9 Best Public Speaking Apps for Android & iOS

9 Best Public Speaking Apps for Android & iOS

Don’t feel guilty if you’re dreading an upcoming public speaking session. It isn’t that easy to stand and give a speech in the presence of a large audience. As frightening as public speaking feels, you would agree that it helps in personal development, improves communication skills and boosts confidence as well.

One of the most effective ways to prepare yourself for public speaking is to practice and rehearse it. To help you  practice your conversation skills we have listed the 9 best public speaking apps for Android and iOS so that you can be prepared for giving great speeches.

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9 Best Public Speaking Apps for Android and iOS

Public speaking apps for Android and iOS prove to be the most beneficial tools to boost your confidence. It provides a great platform to practice for your speeches and improve conversation skills.

Let’s explore them  one by one!

1. Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Price – Free

Vendor – Rev.com, Inc

Android Compatibility – 5.0 and above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 10.0 or above

One of the quickest ways to improve public speaking is to transcribe a verbatim voice recording. This means,  by recording your voice and speech, you can know where you are going wrong and what modifications you can make to improve yourself. And, that’s exactly where Rev Audio & Voice Recorder helps. Once you record your voice with Rev Voice Recorder, you’ll have an exact human transcription of it delivered directly to your mailbox. The app will help you quickly enhance your public speaking.

Key Features:

  • High-quality recording and playback engine that ensures crystal clear recording.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand user interface
  • Get automated transcription with 90%+ accuracy using industry leading AI.
  • One-tap process for transcribing

Download Rev Audio & Voice Recorder on Android

Download Rev Audio & Voice Recorder on iOS

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2. Orai


Price – Free

Vendor – Orai App

Android Compatibility – 6.0 and above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Orai is another widely popular app that will help you to improve public speaking skills with confidence. Majority of people can’t afford a professional public speaking coach. But Orai’s voice recognition technology can be just as useful. It offers  lessons  to improve your speech pace, clarity, confidence, facial expressions, filler words , conciseness, and more!

Key Features:

  • Script mode to help you practice a prepared speech.
  • Freestyle mode to practice speeches anytime and anywhere.
  • Share your recording and transcript as and when they are needed with friends and colleagues.
  • Audio recording with playback and clear vocal clarity.
  • Detailed performance tracking and micro-lessons on public speaking.

Download Orai for Android

Download Orai for iOS

3. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats

Price – Free

Vendor – Stonekick

Android Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 13.0 or above

Maintaining pace while speaking has a vital importance in delivering an effective public speech. And,Metronome App provides the most efficient ways to train yourself for it. . It’s a free interactive public speaking app that allows you to speed-train yourself with a drum machine designed by musicians. It will also help you to maintain an active pace while giving a speech. You can improve conversation skills with a  specific tempo on Metronome Beats.

Key Features:

  • Drum machine beats for speed and pace training.
  • Adaptive layout for larger devices.
  • Varying tempo beats for effective training.
  • Timer that allows you to stop the metronome after a certain number of bars.

Download Metronome Beats for Android

Download Metronome Beats for iOS



Price – Free

Vendor – ELSA Speak

Android Compatibility – Android 5.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Although some of us don’t have trouble speaking English, fluency and pronunciation can occasionally be a challenge. It can significantly affect your speech and overall session. That’s exactly where ELSA helps a lot. It assists you in getting your pronunciation and fluency right with AI equipped with exclusive voice recognition features. It is voted as Top 5 apps to practice conversation skills in the World.

Key Features:

  • Real-time speech recognition to give feedback on pronunciation and fluency.
  • 3000+ lessons of English conversation.
  • Easy-to-use tool to improve your English-speaking skills.
  • Bite-sized lessons to improve an accent.

Download ELSA for Android

Download ELSA for iOS

5. Voice Analyst

Voice Analyst

Price – ‎$14.99

Vendor – ESpeechtools Ltd

Android Compatibility – Android 4.1 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 14.0 or above

Apart from maintaining a pace, pitch is another vital component that affects your speech. You can easily control it by analyzing your voice with the Voice Analyst app. The app has cutting-edge features that enable you to test pitch identification, which examines your volume with the in-built pitch recognition algorithms between 60Hz and 2kHz.

