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Best Focus Apps for Android to Limit Phone Usage
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Best Focus Apps for Android to Limit Phone Usage

Digitalization of everything around us has made it difficult for us to focus on the important things that we ought to do. Excessive usage of smartphones has posed many mental barriers for teenagers and for adults. Inability to focus, vision related issues, headaches, short attention span are some of the ill effects of excessive smartphone usage.

Hence, it is extremely necessary to control our day to day smartphone usage. Many smartphone companies like Samsung have started incorporating FOCUS Apps that can help you limit phone usage. These focus apps use measures like app timers, social media timers to reduce social media usage, etc. to limit the phone usage.

However, if your phone doesn’t already have it, there isn’t a reason to worry. There are a plethora of focus apps available on play stores to help you reduce phone usage. Here is a list of Best Focus Apps to stay focused.

List of Focus Apps for Android:

1. Social Fever
2. Forest: Stay Focused
3. Engross
4. Focus- Be Productive
5. Focus Booster

1. Social Fever:

social fever

On the top of the list we have, Social Fever. Social Fever is one of the most effective and widely used applications to help you reduce phone usage. Social Fever offers different features like limiting the headphone usage to 30 mins per day, limiting on screen time, reminding you to drink water, setting app specific timers, etc. to reduce phone usage.

The user-interface of Social Fever is lively with a mix of Green and White color. Also, you can set specific goals to motivate you to adhere to the limits. Social Fever is available for free on Play Store and deserves a try if you are looking for Focus Apps for your Android device.

Download: Social Fever

2. Forest: Stay Focused

Forest Stay Focused

I will have to admit, Forest is the cleverest application in the list. Forest puts your competitive spirit and spirit to qualify in a task to use. Forest app works by helping stay focused and reduce phone usage with the help of trees. In the app, you don’t set goals, rather you plant trees. Every day in the morning, you plant a tree. The tree grows for the whole day. If you did well throughout the day and kept your screen time and app time to minimum, you will come home to find a full grown lush green tree. If you didn’t do as good, on the contrary, you would come to a dead pale tree. You can create a lush green forest for yourself.

This app cleverly tickles our nerves and motivates you to adhere to your routine and reduce phone usage. You can also set app timers, track your progress, and much more. This app also allows you to bring your friends in and lets you collaboratively create the forest. It further pushes the competitive spirit to adhere to routine and stay focused.

Download: Forest: Stay Focused

3. Engross:


Engross is another application to help you stay focused at work and reduce phone usage. If you have read self-help books, there has been a technique to focus where you would write or say sorry every time you get distracted. Engross app helps keep the track of the times you got distracted in order to enforce systematic distraction. Engross is yet another widely used application, popular for its easy to use interface and features.

Engross comes with an App timer, to do list, daily planner, create custom tasks, etc. These features help you stay focused while being productive. It also features an amazing tool that allows you to incorporate app timer to the to do list. When it’s the time for a specific timer, it will calculate how focused you were during the task, depending upon how many times you used your phone meanwhile. Engross has tons of features and would require a video of its own.

Download: Engross

4. Focus – Be Productive:

Focus Be Productive

This app is strictly a Simple Focus mode. It is aimed at helping you to be wildly focused on a specific task. It features a timer to help you measure the time for which you were wildly focused on the task. It helps pause or snooze your notification while you are focused. You can take breaks in between to check something important. However, the breaks are available for a fixed 1 minute at once. It is a fairly simple app with fairly simple user-interface.

However, it doesn’t offer the app timers and social media timers to reduce phone usage. This app can be significantly helpful for students and people working on projects where they require a quiet time, free from distractions for themselves.

Download: Focus – Be Productive

5. Focus Booster:

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is yet another timer application similar to the app mentioned above. Focus Booster, similar to the app above, offers a timer during which all the notifications are paused and muted to help you focus on the task at hand. It helps you limit phone usage for the time while you are working on something wildly important and can’t afford to lose focus.

Apps like these also help improve your attention span which is good for your brain and keeps you relaxed and active.

Download: Focus Booster

So, these were all the Focus Apps for Android to help you reduce phone usage, stay focused, and limit distractions while working. Do let us know if you tried any of these applications and how you liked it, we love hearing from you.

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  1. Matthew

    I have been going through this from a long time. I keep failing and keep trying again. This time I had to do something new and downloaded Social Fever for the purpose. Fingers Crossed. I hope this time I will succeed.

  2. Sagar Kapoor

    I hope you be successful in your quest, Matthew.

  3. rahul

    These days peoples have become addicted to smartphones. I used social fever to Limit Phone Usage. it is a great app

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