Best Planner Apps For Android To Ease Your Life

Best Planner Apps For Android To Ease Your Life

There’s no doubt that planner apps make you well-organized, prioritize your habits and further prepare you to never lose focus of things that matter the most. For everything that happens in your daily lives, there is a need for a perfect planning tool that can help you manage things efficiently. Whether you need to plan your meals or your wedding, there is a planner app for everything. It is just your take what are your needs, and which is the best planner app for Android to help you get sorted with your things.

What are you waiting for? Check out these best planner apps to plan anything from floor plan to garden to daily planner and what not? Here’s the list of best planner apps for Android to plan anything or everything.

Best Planner Apps For Android

1. The Knot: Best Wedding Planner App

Planning a wedding is indeed a crucial task to do. The Knot is one of the best wedding planner apps for Android lets you make event planning easier with its amazing features including add and manage registries, explore lacs of vendors, track on the budget and more. When it comes to planning a wedding, The Knot is something you can look upon. Take the quiz and get personalized quotes, style, decor and other arrangements.


  • Manage registries on The Knot for your favorite stores etc.
  • Plan what you want by taking its quiz.
  • Set and manage your wedding expenses.
  • Choose from 150+ free customizable wedding website templates.

The Knot- Best Wedding Planner App

Download The Knot App 

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2. Mint: Best Budget Planner App For Android

Manage all your finances at a single place with more ease and efficiency with Mint- the best planner app for budget and finances. It brings together your bank accounts, credit cards, bill payments and everything that is directly or indirectly related to finance. Track your investments and expenditures all at a single place and see at the end of the month where you stand.


  • Keep a track of your credit score, net worth and more.
  • Track your incomes, expenses and investments at a single place.
  • Manage all your accounts i.e. bank account, credit card etc.

Mint- Best Budget Planner App For Android

Download Mint App

3. Google Maps: Best Route Planner

You will agree that no app other than Google Maps can offer best navigation features for over 200 countries and territories. You can plan your routes, beat traffic with real-time ETAs, get real-time transit info and save a lot of your time. With this handy application you can explore local neighborhoods, places to eat, drink and go. This app works in almost all parts of the world.


Google Maps- Best Route Planner

Download Google Maps App

4. My Study Life: A Perfect School Planner Tool

Looking for an efficient school planner app? My Study Life is an ultimate cross-platform app for both students, teachers and school officials to manage study life with ease. With this app you can do a lot more to plan your school and study life from storing your classes to homework to exams. The best advantage of having this app lets you store everything in the cloud to checkout from any device.


  • Integrates all areas of your academic life.
  • Track your tasks including homework, projects etc.
  • Get reminders for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams etc.
  • Syncs data between devices and allows offline usage.

My Study Life- A Perfect School Planner Tool

Download My Study Life App

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5. Your Closet: Best Closet Planner App

Looking for a fairly decent closet planner app? Your Closet lets you take pictures of your clothes and select your outfits. It works with tops, bottoms, shoes and other accessories. The space is unlimited, so you can manage and add everything to your closet. You can track your closet statistics with this awesome closet planner app for Android. What is it? It is your complete fashion assistant to let you get the most value out of your closet.


  • Add unlimited clothes by taking and importing pictures.
  • Re-organize categories by using drag and drop.
  • Color organizer lets you search your closet by its color.
  • Create multiple outfits to match your style.

Your Closet- Best Closet Planner App

Download Your Closet App

6. ZenDay: Best Calendar, Tasks and To-Do Management App

When you are searching for an app that can let you handle all your meetings, tasks and to-dos in a go, ZenDay is what you should look for. This amazing planner app for Android is useful for everyday usage wherein you can be better organised for your work/life balance and can fight procrastination. This app is quite colorful and thus, makes tracking easier. It changes the color of the tasks that are either about to due or overdue so that you can realise what is still left to be done before it’s too late.


  • Quick and easy scheduling of tasks and meetings.
  • Lets you prioritize your tasks and future tasks.
  • Debriefing of your previous weeks and tasks.

ZenDay- Best To-Do Management App

7. Mealime: Best Meal Planner App

For all the busy singles, working couples and families, Mealime is an amazing meal planner app that helps them to eat healthier and on-time. With this app, meal planning is made easy and with its different meal plans and recipes, you can personalize your meal plans that work efficiently with your daily schedules. Don’t compromise on your unique tastes and lifestyle, Mealime not only helps you to eat healthier but also lets you reduce stress, lose weight, save money and live happier.


  • Prepare meals quickly using it’s stepwise cooking instructions.
  • With customized meal plans, make your eating decisions faster.
  • Build easily a grocery list as per your weekly meal plan.

Mealime- Best Meal Planner App

Download Mealime App

8. Trello: Best Planner Apps For Teams

A productivity app that lets you manage your work and life simultaneously, Trello is one of the best apps that lets you organize all your projects at work, home, or anywhere. With Trello, you can minimize your mental load and free your brains from remembering everything on the fingertips. With it’s customizable boards, lists and cards, you can plan your projects, vacations or company off-site from anywhere. Trello helps you to get your ideas into seconds using things like share boards, comment, assign tasks, and even attach files from Dropbox or Drive.


  • Stay organized no matter wherever you are.
  • Trade in your sticky notes for Trello’s digital board.
  • Tackle all your tasks with ease.

Trello- Best Planner Apps For Teams

Download Trello App


9. TripIt: Best Travel Planner App

Are you looking for a travel planner app? TravelIt is something you can opt to manage all your planner apps in a go. Create itinerary of every trip and make your travel plans easy. It is just a little process wherein you just need to book a flight, hotel or a car and rest in on it. No more need to scroll through your mails and check for your itinerary, this app makes tracking your plans easy even when you are offline.


  • Sync your travel plans to your calendar and share it with anyone you like.
  • Check out the number of trips taken, countries visited, distance travelled and more.
  • It helps you find a better seat, monitor flight returns and much more.

TripIt- Best Travel Planner App

Download TripIt App

10. My Shift Planner: Personal Shift Work Calendar App

Are you working at a place where you have rotational shifts? Indeed it might be difficult. Therefore, using My Shift Planner app is beneficial for you in many ways. You can easily track, manage and remember when and which shift you have. The setup process is easy. This shift planner app lets you manage your roster as per the requirements and with calendar sync you can manage your pay day, roster time, etc.


  • Color coded calendar for quick viewing and management.
  • Built-in, FREE backup tools to keep your data secure.
  • Set reminders and customise alerts with sound effects.

My Shift Planner- Personal Shift Work Calendar App

Download My Shift Planner App

Which Planner App For Android Are You Looking For?

We have listed the most needed and best planner apps for Android you can look for while planning for a wedding or to manage your budgets. What planner app are you looking for in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below to get the best app recommendations from us. We’d love to hear from you.

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