Key Features:

  • Voice recording in real-time.
  • Analyze your voice for minimum, maximum, average, and range for pitch and volume.
  • Enables you to set minimum and maximum targets for pitch and volume.
  • Share your recordings and statistics via message, email, AirDrop, and more/
  • Analyze every recording in detail by zooming.

Download Voice Analyst for Android

Download Voice Analyst for iOS

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6. Activate Your Voice

Activate Your Voice

Price – ‎$0.99

Vendor – Elaine Clark

Android Compatibility – Android 5.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 8.0 or above

Activate Your Voice is a perfect tool to improve your speaking skills. It’s a professional speech warm-up app, which is fast, effective, and useful. The app helps you exercise for your upcoming speech, strengthen your speaking voice, improve enunciation, and enhance breath support. It aims to help you deliver a public speaking session with more authority, clarity, confidence, and conviction. You can use it anytime and anywhere to practice conversation skills.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use & interactive UI.
  • Helps you exercise and improve diction, breath support, projection, and pitch.
  • Provides clear and simple instructions that help you at every step.
  • 5-minute exercise to improve your speaking skills.

Download Activate Your Voice for Android.

Download Activate Your Voice for iOS

7. Promptsmart Pro

Promptsmart Pro

Price – ‎Free

Vendor – PromptSmart

Android Compatibility – Android 4.4 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or above

PromptSmart is another public speaking way that offers a great way to improve communication skills. It is designed with a VoiceTrack speech recognition feature that automatically follows a speaker’s voice in real time. This helps in making media broadcasting and video production more efficient. To improve conversation skills, the app is designed with cutting-edge features like video recording, mirroring, and the Remote-Control Android app. It also features the iCast web editing platform that is significantly useful for remote working and collaboration among teams.

Key Features:

  • VoiceTrack that follows your voice as you speak.
  • Works with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox to import scripts in bulk.
  • Side-Margin Adjustment that center-aligns your text in the presentation screen.
  • Split-Screen Multitasking.
  • Video and audio recording (upgrade required).
  • Supports docx, .rtf, .txt, or Google doc files.

Download PromptSmart for Android

Download PromptSmart for iOS

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8. Speeko


Price – $11.99 per month After trial

Vendor – SPEEKO Tech, LLC

Android Compatibility – In-launch

iOS Compatibility – iOS 11.0 or above

Speeko is a smart and advanced personal speech coach that helps you to improve your professional speaking style. It has an intuitive interface and comes with a unique feature that tells you if your speech is inclusive or exclusive. This specifically proves to be most useful to improve conversation skills. The app also covers core speaking techniques which makes it ideal to improve public speaking.

Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge feature that tells if your speech is inclusive or exclusive.
  • Help you learn core speaking techniques.
  • Voice recorder to practice speech.
  • Personalized feedback for improvement.
  • Record and practice for upcoming presentation, meeting, interview or random speaking sessions.

Download Speeko for Android

Download Speeko for iOS

9. Speakometer- Accent Training


Price – Free

Vendor – Datawide

Android Compatibility – Android 6.0 or above

iOS Compatibility – iOS 13.0 or above

Clear pronunciation is necessary for delivering fluent English dialogues. The app grades your speaking and provides recommendations on how to improve it using a state-of-the-art AI algorithm. You will learn spellings and comparisons to other sounds. It allows you to practice conversation skills and master pronunciation with this accent training app.

Key Features:

  • AI Language learning app.
  • English pronunciation practices.
  • Reduce accent and correct mispronunciations.
  • English IPA chart to improve your English pronunciation.

Download Speakometer- Accent Training for Android

Download Speakometer- Accent Training for IOS

Final Takeaways,

Public speaking is a relatively difficult but indeed an important skill to develop for your personal and professional life. As terrifying as it is, it can still be mastered like any other skill. All thanks to the variety of public speaking apps for iOS and Android that are available on official app stores. All the aforementioned apps are easy to use, effective, and help you master public speaking skills with ease and confidence.

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