Best Email Backup Software For Windows 2023

Best Email Backup Software For Windows 2023

Official and personal emails alike are critically important. So much so that in most cases you can’t just afford to lose them. It is therefore recommended that you keep a backup of your emails. Amongst all the other methods, one of the best ways is to use email backup software.

How Can An Email Backup Software Benefit Me?

An email backup software lets you enjoy benefits like the ones mentioned below –

  • Schedule email backups
  • Password protect your backup
  • Set consolidation value and compression level
  • Select the location where you want to take the backup

Best Email Backup Software:

Here are some of the best email backup software which doesn’t just facilitate you take a backup of mails but several other things such as calendar entries, notes, contacts, journals, tasks, etc.

1. Stellar Mail Backup

Stellar Mail Backup - Email Backup Software

Download Stellar Mail Backup

It is an email backup software that lets you backup mail configured in MS Outlook, Windows Mail, and Outlook Express. Not just mails it also takes backups of contacts, notes, tasks, journals, calendar entries, etc.


  • Easy to use, simple, and interactive interface
  • Allows you to take backup to any location – local hard drive, external hard drive, network drive or USB flash drive
  • You can take differential as well as an incremental backup on a network or logical drives
  • Automatically schedule backup – once, every day, week or month
  • Password protect backup
  • You can specify the value of consolidation for a backup and then keep them as one backup

2. Mailstore Home

Mailstore Home- Email Backup Software

 Download MailStore Home

No matter what your email source is Mailstore Home will let you create a backup. It supports all email clients such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail or any IMAP or POP3 mailbox for that matter. Furthermore, it has responsive and swift email search which can help you retrieve an email message from a bunch of thousands or more emails quickly –

  • Supports both internal and external storages
  • Can handle several email accounts
  • Offers one-click restore from the archive
  • Easy email migration
  • Emails can be easily retrieved

3. MailVault

Mail Vault - Email Backup Software

Download MailVault

If you are looking for email backup software for your organization, MailVault is the utility. It is compatible with all major mail systems. It even makes your company ready for compliance and discovery.


  • Compatible with major email servers such as Gmail for business, Office 365, Qmail and servers that support IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
  • Email deduplication and compression
  • High military-grade encryption
  • Filters which keep unwanted email out
  • Email archiving

4. KLS Mail Backup

KLS Mail Backup Software

Download KLS Backup

Here is yet another email backup utility that can help you create backups of the majority of email clients such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc


  • Can backup major web programs like Incredi mail, Opera, etc
  • Support for 7z and zip compression for archiving messages
  • Comes with an inbuilt email viewer
  • Offers storage support of backup on Amazon S3, local and network drives, FTP server, etc
  • Offers easy restore

5. Zook Email Backup

Zook Email Backup Software

Download Zook Software

It is one of the best email backup utilities which is capable of archiving emails of more than 85 email applications including AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, SiteGround, Hotmail, GoDaddy, Amazon Workmail, etc. It is powered by both Norton and McAfee –


  • Simple and hassle-free interface
  • With the help of this email backup software, you can take a backup of cPanel, Webmail, Web-Based Email Client Emails
  • It facilitates cloud to cloud backup of emails
  • You can save emails to any location
  • Comprehensive backup of IMAP messages from several online email services

6. SysTools Email Backup

Systool Email Backup Software

Download SysTool Gmail Backup Software

The name speaks for itself – SysTools Email Backup is one of the best software which can help you backup your emails. And, if you use Hotmail or Gmail as your primary mailboxes, this is one of the highly recommended email backup software.


  • Easily backup emails from every Gmail folder to MSG/ EML/ Outlook PST
  • Backup emails from Gmail including attachments
  • You can even take a backup of Gmail calendar events and contacts
  • You can select time interval and backup emails from that time interval using the E-mail Filter
  • Dynamic incremental backup

7. Email Backup Wizard

Email Backup Wizard (1)

Download Email Backup Wizard

Is an advanced email backup software that doesn’t just help you create a backup of web and cloud-based mail services but it even lets you export them. You can save a backup of your account onto a different cloud server, email server or web server account.

  • Distinct file naming convention makes managing emails simple
  • Easily import emails from webmail to IMAP with no loss of information
  • Easy cloud to cloud migration

8. SpinOne Gmail Backup

Spinone Gmail Backup Software

Download SpinOne

This email backup software is exclusively tailored to backup and recover Gmail messages. One of the highlights of the tool are its strong security measures which keep hackers and hijackers at bay.

  • Schedule backup anytime
  • Migrate data securely
  • Freely recover any version of Gmail account
  • include/exclude labels from backup
  • Maintain label hierarchy

9. MailBird

MailBird - Email Backup Software

Click Here to Use MailBird

MailBird helps you manage multiple accounts and is also one of the best email clients for Windows. It can handle all your contacts and emails from all your accounts. It also integrates well with almost all popular apps –

  • Customizable themes
  • Manage all emails and contacts in one box
  • Integrates well with apps like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp

Wrapping Up

Mishaps are inevitable – mistakenly deleting emails, computer crashes, web accounts being hacked, etc are circumstances where having an email backup software can prove to be a life savior. So, do give these tools a try and let us know in the comments section which is that one utility you would recommend to your friends, family and colleagues. For more such tech- updates, keep reading Tweak Library. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Flipboard.

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