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Best Kanban Apps To Enhance Your Productivity
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Best Kanban Apps To Enhance Your Productivity

In an office environment, it is very important to keep a track of tasks, the daily workload. Now, you would say that we have several to do list apps that help sorting out work but when it comes to maximizing productivity, you need to keep tabs of every stage of the tasks. This is especially important when you have teams to manage. Come in Kanban apps.

Much before diving into some of the best Kanban apps used by project managers, let’s first have a brief look at the concept of Kanban. 

What is Kanban?

Kanban in Japanese means “Card”. It was developed by Taiichi Ohno, an industrial engineer at Toyota. His aim was to track the production within the factory. Kanban cards establish an upper limit to any work which is in progress and it therefore prevents excessive resources from being deployed.

What Is A Personal Kanban App?

Your personal Kanban app or Kanban board app helps you sort all the tasks pertaining to your project in the form of cards which are placed in your App. A Kanban application can be divided into three parts namely – Kanban Board, Kanban Card and Kanban List. Let’s quickly delve into each of these aspects to get to know the app a little more –

Kanban Board: simply put, this is a place where you manage your tasks, workflows and mind maps. In a way you literally draw a replica of your work-space, right onto the board.

Kanban Card:  Every task in your project can be placed in the form of a Kanban Card. These cards pass through each step which is there in your mind map or workflow.

Kanban List: This is the workflow on your Kanban board. You can have separate columns signifying a workflow. For instance you could divide the task into – To Do, In Progress And Accomplished.

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Best Kanban Apps 2020

Here are some of the best Kanban Apps that you can use to manage your projects

1. Trello


Trello is an app that has popularized Kanban and it is one of the best Kanban apps that help use Kanban as a way to organize and manage your work. You can easily create a new board, create columns and add cards. 

  • With this Kanban application you can add tons of cards all at once
  • Add checklists, comments and descriptions 
  • Customize labels using color-coded tags 
  • Using power ups you can even get more features such as the video chat or time tracking
  • Fade away cards that you don’t wish to work on or hide them away

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2. Kanbanize


Kanbanize is a spectacular project management app and software which efficiently helps you manage your tasks in a Kanban style. The app makes it easy for you to automate your business, manage projects and portfolio in a virtual environment. 


  • Easily create roadmap of your plans with the help of timeline workflow
  • Single management board where you can distribute tasks regarding a project to the whole team
  • Create multiple workflows catering to cross functional teams which might be working on different projects
  • Highly customizable Kanban boards which give you a clear overview of your project all at once
  • Apply flexible if-this-then-that rules to synchronize data and set custom notifications to facilitate everyday tasks 

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3. MeisterTask


Another great way to plan and manage your task is MeisterTask which is a great personal Kanban app which helps you form mind maps which can sort the intricate web of your ideas. It further helps you give those ideas the shape of a project.

  • Each card can be give the form of project and it will have its own attachments, checklists and more
  • You can add tags, assign tasks to your team members, send notifications and emails and change the due date of tasks 
  • Share mind maps with colleagues and friends in real time through shareable link 
  • Through online version of Mindmeister, you can even create presentations of the mind maps
  • Choose from several mind map templates

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4. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho projects is one of the best Kanban apps available. It provides a single platform for managing even the toughest of the projects. It is easy to understand and is the first choice of preference for many project managers.


  • Customizable dashboard that facilitates instant tracing of performance
  • Visualize workflow using neat Kanban boards which are integrated in Zoho projects app
  • Easy drag and drop functionality that shows you progress between columns in an easy manner
  • Easily set priority levels and assign progress percentage 

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We Hope You Are All Sorted

We now hope that you’ll be able to streamline your tasks using these Kanban Apps. Do let us know in the comments section below, which app is your personal pick and  if you would like separate review of the same. Till then stay tuned and for more such tech related stuff, keep reading Tweak library.

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