Here Are The 10 Best Horror Movies On Netflix in 2023

Here Are The 10 Best Horror Movies On Netflix in 2023

It’s been a while since Halloween, but does the Hallowe’en frenzy has wiped out entirely from your senses?

It’s already two weeks now what you are up to? How will you satisfy the horror cravings? Ahhh! No, we know it is not easy to say Goodbye to Hallowe’en!

Okay! We have got your back, in this post, we have covered the best scary movies on Netflix, which will surely satiate your quench for fright.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Best Scary Movies on Netflix 2023

1. May the Devil Take You

May the Devil Take You

May The Devil Take You revolves around the life of a young woman (Alfie) who is hoping to find answers to her alienated father’s (Lesmana)death.

Lesmana has invited a satanic priestess to make a deal with demons in exchange of wealth. Soon, he started investing his money in the business and has become an overnight sensation, but the series of tragedies also started side by side.

This is the best horror movie on Netflix that is a good enough to scare you out of jump and yes! Full of gruesome scenes too!!! Watch “May The Devil Take You” on Netflix, to find out who’s turn is next.

 2. Under The Shadow

Under The Shadow

This is another good Netflix Horror which depicts a mother-daughter duo who are struggling with the devil inside the house they are living in. Daughter (Dorsa) started to have nightmares and soon the missile hit the building, and it collapsed.

During the explosion, Dorsa’s lost her beloved doll Kimia and her health also deteriorates. Ok! If I say, Shideh hid Kimia, would you believe me?

To find about the nightmares, and what happened to Kimia, watch this scary movie On Netflix.

3. The Witch

The Witch

Alright, “The Witch” is based in the 17th century and revolves around the patriarch (William) of a Puritan family. He was neglected by false Christians and started living on the edge of a remote forest. Slowly and gradually William children started disappearing and soon he finds out the clouds of evil are on his family.

William’s eldest daughter, Thomasin is suspenseful of whatever is happening, and soon she starts to find out the real cause. The Witch will give you horrific swing for sure, watch this scary movie on Netflix.

4. Hush


Imagine, sitting on the couch, enjoying your own company and suddenly a notification flashes on a computer screen that you get a photo of yours, seating on the couch?! Hush…! Scary

There is a deaf writer who is working on the next novel in an isolated area. Because of her inability, she undergoes suspenseful moments which makes distressful to the viewers.

And yes, there is an anonymous person who tries to terrorize her in every way. This is one of the best horror movies on Netflix, that you might recall when you are alone at midnight!

5. Veronica


Veronica is another Netflix horror movie that could make you scream and scare you like hell. This story tells a story about a young girl’s possession by Ouija board during an eclipse. Veronica is the main lead who was trying to connect with his deceased father via the ouija board. As a result, she got possessed!

There are a lot of ups and downs with Veronica and demons let her in a different direction. You can know Veronica and her demon on Netflix!

6. Eli


Eli or Lie? Well, this movie is worth watching as one of the horror films on Netflix.

The story revolves around an 11-year-old boy Eli, whose parents take him to the isolated clinic to underdo debilitating illness. In the remote clinic, there are two nurses and Dr. Horn, who takes Eli under them.

Oh! I forgot to mention, there Eli be-friends with a girl named Haley who is his half-sister.

This movie is interesting to watch when you are ready to offer all the concentration to Netflix.

7. Mercy Black

Mercy Black
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Are you aware of Slender Man stabbing? So, this movie may somewhere relate to this case. And yes, this is one of the Horror Films on Netflix.

A woman who is released from psychiatric care as she was sentenced to 15 years for stabbing a classmate to please a fictional phantom known as Mercy Black.

Now, she is living with her sister and young nephew Bryce. Here’s the turn Bryce’s life is in danger!? Why? He too turns out to believe Mercy Black is real! Gosh, now what will be the consequences? What could be more sinister?

8. The Autopsy of Jane Doe


The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Well, this is another good example of a Netflix Horror movie. Two coroners formally father and son are investigating a mysterious corpse, Jane Doe.

While performing an autopsy, the duo starts experiencing some unusual activities. One more thing each time Jane kills someone, more of her comes back to life, but the irony is how a corpse can kill someone? And what if I state, Jane Doe is a witch?

To investigate her broken ankles, cinched waist, black lungs, fractured wrists and fabric in her throat rush to this Netflix Horror, The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

9. In The Tall Grass

In The Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass is a psychological horror which turns out to be a Netflix Horror among the audience.

A brother (Carl) and his pregnant sister (Becky) stop by on the highway near the field of tall grass where they heard a yell of help from a young boy Tobin.

In order to rescue him, siblings entered the green tall grassy field. But, there is no way of rescue! Yeah! I am too feeling Sorry for the Becky.

Well, The tall grass knows everything! As said in the movie by Tobin, tall grass has all the answers.

Wait! There is even a big rock in the middle of the field which got so many cravings on it. So the story revolves around the siblings, Tobin, rock and yes Tobin’s parents!

But where do his parents come from? Alright, head to this which is considered as best Scary Movie On Netflix now!

10. It Comes At Night

It Comes At Night

It Comes At Night is a psychological horror plot about a family who is living alone in constant fear of apocalypse. Meanwhile, a protective father agreed upon inviting another desperate family to take shelter in their home.

Here comes the paranoia with horror and thrill. Well, you will encounter the mysterious red gate which will lead you to think, “Someone is in the House”!

To reveal all the secretes head to watch this Netflix horror movie 2023.

Which Scariest Movies on Netflix Will You Choose This Weekend?

Finally, the list of “Netflix Horror ” comes to an end! Go ahead and select any of the above-mentioned horror movies on Netflix and start enjoying them.

If you have watched any other Scary Movies On Netflix which is not listed here, let us know in the comment section below, we will update them on our list.

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