully captured the Best QR code generator for your business or personal requirements. You may need to register in some of these QR code tools before downloading images and some don’t require signup. Moreover, QR codes are also grounding its steps in the mobile application platforms as now you can get apps for QR codes on iPhone and Android. So, which Free QR code generator you will have to use for your needs? Let us know in the comment section along with your views. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more tricks and tips.

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