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Astaroth Trojan May Exploit Anti-Malware to Steal Data
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Astaroth Trojan May Exploit Anti-Malware to Steal Data

As seen in movies, a secret agent gone rogue becomes extremely dangerous because he knows all the vulnerabilities to exploit the system. Astaroth Trojan works on the same model, as instead of attacking other sensitive areas of your system it directly attacks antimalware software on your computer.

Here is how This Trojan works and how you can keep your identity safe from it.

Reportedly Astaroth Trojan travels as phishing spam emails or links then it downloads an attachment which is a zip file. When you execute the zip, you will see some files which can be in an image or GIF format but as soon as you run them Trojan start working and start sending your critical information to servers. These trojan also injects a malicious module to your antimalware and start using it to send information from compromised system to servers. Workflow of this trojan is designed in a way that nothing looks fishy to a normal user. You can understand the working of Astaroth Trojan with the help of following flow chart.

Astaroth Trojan
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Areas which can be affected by Astaroth Trojan:

As we have already discussed, the major purpose of this Trojan is to steal your info. But there can also be some other adverse effects on your documents, file sharing networks and application installers. Well if this trojan steals your information then it is a big reason to worry as stolen data could be used for monetary fraud. Apart from this Astaroth also perform some major registry changes to function properly this is the reason it can corrupt registries which may lead to system failure.

How to keep safe from Astaroth:

As the medium of travelling for this Trojan is internet or much specifically phasing emails you can take following security measures.

  • Do not download any email attachment unless until you are not very sure that it is from an authentic source.
  • Keep checking the list of programs and tasks running in the background and terminate any suspected activity in the background. You can use task manager for this purpose.
  • Have dedicate internet security on your computer and keep it up to date.
  • Keep two factor authentication or one-time password turned on for the critical information on your computer.

Cybereason’s active hunting team claimed that they were able to detect Astaroth and specified that it is having potential to exploit your critical information. This trojan was mainly found in a massive spam campaign targeted parts of Europe and Brazil.

When it comes to cybersecurity, your awareness plays a key part to your safety. Therefore, you should always be on a lookout for updates on the latest cybersecurity threats, to ensure you stay protected.

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