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Bad RAM Symptoms You Must Watch Out For
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Bad RAM Symptoms You Must Watch Out For

The importance of RAM or Random Access Memory cannot be stressed upon. It is crucial for your computer’s performance. It provides storage space so that various services and programs can run temporarily. To get an in-depth overview of what RAM is and how you can free up RAM, do go through this blog. As for this blog, we’ll be focusing on a serious issue, i.e. how do you know that your RAM is failing.

And, here’s why you should care?

A failing RAM can be abysmal. If not taken care of promptly, a faulty RAM can lead to several errors such as applications not working properly on your computer, data corruption, and worse, it can even render your PC inoperable. Moreover, a faulty RAM could also be a result of an impending Malware, virus or infection. Other causes include –

  • RAM overheating
  • Overheating fans
  • Dissimilar RAM modules
  • Improper handling of RAM
  • Impending virus

In this blog, we will talk about some of the most evident bad RAM symptoms. But, before you move ahead and go through the symptoms, here are two things you can do to cement your guard against a faulty RAM.

(i) Install A System Optimization Software

A system optimization software like iolo System Mechanic can help you optimize your RAM in real-time, help recover lost files due to RAM failure and protect you against malware before it causes any further damage to your RAM. Plus, several tests prove that iolo System Mechanic helps in improving RAM performance.

System Mechanic Free

(ii) Have A Backup Strategy Ready

In the event of a RAM failure, you would be thankful to a backup strategy in place. This is why we recommend securing and storing backup data on the cloud using a utility like Ashampoo Backup Pro 14. Whether you want to backup hard disks, partitions or complete operating system, Ashampoo Backup is the utility you can bank upon. What’s even better is the fact, you can apply smart rules for your backup.

Ashampoo Backup Pro

The Bad RAM Symptoms You Need To Put Your Guard Up Against

1. Your PC Is Not Performing as It Should

A sluggish PC could certainly be a sign that you are harboring a failing RAM in your PC. As for exact signs – you might notice that even the lightest of the applications are taking forever to fire up or even the least graphic intensive websites are taking ages to load.

What Can Be Done?

You can check the speed of your RAM by following the methods mentioned in this blog or evaluate your computer’s performance using one of the many PC benchmark software.

2. Random Restarts

Does your PC often restart randomly out of the blue especially after your desktop boots up?  Once in a while, a sudden restart should not be a cause of worry, but if this happens frequently, it could be that you have bad RAM or failing SSD or hard drive.

What Can Be Done?

If your computer keeps restarting, there are several ways you can deal with the issue such as changing the power settings to stop the Windows kernel power issue or disabling fast startup, etc. We have mentioned these and many others in brief, here.


The terrifying Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD as it is more commonly referred to could be a sign that you need to replace your RAM for good. Or, maybe you don’t need to replace your RAM but get rid of an application or a resource-hogging game.

What Can Be Done?

In case, you have started to encounter the issue quite recently, go on and uninstall all the recently installed applications one by one. Pay special attention to the applications which are consuming high storage. You can also try one of the methods mentioned here.

4. Corrupted Files

Are your files and other data on your computer becoming completely inoperable? Are you suddenly unable to access the various files and folders in your drive? If this has become a regular occurrence, it could be a sign that your RAM is failing. That’s because a defective RAM deteriorates your hard drive’s structure. Things can become even worse and finally, you might not be able to boot your computer.

What Can Be Done?

Like we mentioned above, a habit of making backups regularly pays off especially in circumstances like these. Additionally, you must also create frequent restore points, so that in a case of emergency, you can revert back to a state when your computer was working just fine.

Corrupted Files Can Pose More Danger Than You Think!

5. Inaccurate System Ram Display

First, right-click on your start menu, click on System and then go to About. You will now be able to see the amount of RAM which is installed. If the amount matches with RAM on your machine, it’s okay, else, it could signify a failing RAM.

Wrapping Up

We’d again like to reinstate that while causes of RAM failure can be many, it’s always better to have a defense strategy ready such as having a backup ready or optimizing the system from time to time. If the blog’s been of help, do give it a thumbs up and for more such content keep reading Tweak library.


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