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Is There Any Reason Behind Apple’s Absence at MWC 2020?

After the successful event of CES 2020, all the tech companies are gearing up for MWC 2020 (Mobile World Congress). The world’s largest platform featuring the top executives representing the mobile industry from all across the world. The only difference between CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and MWC (Mobile World Congress) is that MWC prominently focuses on the mobile industry wherein CES focuses on all the tech breakthroughs with the future forecasting.


What Is Mobile World Congress?

Labeled as MWC, Mobile World Congress is the largest event for the mobile industry that takes place at the end of February. MWC started in 2006 in Cannes and was known as 3GMS World. Gradually, it became the talk of the town and now all the thoughtful leaders discuss the most innovative breakthroughs at the platform. Mobile World Congress prominently focuses on the global mobile breakthroughs, tech providers, and device manufacturers’ ideas.

So What Big Names Are Joining Mobile World Congress 2020?

Due to the previous successful events and reliability, Mobile World Congress 2020 is also going to be huge just like last year’s MWC 2019. This year the approximate attendees’ volume will be more than one hundred thousand who will be representing almost 200 countries from all over the world.

Joining MWC 2020

A lot of big players such as Sony, Huawei, HTC, & Samsung are going to introduce their variety of smartphones that will surely amaze us. LG was also in the list, however, it pulled out the participation due to Coronavirus fear.

Below are some of the highlights you are probably going to experience at Mobile World Congress 2020:

1. HMD Global (A home of Nokia phones) to present new Nokia devices; wherein Nokia itself will be talking about the infrastructure around 5G.

2. Huawei has already transformed the way we click pictures and is all set to take the stage at MWC 2020 with the 5G era. The company’s theme is 5G, Bring New Value. The agenda Huawei is coming up with is new products & solutions launch and it definitely is going to be awesome.

3. Google, a big player at MWC with a rich history isn’t planning to unveil something more as the company has it’s Google I/O summit coming in Mid-May 2020.

4. The honor was one of the first companies to announce the confirmation to represent at Mobile World Congress 2020. The company is all geared up to reveal the Honor 9X and View 30 Pro at the Mobile World Congress.

5. Samsung, the biggest phone manufacturer in the world along with the 8K TV initiative, is planning to present the Mobile Business Summit at MWC 2020. The agenda is still in the deciding phase; however, it’s going to be interesting to watch what Samsung has in its kitty this year.

P.S. – Samsung is all set to have the Galaxy Unpacked event almost 2 weeks prior to the MWC 2020.

6. Sony already is making headlines at CES and is coming with the new mid-range mobile phones at the MWC 2020. The rumors are that it can be a flagship phone with 4K display but why to believe them if we are going to experience it within 3 weeks at the world’s largest mobile tech platform.

7. Including the above big players, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE are also ready to rock & roll at the MWC 2020 in Barcelona with new mobile announcements.

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Absence of the Tech Giant (Apple) at MWC 2020

Though all these and other companies are ready to set up their agenda at the MWC 2020, there is a big player who isn’t going to be there this time: Apple Inc.

One of the most famous, known, and celebrated tech companies that hold major users’ share in the whole world, won’t attend the Mobile World Congress 2020 this time to make any new announcements. Do you encounter any reason why Apple is boycotting MWC this year?

The reasons can be many such as the player doesn’t have any moves to announce yet or if it has, it’s saving it for some special event or it just might surprise the world by unveiling it quite suddenly.

There can be many assumptions we can list out, however, what we believe is that since the giant has its own individual event in the near future, it might want to wait for a bit.

Such as every year Apple holds the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event that showcases its new software and technologies for software developers. This year, WWDC 2020 is going to take place before Mid-June and the probability is quite high to hear something interesting about iOS and iPadOS.

Absence of the Tech Giant


Since 5G is a hot and boosting topic in the mobile tech world, Mobile World Congress 2020 participants will be majorly focusing on it. Unlike other players. Apple is a bit behind when we talk about unveiling 5G supporting devices. Apple might be taking a bit of time to get sorted the entanglement of Qualcomm for 5G supporting devices.

Wrapping Up

Since MWC (Mobile World Congress) is all about the near future mobile technology, 5G becomes the talk of the town at the exhibition. Though a lot of the companies have already and are coming up with things you can do with 5G support, Apple is a bit behind on this topic. Let’s wait and see what other companies are offering when it comes to 5G. Or else wait till mid-year to watch WWDC 2020 if Apple surprises us with something.

Your Take

What’s your take on Apple’s absence to the MWC 2020 this year? Do you think having a private summit gives the tech companies an edge to get more attention? Is it a good practice to boycott exhibitions by companies or vice versa?

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