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Best Keyboard Apps for Android & iOS
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Best Keyboard Apps for Android & iOS

Let’s Start Typing Flawlessly

Be it a traditional desktop computer, laptops, or even a cellphone that we keep with us throughout the day, there is definitely nothing more important than the input devices such as keyboard, mouse or both. These tools are the base of our interactions with the machine. We use a keyboard for typing messages, notes, search queries and much more. And let’s face it, without it, we’d have a tough time doing much of anything.

Keyboard All
Image source: XDA Developers

So, it’s very important to use quality or advanced-feature-keyboard, and that too must be user-friendly, because, a poor-quality keyboard could ruin your experience, whether it is a mobile device or computer.

While talking about mobile devices, the Android phones come with the default keyboard that hasn’t been much helpful until the third-party keyboards came into existence and gave better typing experience. For iPhones, have you experienced a situation where the default iOS keyboard doesn’t have a quick key for “.com” while inputting the email?

Don’t you think a quick button would have made perfect sense here knowing that almost all of the emails end with a “.com” in the end?

So to avoid all these frustrating loopholes, luckily, a variety of apps are available for both iOS and Android that will alter your keyboard and typing experience to the positive side:

Best Keyboard Apps 2020

1. Gboard – Google Keyboard (iOS + Android)

Undoubtedly, one of the best keyboard apps for Android, and surprisingly for iOS as well, Google Keyboard tops the list. Also called Gboard, this keyboard comes pre-installed in devices like Google Pixel. The savior includes everything you can expect from a keyboard app.

GBoard - Google Keyboard

A totally free to use, the app for iPhone as well as Android comes with full functionality. There are no ads, no add-ons, and no need for premium versions to use essential features. The widely popular Gboard’s UPI is the emoji feature that has an emoji search feature, which will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Install the best keyboard app for Android and iOS below:

Gboard for iOS

Gboard for Android

2. SwiftKey Keyboard (iOS + Android)

Another Android and iOS keyboard app that is considered as the intelligent keyboard that learns your writing style so you can type faster. This app tries to learn and adapt to match your unique way of typing – even the slangs or shortcuts you use. For example, if you put a customized phrase or word, you can save it for later, so the keyboard doesn’t autocorrect you.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Not alike Gboard, however, SwiftKey is free with many of the themes and customization options. There are some of the official skins and add-ons that cost extra, but most of the time, you won’t need to spend money if you don’t want to.

Go ahead, install the keyboard app for Android as well as iOS, and create your own slangs among your groups.

SwiftKey for iOS

SwiftKey for Android

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3. Fleksy Keyboard (iOS + Android)

The list is getting better and better with the new additions as Fleksy has been officially considered as the fastest keyboard in the world. The most fun and customizable way to find and share anything from the web, Fleksy searches and sends restaurants recommendations, music, videos, GIFs and customize your keyboard with powerful extensions & colorful themes.


Fleksy Keyboard

“This is much better than your standard input methods and predictive text engines.” – TechCrunch

“Fleksy has a killer text prediction that works with even the sloppiest of writing” – Time Magazine

Free to use the keyboard app for Android and iOS, Fleksy comes with in-app purchases that won’t be required unless you are using the keyboard to an advanced level.

Install the fastest keyboard app for iPhone and smartphones and share the experience.

Fleksy for iOS

Fleksy for Android

4. Minuum Keyboard (iOS + Android)

The app comes with the tagline “type faster, see more screen, and take control of autocorrect with Minuum. The smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space. It’s the little keyboard for big fingers!”

Minuum keyboard has been considered as one of the “12 best Android apps of 2014” by Karissa Bell, Mashable.

Minuum Keyboard

With multilanguage capability and bonus panels, the app is one of the cleanest, most unobtrusive virtual keyboard alternatives on this list.

The app is free to use on both the platforms, however, the premium version is $3.99 that includes many features that eventually will improve precision and your experience as well.

InstallMinuum for both the platforms below:

Minuum for iOS

Minuum for Android

5. ai.type Keyboard (iOS + Android)

Though the app is available on both platforms, the iOS version is free to use. Voted as the smartest, and most personalized keyboard for iPhones and iPads, ai.type Keyboard is a package of amazing features including built-in prediction, completion, and auto-correction.

ai.type Keyboard

With thousands of free themes and auto-suggested Emoji, this keyboard app for Android and iOS also dynamically resize your keyboard size according to your needs. Alike the Minuum Keyboard app, this app also comes with multi-languages and constantly tries to transform the messaging experience for the users.

You also have the liberty to download a trial version of the premium edition before you come to the conclusion if it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Go ahead, tap on the link, and enjoy the amazing experience of using the keyboard app below:

ai.type for Android

6. GIF Keyboard (iOS + Android)

I don’t think anyone would disagree if I say that GIFs today have become the best combination of fun + message you want to deliver with a lot of options. GIF keyboard app for iOS and Android is quite unique in its own way as it discovers or creates the right GIF or video to visually sum up exactly what you’re trying to say, directly from your keyboard. Yeah. You read it correctly!! It does that.

GIF Keyboard

You can customize your keyboard with the GIFs you love and create collections of the favorite ones. All you need to do is, just long-press on a GIF to pull up options to share the GIF, video, or link, or to save to your camera roll.

Install this awesome GIF keyboard for your iOS and Android phones.

GIF Keyboard for iOS

GIF Keyboard for Android

7. Touchpal Keyboard (Android)

Touchpal Keyboard app has been specifically designed for Android that allows you to use customized shortcuts, which enable you to type much faster. Alike other keyboard apps, Touchpal also reads the pattern you use while writing/typing and use it for future reference for good user experience.

Touchpal Keyboard
Image Source:

Free to use, Touchpal is an improved word corrector keyboard app that fixes any small typos that you make while typing. There are shortcuts that let you write numbers and other symbols without switching keyboards that by the way is pretty annoying sometimes.

Download the Touchpal Keyboard for Android here.

8. Color Keyboard: Themes & Skins (iOS)

With 4.4 stars out of 5, Color Keyboard allows you to create colorful keyboard themes and change backgrounds, button colors, keypress color, and fonts as per the screenshot below. The iOS keyboard app work offline also that is also a good feature to have.

Color Keyboard

Apart from the usual features, any keyboard app comes with, what makes Color Keyboard unique is that you can literally change anything and everything about the look of the keyboard. The base version of the app is free; however, In order to use every premium feature of the app, there are in-app purchases that you can view in the below download link.

9. Multiling O Keyboard + emoji (Android)

Ending the list with the addition of a must-have keyboard app for our international readers who find difficulty to use third-party keyboards. As the Multiling O Keyboard supports more than 200 languages, the user can use this keyboard in his/her native language.

Multiling O Keyboard + emoji

With 4.2 ratings on the Play Store, The keyboard app for Android allows you to switch between QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY, or let you even design your own layout. Free to use, Multiling O Keyboard app is super lightweight yet flexible and powerful.

Wrapping Up

Though some of the apps are free to use, there are always security threats to your device. So be a bit more aware while downloading any app (not only the above-mentioned ones). The best way to avoid any malware is to download the apps from the respective App Stores.

Share Your Experience

In case you are using a keyboard app that isn’t mentioned above, do let us know in the comments below, and we will give our best to get it included in our list of keyboard apps for iOS and Android.

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