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Sarang Bhargava

Sarang is avid blogger with over half a decade of experience in the field of writing and creating digital content. Through his content he intends to help users stay updated on latest tech-news and resolve their tech-related queries. He has published numerous blogs on technical how to's, reviews, listicles and several other aspects across Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. He also likes researching, exploring and blogging about developments pertaining to cybersecurity.

Email Etiquette Tips for Everyone

8 Email Etiquette Tips for Everyone

  Emails short for electronic mails have become an important way to communicate messages with people. They are almost like how we conduct ourselves in general. In real...

Best VPN Services for Travelers

Best VPN Services for Travelers 2021

Kudos! if you are all set to head towards your dream destination for exploring places, meeting people and relishing delicacies. Amidst all the sightseeing and enjoyment, you would...

Best Apps to Remotely Access Android Device

10 Best Remote Access Apps For Android Device

Android devices are so popular that every second or third person has one in their hands. Their popularity can also be attributed to the fact that they come...

Common Windows 10 Issues

Common Windows 10 Issues and How to Tackle Them

Windows 10 has been around for a while now and users have taken to it quite well. Even though it’s a smooth operating system, users do experience issues...

Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows

How to Delete Duplicate Photos In Windows 10

Armed with a high-end smartphone we can capture special moments anywhere and anytime. But there are times we just can’t seem to get an image right the first...

Best-Web-Browsers-For-Windows-PC Brave Chrome

Best Web Browsers for Windows for 2021

We browse websites in such an unintentional manner just like we would do other involuntary tasks. A fastest web browsers for windows is indeed a gateway to the...

Android Q Beta 3 – An Overview

Android Q Beta 3 – An Overview

For all early adopters, app developers and technology enthusiasts who would like to have a shot at the latest version of Google, there is good news. Android Q...

Top Music players for windows 10

10 Best Music Players for Windows 10 in 2021

Music is an inseparable part of most of our lives. Whether at work or at home, unless a few beats hit your ears, you just can’t seem to...

How To Disable USB Port Or Restrict Access To Removable Storage Devices

How To Disable/block USB Port Or Restrict Access To Removable Storage Devices

The USB ports on your Windows 10 computer are a gateway through which a lot of critical (and possibly dangerous data) can be accessed and exchanged. Which is...