Best Bodybuilding Apps in 2023

Best Bodybuilding Apps in 2023

Bodybuilding is an art. It isn’t about moving weight from a point to another. It involves the right technique, the right amount, the right distance, etc. Also, it is so easy to get directed towards the wrong direction of ego lifting and forgetting your goals.

Hence, at all stages of Muscle Building, bodybuilding, or body transformation you need a trainer to guide you throughout your journey. However, appointing a trainer may not be the most affordable of the options for you.

Well, technology may have the answer. There are a lot of Home and Gym Workout Apps, bodybuilding apps, weight lifting apps, that can guide you and help you achieve your goals relatively easily.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best gym apps that can help you attain your goals efficiently. These gym workout apps can help you build an effective routine, teach you the right form, motivate you through the process, and whatnot. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight in the Best Gym Workout Apps in 2023.

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Best Bodybuilding Apps/ Gym Workout Apps:

1. Gym Workout Planner and Weightlifting Plans:

Gym Workout Planner and Weightlifting Plans

Fitness22 has a bunch of different workout apps. However, the Gym Workout Tracker app is one of the best apps in its armory of great bodybuilding apps. The app has a variety of exercise options and tutorial videos to help you through the journey.

Also, it boasts over 3000 exercises and variations with routines for beginners, intermediates, and advanced gym goers and body builders. You can choose your goal and the app can guide you through the path. It can turn out to be of great value, especially for people who are beginning to find their path and also for people who think there is a scope for refinement in their form and technique. Hence, Gym Workout Planner and Weightlifting Plans is one of the best Bodybuilding apps in the market.

Download Gym Workout Planner and Weightlifting Plans for Android


Bodybuilding apps

JEFIT is another great app for Workout and Bodybuilding enthusiasts. JEFIT features elaborate video lessons to help the beginner bodybuilder to refine their form and technique. Also, it contains a database of 1300 different exercises to help you achieve your goal.

It includes beginner programs, advanced programs, target programs, and personal training, kettlebells, cardio, circuit training, etc. to get you through

If you love training at the gym or you are just a beginner, but you have a goal for yourself, which may either be to lose fat and weight, build muscles, gain lean muscles, or whatever, JEFIT is the best Bodybuilding app for you.

Download JEFIT Gym Workout App for Android

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3. Strong – Workout Trainer Gym Log

Strong – Workout Trainer Gym Log

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced lifter, you always need your gym logs to maintain the action you are in. Whether you want to gain strength, muscles, or just want to stay healthy, Strong can definitely help you out through it.

Strong features a simplistic user-interface for easy of use while in the Gym. You can add your own workouts and routines in its already vast library of cardio and other exercises. It includes a built-in body measurement log to help you keep track of your body weight and various body parts.

With all these given features, and hundreds more, Strong is definitely one of the best gym app/bodybuilding app for Android.

Download Strong Gym Workout App

4. BodyFit – Gym Workout & Strength Training Plans:


Do you need a “Workout guide” adapted to your goals? Solid nutrition advice?” than BodyFit is the app for you. BodyFit has got a bodybuilding plan for almost everyone out there depending on the goal the person has, be it losing weight or building muscles.

BodyFit contains various video tutorials to help you better understand the art of bodybuilding and training. Also, as an addition, BodyFit app contains the recipes to flavorful healthy diets to help you meet your goals.

If you are someone who is willing to take supplements in order to achieve results faster and in more efficient fashion, BodyFit app provides information about various kinds of supplements and their nutritional value, and everything about them. Hence, BodyFit is definitely one of the best Body gym workout apps for Android.

Download BodyFit Gym Workout App for Android.

5. Bodybuilding. Weight Lifting. Workout:


This Bodybuilding is straight to business. All you have to do is lock in your details like your height, weight, and your fitness level. Then the app automatically suggests the kind of exercises that are suitable to you and your goal.

It not only helps you with the exercises but also with the intensity of exercises and number of repetitions you have to do in order to achieve your desired body type with the given information. This app is a true blessing for people looking for someone to help them out with the customized workout plan to suit their body type.

The easy-to-use interface and feature packed design make it one of the best Bodybuilding apps for Android.

Download Bodybuilding. Weight Lifting. Workout

So, these are few of the best Gym Workout Apps for Android available in the market. Hope you liked our collection of best bodybuilding apps. Do let us know your favorite, we love hearing from you.

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